Event Submission Open for PaizoCon 2019

Friday, January 18, 2018

PaizoCon is a convention dedicated to our Paizo gaming community spending a weekend together gaming, learning, hanging out and celebrating the fun and creativity of gaming. Our community includes so many wonderful fans, players, employees, our friends and families, authors, artists, podcasters, RPG industry guests, and business partners. We hope that no matter why someone is choosing to attend PaizoCon, they feel welcomed and part of this amazing community.

In addition to the games, workshops, seminars, and other events that Paizo employees host, we also welcome members of our RPG community to run events. We encourage those running events to be creative as they wish with the content they choose to use for games, seminars, or workshops. This is an opportunity for us to share what gets us excited about gaming, whether its running a favorite published adventure or exploring experimental game mechanics or campaign settings.

If you’d like a dedicated time and space and the opportunity for PaizoCon attendees to sign up for your event in advance, fill out the link below for each event you’d like to run. If you’d like to run the same event more than once, you can indicate in the notes. There are 22 fields to fill out that help me understand how best to include your event on the PaizoCon programing schedule. If you wish to review the questions before starting the survey, I’ve provided the questions in the PaizoCon forum thread "2019 Event Submissions". Provided you include your correct email address, the survey tool will email you your responses when you click the submit button. You should also be able to go back and edit your survey information after submission, though I would appreciate a heads up if you make significant changes to your event as I may begin scheduling submitted events prior to March 1. You are welcome to email me at paizocon@paizo.com with any questions about the venue, rooms, scheduling, content, running events on behalf of another company, etc.

Submit Your Event
Event Submissions Close March 1, 2019

I look forward to see you in May!

Sara Marie
Customer Service & Community Manager

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For clarification, is this separate from the Organized Play volunteers signup?

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Peevenator wrote:
For clarification, is this separate from the Organized Play volunteers signup?

Yes. This is specifically for people to submit events for the schedule.

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For the ones who don't know it:

Paizocon 2019 begins on friday may 24th & ends on monday 27th of may.

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When do we receive confirmation/etc? I submitted an event back in middle/early February and haven't heard anything. Is that normal?

Last year I never received a confirmation email that my event submission had been accepted. I found out when the lottery was posted. I was told by Sara Marie that if there is a problem with your event submission they will let you know prior to the lottery, otherwise, it's likely your event will be added to the schedule.

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