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Human Ranger (Guide) 1/ Wizard (Wood) 5 | AC (21)13/13/11| CMD 17 | HP 53/53 |


F+8(10),R+7(9),W+7(9) | Init+6,Perc +10 | Ranger Focus 1/day |

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PFS Info:

PFS Number: 12445-23
XP: 16.5
Prestige Gained 26/26
Current Prestige: 22. Spent 2 PP for wand of CLW, and 2 PP for Wand of Mage Armor.
Fame 26.
Completed Adventures: Using the Maestro of Manumission boon gained from 9-00 Assault on Absalom adventure. Boon was from my Perrine Revalla character and is being used here.

1. Module Gallows of Madness (A Foul Breed): 3 xp, 4 pp, 1436 gold.
Boons received: Used Maestro of Manumission boon in character creation. Also used Tempest Guardian boon from same adventure to grant the extra trait. Chose Resilient.
1. Apprentices Returned:
A. Dependable Drummady: gifted pair of shoes worth 50 gold. When buying magical items for feet slot, can enchant the gifted shoes and reduce price by the cost of these shoes.
B. Gunty’s Hearty Breads: you begin each adventure with 4 trail rations that expire after each scenario.
C. Petrello’s Habadashery: he gives you a courtier’s outift.
D. Pricknettle’s Potions and Poulstices: can purchase a potion at a 10% discount.
E. Temple of Erastil: Gifted wand of CLW with 3 charges every time you play a Gallows of Madness scenario. Plus other benefits for each scenario.
F. Witches End Tavern: lodging costs for PCs, companions and others in the group are reduced by 50%.

2. Slow Track Module: Gallows Of Madness (What Lurks in the Woods): (1.5 xp, 2 PP, 768gold)
Booms Received:
1. Courageous Recruit: during “A Foul Breed” Nixia grants a +2 to Diplomacy to gather information, and during “The Festering Blot” Nixia grants a +2 to skill checks pertaining to research or searching in a library.
2. Goblin Slayer: as a free action, this boon can be crossed off and you gain +1 to attack, damage, Bluff, Knowledge, Sense Motive, Survival Against goblinoid subtype for one minute.
3. Repurposed Trap: you gain two jars of brown mold. While carrying, you gain endure elements for hit environments, and take a -2 on saves versus environmental cold. You can throw these jars as a ranged attack at a particular square at an AC 5, causing 2d6 non lethal cold damage to any creature in that square, as the jar shatters and the square fills with brown mold. Fire doesn’t cause this particular mold to split as it is in a weakened state.

3. Module: Gallows of Madness (The Festering Blot) (3 xp, 4 PP, 1536 gold)
A. Antidotes and remedies: (each can be used once)
*Heal 1d4+1 points of damage
*Gain a +2 alchemical bonus on Fort saves versus poison for one hour.
*Gain a +2 alchemical bonus on Fort saves versus disease for one hour.
*Gain +2 alchemical bonus on Fort saves that would sicken or nauseate you for one hour.
B. Bringing the Truth to Light: you can use this boon two different times as a free action. There are two uses. First, you can use this boon to lower a demons DR by 5 and gain a +2 versus their SR for one turn. Alternatively, you can grant a demon you summoned a +2 to saving throws and natural armor for one round.

4. Module: Gallows of Madness (Bonus chronicle) (3 xp, 6 PP, 3711 gold)
A. Savior of Saringallow: (3 xp, 6 PP, 3711 gold)
B. Friends in Saringalow. Three times may call upon aid in any combination which can take multiple forms.
1 Know Planes +5
2 Heal or Survival +6
3 Cast Bless at 3rd Level Of effect, concentration +5
4 Cast CLW, caster level 3, concentration +5
5 Make a full attack against a foe. +4 masterwork longsword, 1d8+3/19-20, and shield +3, 1d3+3.
C. Pushing Backthe Abyss: +2 circumstance bonus on Know. Planes checks concerning demons.

5. Module Tears at Bitter Manor, Part 1 (3 xp, 4 PP, 8712 gold)
A. A Piece of Time: You receive a piece of a Weirding Watch. Once per day as a swift action, you can activate this watch to gain the effects of a Haste Spell for three rounds. Use can use this three times before the fragment of the watch becomes nonmagical.

Male Human Ranger (Guide) 1/ Wizard (Wood Elementalist) 5
Neutral Good Medium Humanoid
Init. +6; Perception +10

AC 13 (+2 Dex, + 1 Deflection), touch 13, flat footed 11
HP: 53/53 (1d10 + 5d6+ 12 Con + 5 FC + 6 Toughness)
Fort: +8 (+3 base, +2 Con + 1 Trait +2 magic)
Ref: +7(+3 base, + 2 Dex +2 Magic)
Will +7 (+4 base, + 1 Wis +2 Magic)
Speed 30'
Melee: +6, +1 GreatSword, (2d6+4, 19-20/x2)
+5, Dagger, (1d4+2,19-20/x2)

Ranged: Spell +5 (+3 BAB, +2 Dex)

STR 15 (+2 magical belt)
DEX 14
CON 15 (13, +2 Flexible Enhancement from Wood Elementalist)
INT 18 (15, + 2 racial, +1 at 4th level)
WIS 12
CHA 10

BAB: +3; CMB +5; CMD 17

0-All, except Mending.
1-Animate Rope*, Charm Person (DC 15)*, Grease (DC 14), Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Protection from Evil, Shield.
2-Create Pit, Entangle*, Mirror Image, Protection from Arrows*
3-Battering Blast, Wind Wall*
*is Wood Element Spell.

Typically Memorized:
DC 14 + spell level
(unlim.)0-Detect Magic, Daze (DC 14), Light*.
(4+1)1-Animate Rope*, Charm Person (DC 15)*, Grease (DC 14), Magic Missile (x2)
(3+1)2-Create Pit (DC 16), Entangle (DC 17)*, Mirror Image, Mage Armor (Extended)
(2+1)3-Battering Blast (DC 17) (x2), Wind Wall*
^-means spell already used for the day

1. Improved Initiative
H. Combat Casting
W1. Spell Focus (Wood Element). Replaces Scribe Scroll.
3. Spell Penetration
5. Toughness
WB5. Extend Spell

Ranger Guide Abilities:
*Ranger Focus: replaces Favored Enemy. As a swift action, 1/day, can activate Ranger focus on a creature within line of sight. Remains until the creature is at 0 HP or surrenders. Ranger is +2 to hit and damage against creature.
*Track: +1 to Survival checks to follow tracks.
*Wild Empathy: Diplomacy vs. animals. 1d20+1 Ranger Level + 0 Charisma.

Wizard Wood Elementalist Abilities:
*Arcane Bond: Ring.
*Wood school spells:
*Opposition school: Metal.
*Flexible Enhancement: +2 Con.
*Splintered Spear: can summon spear that uses Int to hit and damage. Ranged attack +7, 1d6+3 damage, range 100’. If it hits, does 1 bleed damage round when it splinters. Usable 7/day.

*Desperate Focus--+2 to Concentration Checks
*Resilient: +1 bonus to Fort.
*Suspicious: +1 on Sense Motive. Sense Motive becomes a class skill.

46 ranks (2 per level for Wizard + 6 for Ranger level + 4/ level Intelligence and + 6 Human)

Climb +7 (2 ranks + 2 Str + 3 Class)
Heal +7 (3 ranks + 1 Wis + 3 Class)
Know. Arcana +13 (6 ranks + 4 Int + 3 Class)
Know. Dungeoneering +12 (5 rank + 4 Int + 3 Class)
Know. Nature +12 (5 rank + 4 Int + 3 Class)
Know. Planes +11/+13* (4 ranks + 4 Int + 3 Class)
*+2 v demons
Perception +10 (6 ranks + 1 Wis + 3 Class)
Sense Motive +9 (4 rank + 1 Wis + 3 Class + 1 Trait)
Spellcraft +13 (6 ranks + 4 Int + 3 Class)
Stealth +6 (1 ranks + 2 Dex + 2 Class)
Survival +8/9* (4 ranks + 1 Wis + 3 Class)
* to follow tracks.
Swim +6 (1 ranks + 2Str + 3 Class)



1525 gold, 3 Silver.

Ring of Protection +1, 2000 gold
Belt of Giant Strength +2, 4000 gold
Cloak of Resistance +2, 4000 gold
Wand of Magic Missile (x45), 750 gold
Wand of Mage Armor, (x48), 2 PP
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (x43), 2 pp
Scroll of Obscuring Mist, 25 gp
Scroll of Protection from Evil, 25 gold
Scroll of Mount, 25 gp
Scroll of Comprehend Languages, 25 gold
Oil of Bless Weapon (x2), 200 gold total
Wand of Lesser Restoration (x17), 1530 gold (from Tears, Part I)
Wand of Alter Self (x12), 1080 gold (from Tears, Part I)

+1 Greatsword, 2350 gold
Dagger 2 gp.
Potion of Cure Light Wounds, 50 gp
9 day's rations 4.5 gp
Traveler's Outfit free, no weight
Waterskin., 1 gp.
Belt Pouch, 1 gp.
Bedroll, 1 sp.
Ink vial-, 8 gp.
Parchment (x5)-, 1 gp.
Ink Pen-, 1 sp.
Spell Component Pouch, 5 gp.
Holy Water vial, 25 gp.
Vial of Acid
Alchemists Fire, 20 gp