Paizo Sponsors UK Games Expo This June!

Monday, November 21, 2016

With the 2016 convention season wrapping up, the team is already knee deep into planning the shows for 2017. If we are planning Pathfinder Society activities, I know our players must soon start planning for travel to Spring 2017 shows. Last week, tickets for PaizoCon (May 26-29) went on sale. Unfortunately, a trip to Seattle is not in the cards for everyone. For those Paizo fans on the other side of the Atlantic (or who fancy a trip to England), fear not. June 2nd to the 4th, we are coming to you by way of the UK Games Expo in Birmingham, England.

While there has been a Pathfinder Society presence at UK Games Expo for several years, led by Venture-Captain Rob Silk and his enthusiastic venture-officer team, we are turning up the dial for 2017. What's new? This year, Paizo and UK Games Expo entered into a sponsorship agreement alongside other industry leaders such as Mayfair, Hawk Wargames, CatanStudio, GeeknSon, Osprey Games, and Battlefield Hobbies.

But what does this mean for convention attendees? Paizo will have a booth in the Exhibition Hall where we plan to run demonstrations of some of our games. Also, several Paizo staffers are attending and will split time between being in the booth and participating in panels on a variety of game industry topics. Pathfinder Society will be there, bigger and better than ever, running Year of the Stolen Storm Roleplaying Guild scenarios, Season of Plundered Tombs Adventure Card Guild scenarios, and perhaps a few other surprises! It also means a special event scheduled for one night of the convention. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag (yet!), but the pitch John made to the Pathfinder Society team left me excited to see the final product.

So how do you attend UK Games Expo? The UK Games Expo website contains all the information you need to join us at this fantastic show. The schedule of games and panels is still under construction and won't go live until early 2017, but you can purchase entry tickets as of 1 December 2016. For first-time attendees, the website hosts a fantastic guide with answers to many questions. You can also sign up for the UK Games Expo newsletter, so you don't miss out on any information leading up to the show. There are many ways to get to UK Games Expo. My personal suggestion is to fly into London and take a train out to Birmingham. This gives a chance to enjoy the lovely English countryside before delving into three days of gaming excitement.

Besides the general admission option, you could also consider attending as a volunteer for the Pathfinder Society. There is nothing quite like running games in a convention setting. Some of my favorite memories are from GMing We Be Goblins and We Be Goblins, Too! at Gen Con 2013 and running around the Sagamore Ballroom yelling "Poog Best Goblin," only to hear "Mogmurch Best Goblin" from elsewhere in the room. Venture-Captain Rob and his team need a multitude of GMs running both Pathfinder Society scenarios and demo games throughout the event. The planning team will put out a call closer to the event and I will make sure to repost the request in the PFS blog so everyone can see and come help out!

I am super stoked about the Paizo-UK Games Expo partnership. It is a fantastic show—one of the premier conventions in Europe. There's gaming of all sorts, as well as shopping and panels. Something for everyone! So I encourage you to look at the calendar, book the time off, and come hang out with the Paizo and Pathfinder crew at UK Games Expo. See you the first weekend of June!

Tonya Woldridge
Organized Play Coordinator

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Liberty's Edge

Doubly sad that I'm going to miss UK Games Expo for the first time in five years..

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Rulebook, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I've been to every UKGE. And I'll be there in 2017. And now I know where I'll naturally gravitate.

See you there!

Silver Crusade

Never been. Might have to put that right.

Sovereign Court

Can't find any Paizo stuff on the website yet: need to sort out some synergy.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Rulebook, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

It used to be at the Clarendon Suites in Birmingham, which is a teeny little convention centre, and it was horrifically crowded (and the car parking was awful). Every year it's grown to be bigger and better, and then in 2016 it exploded into Hall 1 of the NEC.

It is, without a shadow of a doubt, the UK boardgame, tabletop game, and roleplaying game event. Footfall in 2016 was something like 20,000 (I'd have to look the stats up), the cosplayers are out in force, and if you have children, the Family Zone is a must. If you're there in a group, you can't go far wrong registering with Thirsty Meeples (boardgame cafe from Oxford, my wife and I went to their store at the beginning of October), and grabbing a table for a game with your friends.

As well as hosting the FFG UK championships, you can buy almost anything you might want - from an RPers perspective: maps, books, terrain, miniatures, bespoke gaming furniture (drool, now figure out how to convince the wife). If you're in the UK and can't find a book, game, or whatever that what you want, visit the Games Lore booth. The owner has served me extremely well over the years. As an example, one year I was trying to get hold of a tabletop starship combat game (Saganami Island Tactical Simulator for all you Honor Harrington fans), and it was impossible to find in the UK. Games Lore got it for me within 24 hours. Ordered one day of the Expo, picked up the next. Similarly, Hero System 6th Edition, which is a bit of a pain to find in the UK and since the books are so large and shipping costs are high... and I got a discount for a slight (and I mean tiny) amount of damage to the corners. And a friend of mine got every box of the Killer Bunnies card game from them... well, you get the idea. Games Lore - they're awesome.

Okay, if you haven't been to the UKGE website, yet, let's talk RP. And food. Well, ice cream. RP events are at the very close Hilton Birmingham Metropole (book overnight tickets EARLY!) hotel, which was the second site to host the whole event, but got outgrown after a couple of years. There's a variety of food options (and a beer bus, don't forget the beer bus) to suit absolutely any taste (and you can get Dominos delivered, too), and in 2016 there was this absolutely delicious ice cream truck - lemon cheesecake ice cream to die for!

If I haven't sold this enough yet, let me just say that if you want to spend three days surrounded by gamers and totally geeking out, and you're in the UK (or can easily get here), then please, it's one weekend in June. Get your arse in gear and get to Birmingham.

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Fabulous news! I'm looking forward to this even more now.
The Cons in the UK are always fabulous- the Venture Officer team in the UK are incredible, and this can surely only build on the amazing events they organise and support for us already :-)

See you all there!

Scarab Sages

excellent news

Great to hear, Expo is one of the biggest and best of the UK conventions.

Lantern Lodge

Well this bit of awesome news may shift about what sessions I choose to GM at the expo this time around. Can't wait to hear more.

Well this is kushty I was aiming to go to UKGE next year so this just adds to my hoped for first experience for the event.


Grand Lodge

Excellent News!

Sovereign Court

'kushty'; 'get your arse in gear': a little corner of Paizo that is forever England... :D

Never "Kushty" forever. ;)


This sounds even better than before! We have two children (ages 12 and 10)and they loved the UKGE this year. The demo games went down really well and, as usual, they loved the Pathfinder games they played. A great opportunity for inspiring your kids to take part in the same hobbies as us big kids!!!!

So I plan to go to GenCon 2017 to finally enjoy some Paizo love and you come to the UK! *grumbles*

This sounds neat though, I will see about attending this year and pestering some Paizo staff to sign my CotCT Special Edition, those who evade me will be hunted down at GenCon!

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Rulebook, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

My darling wife rolled her eyes when I told her about this. The official line from She is "2 days only, Friday and Saturday, and the Saturday is for our son, so get your fill of Paizo on the Friday."

So now I have a plan.

And, just to have fun, don't forget to register yourselves on the United Nations of Paizo roll call, especially if you're from Paizo Central.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Rulebook, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Cast resurrection

Dear Paizo, do we have an attendee list for staffers that can be made public yet? Idle curiosity and a good dose of "so, who's gonna be there to sign my CRB?"

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