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Skills & Feats

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Why were Power Attack and Combat Expertise changed?

Thoughts on Two-Weapon Fighting / Sword & Board

Appraise Skill and identifying items

Power Attack and Combat Expertise pg 32-33

Skills, a new list, what do you think?

Combat Feat: Manyshot

Keep Skill Points

Spellcraft & Concentration - Page 29

Great Cleave - pg 37

Is Dodge lame?

A case for Sense Motive... Keep it as a separate skill?

Class Skills and Cross-Class skills in Pathfinder - Page 20

[Design Focus] Skills

Playtest results

Deception - Page 23-24

Skill Suggestion - Heal

Question : Acrobatic skill Alpha 1.1 pp 21-23

Possible revision for Ride and Mounted Combat

Skills: please retain skill points! (more inside)

Skill - HEAL

Double Slice.. off hand is better then primary?

Two Weapon Rend.. why Swap?

Empower Spell + Maximize Spell Need Some Lurvin'

Skills - Revisited

Buying feats with XP?

New Caster Feat - Exotic Spells

Weapon Focus and other feats should apply to groups of weapons.

Will anyone take Profession now?

why jump, became a thing of dexterity????

Theft - Page 31

Are synergies gone?

Toughness for Wizards

The new skill system: The best fix they've made yet.

Hope Condensed Skills Stay . . .

Combat Feat Question, p32

Playtest Report (4 / 14 / 08) – Skills and Feats

New Combat Feats - Page 34

Weapon Swap

Scaling Feats: D&D needs them.

My group's reaction to skill points

Skill Training Feat


Down with +3s, Up with +5s.

Stupid Feats

A final word on skills

Linguistics - Page 27

Skills (Page 20+) and "dipping"

Fixing Ability Checks

Not enough skills

One reason why skill points should remain

New skill system - why?

Skills - Page 20

Power Attack and Combat Expertise page 32 and 33

Altenate Skill Systems (complete)

Alternate Skill Systems (complete) Comments

Fixing the 9 perform skills - Skill page 21

Jason, consider not deciding quite yet.

Combat Feats - Why I don't like them - p. 34

Sombulis' Sinister Alpha 1.1 mix (Part X of Y)

Alpha / Training Point Skill System - Live Playtest

Best of Both Worlds on Skills...

Minor Skill-Dependent Feats Rolled into Skills?

Skills (yet again)

Multiple Skill Progressions + Feats for "Skill Monkeys"

What happens when we get all the skills that we can get?

Fly skill (p.24 - 25): Issue with Racial HD

Categorizing all Feats similar to 4E's "Power Sources"

Fighter Bonus Feat Designation Proposal (ties into Fighter Bonus feats, P11)

Int bonus to skills - please get rid of it

(Developer notes page 2) FEATS

Sacrilege! Heresy! (Or, Power Attack and Combat Expertise as one feat.)

Combat Feats (1.1) Proposal - Spring Attack Editition

Fighter Bonus feats

Just my quick vote on the Skill System issue.

Categorizing *ALL* Feats in a similar fashion to 4E's "Power Sources"

Arcane Disciple feat with Pf Wizard

Skill Playtest Results & Suggestions (p20)

Proposal: Skills and Item Creation Feats (pp. 21, 32)

Use Rope p.20

Consolidate skills even further!!!!

Fixing the 9 perform skills

Too many Skills? (PG 20)

Proposal: Yet another Skill System; minor tweak to Alpha: "Training Points"

Question about creatures with Track

Skills Reevaluation

Taking 10 / 20

Open Locks unified into Theft - Pg 20 &31

Skill Feat Synergy

Agile Maneuver, page 32, and some other feats in balance

Combat Feats - I Think I'm Starting to Like Them

Skills, the way they should have been…

Proposal: Knowledge(local)

Extend CMB to "Tumble" and "Concentration" (Acrobatics / Spellcraft)

Diplomacy + Intimidate = Persuasion

Knowledge Skills and Identifying Creatures

My observations: Skills pg 19

Skills suggestion

Skill Synergies

Power Attack / Combat Expertise

About Knowledge skills

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