Redelia's PFS1 3-06 Song of the Sea Witch

Game Master Redelia


Hi, everyone!

I'll be running this Pathfinder 1 scenario here on the forums, starting as soon as everyone is ready.

I'll close recruitment as soon as I get 8 applicants, or after 48 hours, whichever comes first. There are two characters I'm holding a spot for, both level 6.

This game will still be ongoing when things get really crazy in late December, but we'll pause for a few days a few times for various holidays. It's not a problem if you'll be unable to post for a few days once or twice due to holiday travel or anything like that.

Grand Lodge

i'm in. i have a few options. got a sorc 6, slayer 6 and a swashbuckler 7....

I can apply only with a melee frontliner - a dwarf barbarian 5 (with a reach weapon and UMD!)

Have many characters who would fit. Willing to play up with a 4, since that seems to be the way this is going, but for completeness:

Wizard 3
Unchained Rogue 3
Occultist 3
Ninja 4 (♥Gnagnatsu♥, who the GM is already familiar with)
Witch 4 (Orenjii, ditto)
Cavalier 7

Grand Lodge

Ranger 1/ Wizard 6 is available. Made the post from this character.

Or several options at level 3-4.

Grand Lodge

i forgot to say..i have llow tier options as well

The Concordance

I'd be interested level 5 Arcanist

Silver Crusade

Gunslinger 5/oracle 2 is available to play.

For low tier, I have a lv3 melee cleric Furen, dumb but kind-hearted priest of Abadar.
For high tier, I have a lv6 arcanist/wizard Kagerou, the shadow specialist.

Recruitment is closed. Thanks for your interest, everyone. I will let you know my decision soon, in 24 hours or less.

Accepted characters are:

kaervek's dwarf barbarian
Rondolpho Keene
Mustaparta's gunslinger/oracle

To those of you I couldn't accept, sorry, and I hope to see you next time.

Those who were selected, please dot and delete from gameplay and post chronicle/reporting info in discussion.

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