PaizoCon 2015 Weekend in Pictures!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Another PaizoCon is done, and while we're still recovering from the backlog of emails, or trying to make our Fortitude saves from Con Crud, we've rounded up a veritable cornucopia of pictures of all the excitement at the show! We also live blogged over the weekend, so be sure to check out the other PaizoCon 2015 posts on the blog!

The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game app from Obsidian Entertainment in action! Guest of Honor and contributing author, Brandon Hodge, Erik Mona, and a wayward Daigle spirit. Tro, the artist behind The Littlest Lovecraft strikes a pose for the camera! Sales Associate Cosmo Eisele makes his Aid Another check to Pathfinder Tales author Dave Gross during a delve.
RPG Superstar 2010 Matt Goodall was one among quite a few other former RPG Superstar contestants at PaizoCon 2015. CEO Lisa Stevens has some game time with fellow Pathfinder Online players! Lead Designer Jason Bulmahn guides this party of adventurers through the life of being a minion. Senior Editor Judy Bauer running We Be Goblins.
Miniatures painting with Dallas Kemp! Lone Wolf was at the show demoing RealmWorks and HeroLab. Pathfinder Tales authors Chris A. Jackson, Dave Gross, and James Sutter doing signings in the PaizoCon store. Erik Keith's Goblins of the Opera Group!
We were blown away by community member Seamstress_Druid's Pathfinder Society faction patches! POOG! We've seen a lot of cool PFS table setups, but this light table during the Friday night special was undeniably awesome! The villian Rob has chosen for this Delve looks like it may have caused a lot of PC skeleton stickers!

It's a... wrap!

And we're not the only ones rounding up PaizoCon! Be sure to check out the Adventure Card Game post from this Tuesday, recordings from the show done by our volunteer of the year, Ryan Costello of the Know Direction podcast, and Geek Dads's convention recap.

Thank you to all the attendees, volunteers, and guests for making this show so special! While we think PaizoCon 2015 was our best one yet, we're always striving for improvements. If you have a moment, go ahead and leave us your thoughts, good and bad, in our official feedback thread.

Liz Courts and Chris Lambertz
Community Team

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Dark Archive

This is all very cool, but won´t we get a Pathfinder Battles Preview this friday?


Yay! A picture that I took made it onto the blog! <3

Dark Archive

Had an absolute blast and Poog is my buddy so thanks to my wife for,making him, and thanks to,everyone who,stopped to,tell me they liked him.

Liberty's Edge

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Thanks for the shout out, guys. The recordings wouldn't be possible this year without the help of Rich Flynn, Sarah Bull, Darran Caldemeyer, Alex Augunas, and my co-volunteer of the year, Jefferson Jay "Perram" Thacker.

Grand Lodge

At the end of the GeekDad post are a ton of pictures from the Con. Also, if you were at either special you could likely find yourself in the multitude of PFS Special pics (also linked at the end of the GeekDad post)

Where is the Battles preview?

Oh geez, I look completely silly in that picture with Cosmo and Dave Gross - at least you can tell I was enjoying myself, though! It was a great time, and I can't wait until next year. Come back and do more stuff next year, Dave, it was a blast!

Paizo Employee Developer

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Best. Photobomb. Ever.

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Here is my full write-up of my first ever PaizoCon over at Thanks for such a great experience!

I'd love to hear some pathfinder game sessions, played by staff and friends.

Contributor, RPG Superstar 2010

Proof I was there!

That Light Table looks awesome! Also Dallas has wonderful ideas for basing! This event was so awesome and I got to meet who I wanted to meet. I can't wait to next year and thank you so much!

Grand Lodge

Ooh ... I forgot about the basing session. Would have liked to have done that. So much to do!


Looks fun!

I just found out from Mike Kenway that I won't be able to make and sell the Embroidery patches. Still I can proudly say I did them first and thought of the idea for the background and what not. I know the thread I use won't wash out after a few washings and will last for years to come.

I thank Paizo for the shoutout though!

I sat next to the VT table during the Friday night special. I was so jealous as I've been wanting to do that set up for years. The cool thing about it is that you can switch out high detail maps on the fly as well as using awesome custom tokens for NPCs. I felt sorry for the players having to stand for that long though. It's definitely given me some ideas for the future, should I ever have the chance to do a similar setup.

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