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My biggest "complaint" about Starfinder is that is very tech focused. Don't get me wrong, that's not a bad thing. I'm just a magic fan and I find myself not wanting to use magic in the game. This might change that. Though I kind of feel it won't. Which is a shame.

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I like this version. I'll miss the cane though.

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I'm pro anything/everything Akashic. You write it. I'll buy it. Within reason anyway. Ok, maybe a little outside of reason as well.

Honestly, I don't know yet. The playtest has me leaning towards sticking with first edition. There's stuff in it that I like, but there's a lot that I don't. But it is a playtest. And a lot of the changes they've been making are good. It's honestly going to depend on what the final product looks like.

I kickstarted the game and now have my copy. Haven't really had a lot of time to play though. (Stupid work) Kind of glad though. Based on everything I've been hearing there are a LOT of bugs. Not uncommon in games like this. Especially since it's Owlcat's first game. (Hopefully not their last.) Unfortunate though. Having said that I've also heard a lot of good things about it, and I'm really looking forward to having more time to play.

Interesting. I'm not against RP, though I'm not for them currently either. I will wait and see. I think they can add something to the game if done right. But if handled the wrong way, I think they can take away from the game.

One thing I don't like, and maybe I'm misunderstanding something, is the comment that part of the system was intended to make less book keeping. Specifically removing the charges from items. That sounds like a good idea. However, when we get down to the staff example, it looks like charges are back. So I'm confused.

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IMO, the positive and negative energy planes have long been neglected. Though not quite without reason. Both are pretty casually dangerous. Still, I think both deserve some love. And look like they'll get some! Looking forward to this!

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Nice! I've read thorough the pdf but haven't had a chance to really digest it. Sadly I've only gotten a chance to play a Vizier very briefly. I tend to GM more then play.

I'm really looking forward to the Co7S setting. And more Akashic anything is always good!

One of the things I like most about it is that even if I'm playing the same class, with all the different veils there's enough customization that it's not going to play the same. Heck, you can change up the veils and it won't play the same the next day if you want!

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I'm a fan of all things akashic. I think it's a very good system, and a lot of fun to play. So I may be biased.

I think the Zodiac is a good addition. It's a good class and does a good job of being the "akashic summoner". Plus you don't have to summon creatures or companions at all if you don't want to. You can use your summoning to summon weapons, armor, and equipment.

Personally I don't think I'm likely to play this class myself. Vizier is by first akashic love. However, there are feats to grab constellations for other akashic classes. That I defiantly have to look into. Plus new veils are always welcome.

Overall I'm pleased.

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I don't have a "problem" with goblin PCs. Personally I'm pretty much an "everything goes" sort of GM. If they players what to play something and can come up with a decent explanation, backstory, what have you, I say do it.

Having said that, I don't know if goblin PCs "work" on Golarion as a whole. They've always been described as pests at best, rampaging kill monkeys at worst. And they really tend towards the worst.

But I'll wait and see what's in the playtest.

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necromental wrote:
Ianesta wrote:
Any idea on a release date yet?
Kickstarter says August 2018.

They did say that that date is the likely date of the Hardcover release. The PDF will probably release sooner.

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Lord Mhoram wrote:

OK... I jumped in.

PDF only though sadly - I broke my budget with Starfinder books (the wife looked as me askance when that total went well over $150). Wish I could do more.

I'm right there with you. Went way over my rpg budget these last couple months.

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Nice guide. One minor criticism, the color coding is different from a lot of the other guides I've seen. "Usually" blue is the best choice. Not a huge deal, it was just throwing me off while reading it.

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Big Gratz! to everyone involved with the project!

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I need me some planar spiders...

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Ssalarn, I was looking through the Nexus Alpha 2 document and noticed something interesting. Some of the veils have "Radiant" listed under the Class. For example, Avatar of Light has "Class: Guru, Nexus, Radiant, Vizier".

Is this an error, some new class, other? I'm thinking maybe it's supposed to be under the Descriptors, maybe?

Hah! Just saw the latest kickstarter update! That answers my question! YAY New Veilweaving class!

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Lost Spheres Publishing wrote:
Adam B. 135 wrote:
I need the veryx in my life. I notice the art specifically calls out that veeyx as male too! Makes me wonder how females may appear.
We love wonder. And reward it... she is up on today's blog!

Well she's terrifying!

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Ssalarn wrote:
Don't know if anyone's seen the latest update or the blog post yet, but the book is now officially going to include a playable race of planar spiders (as long as it funds of course!), so that's cool. And the art is pretty slick.

I LOVE the art for the spiders. I need to play one. This needs to be funded!

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I concur with Bahumut. The Nexus is great, the fact that the new veils are also an expansion of the existing classes is even better.

I likely would have backed this without the Akashic material, but they made it a must buy for me.

Great job, Ssalarn!

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Ssalarn wrote:
...Also, since I'm here, I thought I'd let anyone who's interested know that I'll be part of a Kickstarter for a book called City of Seven Seraphs that will go live on the 9th of this month. My contribution will be a new planar-themed veilweaving class called the Nexus, and I'll be dropping more details in a blog post the same day the Kickstarter goes live.

This sounds very interesting!

You know, I remember "many" years ago being promised a Geomancer. I wonder what ever happened to my Geomancer?

So this sounds pretty interesting. When might we hear more about this?

Wow! Every iconic has had a great story so far! I love the fact that he carriers his son with him everywhere. Talk about a very in-human perspective!

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I love that picture! Though he should really tie his shoes.

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Don't know if this has been said already but how about a (mini?) Akashic Bestiary? Something with some more Akashic critters.

I'm disappointed about the no 9th level casters. Though I agree once you have 9 levels of spells there's not a lot of "room" for anything else.

I'll just have to figure out how to "port" the Wizard over.

I am excited and not excited at the same time. I don't think Midgard Revised is a bad idea. In fact it's a good idea. However, I have a lot of Midgard already. So this isn't going to be anything "new" for me. And yes, I know there will be new things in the new book. However, it's never enough.

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Is it soon yet?

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Soonish isn't soon enough! It must be sooner! Sooner then soonish! Sooner then soon! Soonnow!

How "soon"?

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This was too good of a deal to pass up and it is now mine!


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Reading this I made an unsettling realization...

Don't read this.:
According to the book, Xhamen-Dor gains power the more beings know of it's existence. And the more you know about it the higher the chance you you'll come under it's influence. Based on this that means Paizo has come under it's influence and is now helping it gain power? Does this mean I have now come under it's influence and am helping it gain power?!?!

I'm more then slightly concerned by this turn of events...

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Thomas Seitz wrote:
Not sure that's always true David. I mean think about how bothered a mass killer might be with having a conscience yelling at them.

Imagine being a remorseless killer and suddenly feeling guilty about what you're doing. If nothing else it will lead to internal conflict.

Third Mind wrote:
Just wanted to say Luthorne that you are amazing! I admire your attention to detail and determination. Good job.

I second the fact that Luthorne is amazing!

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Good luck Liz! Best wishes!

Ssalarn wrote:
...I just want to thank everyone who has purchased or supported this product.

Thank YOU for making such a great product!

Page 329, "and even great recurring binders by name". "great" should probably be "greet".

I wouldn't mind seeing some archetypes for the 3 Akashic classes. Though I admit I can't really think of what I might want the archetypes to be. Maybe an "evil" Guru philosophy? The ones in the book seem to lean heavily towards good characters to me. At least a more neutral philosophy.

I would like a way for the Vizier, or even the other classes, to get a familiar. I was thinking of a new path, don't know what I'd call it. It starts off getting a familiar. Not much different then a "default" first level wizard familiar. Then the path gives more abilities as the levels increase. Shared Veil and Improved Familiar are definitely options for path powers. I was also thinking allow the Vizier to invest essence in his familiar once a day to enhance it. Maybe one evolution point per essence invested? Might be too powerful but it would be interesting. Maybe allow the familiar to be an extra chakra so to speak. Create some veils that can be shaped only to the "familiar chakra".

Along those lines add some Akashic familiars. An Akashic template of some sort that you could add to a base familiar with the Improved Familiar feat maybe. Also I'd love an Akashic Drake to go with the Akashic dragons. I have an image in my head of a Vritra Drake wrapped around my Vizier's shoulder similar to the way the Vritra dragon is wrapped around the island in the book.

Also more items. Again I'm not sure what exactly, but that seems like it would be a good place for expansion. Maybe an item that "holds a veil". Then once per day an existing veil can be swapped out for that veil. Similar to the veilweaving ability but more restricted.

Anyway these are just some "random" thoughts I've had. I'm definitely a fan of Akashic Mysteries and I'm looking forward to more!

Just downloaded a copy. The book looks great! Love the cover!

Here's a link to the Vizier, Guru, and Daevic guides. Sorry if I'm stealing your thunder Ssalarn. There's some pretty good ideas there about the three classes.

Akashic Guides

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I'd really like more info on the positive/negative energy planes. They've always seemed interesting to me and so little has ever been done with them imo. Give me/my characters some interesting reasons to go there! And some interesting places there to go!

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That is a rather "large" owlbear...

Grumpus wrote:

the download is not going to the correct place.

I found mine under "Paizo Inc.: Cheliax (2) "

Instead of under "Paizo Inc.: Pathfinder Adventure Path #97–102: Hell's Rebels (PFRPG) " (which is where the players guide is located).

Thank you! I'd received my email but couldn't find the pdf. I thought it was a mistake. I found it now thanks to you!

This is a very nice Player's Guide. I like that the differences between this and Hell's Vengeance are spelled out. As well as talking about the Crusade as the catalyst behind the two APs. I like the level of detail and thought put behind the guide. Well done.

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Does it have an ioun stone?

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Still waiting on my books to ship... Hopefully today...

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