Open Call: Design a wondrous item

The Smuggler's Collapsible Robe

Iron Collar of the Unbound Coven

Shadow Falconer's Glove

Book of Night Without Moon

Nightmare Boots

Candle of Viscous Ephemera

Martyr's Tear

Grim Howler

Iron Bands of the Blue Dragon

Assassin's Rose

Plentiful Pouch

Talisman of Synchronicity

Ampoule of False Blood

Cocoon Cloak

Illusionist's Veil

Silver Skein

Bag of Holes

Phlebotomist’s Gloves

Erinyes Braid

Poisoner's Retort

Alchemist's Viper

Pharasma’s Death Sacrament

Eye of the Void

Singing Bowl of Redoubled Clarity

Corsage of the Captured Voice

Meditation Beads of the Flaming Fist

Flask of Five Fifths

Mirrored Lantern of the Pious Seeker

Seeds of the Spirit Totem

Imp's Wishbone

Amulet of the Rakshasa

Verdant Vine

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