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Pathfinder Society volunteer Nathan King shows off his Wayfinder!

Liz Courts
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Does it have an ioun stone?

Liberty's Edge

I want one!!!

Credit to Chris Hays for making the way finder!

Chris had one at Quincon, and it looks awesome. Makes me want to make my own

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Totally awesome !

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Hmmm....what if we take that design and add a strong/bright LED pointed to the outside so you can use it as a flashlight?

Then, add a weaker/dimmer LED on the inside of the top lid, connect both LEDs to the same switch, and embed a button on the inside of the lid, right next to the inside LED. When you press the button, it switches off the outside LED and turns on the inside LED.

Finally, put some kind of securing band (elastic, maybe) over the inside LED and button so that if you insert a small object (say, a piece of colored glass or something) in the band, it will both press the inside button and cover the inside LED.

At the very least, it will remind players that when they have an ioun stone slotted, they can't use their wayfinder to cast light. :-)

Liberty's Edge

Give me dimensions maybe we could get someone to design it and put it up on shapeways? Have Paz turn a profit from it?

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