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New thread because of forum issues. Details from the old one:

1) Player: EbonFist
2) Character: No name, yet.
3) Race and Class: Kanabo Mechanic (Experimental Weapon Prototype)
4) Concept: A scavenger from Damailko who managed to salvage a gun from one of the Damai's mechs after it lost a battle with a kyokor and has been modifying it ever since.
5) Society Number: 143948
6) Favorite Tier 10 Ship: Atech Immortal
7) How long you have played Starfinder: 3 years
8) How long you done play-by-post: 5 or more years
9) Favorite Giant Robot Anime and Why (optional): Macross because Zentraedi are cool and have the best mechs in Battletech.
10) Anything else you think the GM should know: Nope.

1) Player PaleDim
2) Character Sefel Lamunesh
3) Race and Class damaya lashunta technomancer 10
4) Concept Out-of-work software engineer who thought he'd pass the time in the Starfinder Society (and maybe still thinks that... but it's been a minute).
5) Society Number 272301-702
6) Favorite Tier 10 Ship Suskillon Aurora, for its "top-notch computers."
7) How long you have played Starfinder Since the SFS lodge got going on here.
8) How long you done play-by-post 7.5 years
9) Favorite Giant Robot Anime and Why (optional) Xenogears/Xenosaga (okay, those are games, but...)
10) Anything else you think the GM should know

Player DoubleGold
Character: TBA
Race: Laborer Half-Orc Android
Class: Daredevil Operative (Starwright archetype, which only replaces my level 6 choices)
Concept: To move about freely across many terrains, and move in and out of tight spaces during combat, secondarily as a booster. He is a melee operative. Outside combat, good skills monkey well trained in all of the intelligence based skill. Starship combat and other skills: He'll have all str, dex and intelligence based skills for this, with max ranks in all, though not necessarily max possible, his dex and intelligence may only be 14 or so for instance and he won't necessarily have skill focus in everything, but max ranks in them all.
135676 PFS number
Favorite Tier 10 Ship: The Drake. Unless we can pick Starships outside the basic 3 from the Starfinder society, in that case, I got to look them over and make a choice.
I've played play by post since Feb of 2013 and played Starfinder since it came out.
Favorite Anime robot: Optimus Prime
Anything else you should know: Nothing I can think of right now.

1) Player: therealthom
2) Character: Telirix Sporestorm
3) Race and Class: damaya lashunta envoy9 (steward officer)/soldier1
4) Concept: 'A faithful soldier'. Tel started his career in the Steward's Quartermaster Corp flying combat supply transports. He was injured during a supply run and quietly dropped from active duty. (His prosthetic arm isn't a fashion choice.) Subsequently he started doing free-lance contract jobs for the Starfinders among others. He's kept in touch with old Steward contacts and does unofficial favors for them now and then. Tel is no hero, but he's willing to do what needs to be done for the service, the system, and honor.
Tel's big on teamwork. As an ex-soldier he also likes hard-hitting weaponry and the best protective gear he can find.
5) Society Number: 90661-709
6) Favorite Tier 10 Ship: As a Starfinder and a pilot, Tel's preferences tend toward the speedy and manuverable among the Starfinder stable. His ship of choice is the Pegasus, but he's not too choosy.
7) How long you have played Starfinder: 5 years
8) How long you done play-by-post: 14 years. I'm not the groggiest grognard on the Paizo boards, but I knew them all back when....
9) Favorite Giant Robot Anime and Why (optional): Sorry, I don't really watch Anime.
10) Anything else you think the GM should know: Despite a piloting backstory, Tel doesn't have to be pilot. He is imminently practical. If someone else is more qualified to fly, or if the team needs him in a different role, and he'll do what's needed.

You all selected a different hull, so head to Gameplay/Discussion to get to know each other and decide how you're getting to the job.

Horizon Hunters

Getting my character up slowly but surely.


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