RPG Superstar™ Season 9 (2016)

Open Call: Design a wondrous item, magic armor, or magic weapon
Round 2: Create an encounter map
Round 3: Create a Bestiary entry
Round 4: Design an encounter
Round 5: Submit an adventure proposal

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Kravyad – 599 Words

Beneath the Storm-Veiled Spires

Dangers of the Drowned Garden

Escape from Moonshell Grotto

The Starpearl Tower

Poll: Round 5: Submit a Sodden Lands Adventure Proposal

The Petrified Plain – 1332 Words

Laboratory of Unraveling Arcana – 1393 Words

Dead Man's End – 1399 Words

Kynoon’s Crossing – 1398 Words

The Faceweaver’s Workshop – 1353 Words

Bracken Moor Bridge – 1357 Words

Figurine of Wondrous Power, Ruby Butterfly

Gnome's Throw Crossing – 1391 Words

Rimesoul Nexus – 1388 Words

Matianak – 580 Words

Poll: Top 8: Design an encounter – 47 Words

Valemask – 512 Words

Tatterghoul – 599 Words

Waiting in the Depths

Hollow One – 594 Words

Corpsebound – 598 Words

Phase Mongrel (Jumm-Vubburath) – 595 Words

Malkin – 597 Words

Tranquility Ooze – 534 Words

Sorrow Stitcher – 600 Words

Guillowed – 599 Words

Thaumigorger – 526 Words

Swarmwyrm – 551 Words

Scrapshell Oyster – 598 Words

Despoiler – 596 Words

Meandering Oasis of Nex

Shattered Blade

Blade of The Ice Stalker

The Ashen Forge Incursion

Wolflord’s Fang

Brass Helmsman

Poll: Round 3: Create a Bestiary entry – 6 Words

Leviathan's Terror

Black Dragon's Retreat

Feedlot CL-477

Ustradi Sunken Ruins (Mana Wastes)

Cabin in the Woods

Abandoned Noble Cemetery, Isarn, Galt

Flintyreach Cliff Harbor Ascent

Abandoned Shory Botany Laboratory

Ruined Mountaintop Temple of Hei Feng

The Grimple Playhouse

Torvin Academy Quadrangle

The Howdah of Mogaru’s Consort

The Weeping Garden of Naderi

Desecrated Sanctuary

Boggart-infested saltmarsh and boathouse

Standoff at River Logjam

Brokeferry Bridge

Aberrant Excavation

Abaddon Breach Temple

Reaping Stars Refinery

Ice Dam

Hakima Ajit's Balcony

Cyclogenesis - Eye of Abendego

Dwarven Brewery

Hot Springs Trail

Den of the Ice Devil

Temple of Exquisite Anguish

Apiary of the Aurulent Brothers

Runic Hurricane Laboratory

The Clockworks

Banshee's Wrath

Iounic Pipes

The Hallowed Falls

Swamp-Submerged Temple

The Slime Vaults

Choker of the Queen Bee

Caber Twig

Poll: RPG Superstar Season 9 Round 2 Voting

Starsling Buckler

Storm's Wrath

Fate-Woven Braid of the Norns

Lava Lash

Swindler’s Grasp

Spiraled Madu

Bottled Cloud

Hide of the Hagfish

Gown of Many Graves


Shark Toothed Maw

Boots of Ethereal Wake

Horseshoes of the Storm Rider

Phantom Corsair Boots

Cloak of the High Plains Wind

Scallywag's Tooth

Defender's Door


Purging Lotus Bell

Daylight Diadem

Crow Brother's Cloak

Ebon Fury

Brooch of the Monarch

Quill of Leng

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