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Level 3 Bounty

Silver Crusade

Recruitment Thread

Please add your details in the following format
1) Player name:
2) Character name[:
3) PFS#-Character#:
4) Character Class & Level[:
5) Faction:
6) Regular or slow speed for chronicle:
7) Anything else I should know

Horizon Hunters

Player name: J.G.
Character name: Chupko
Number: 212081-2009
Class and level: Rogue (Eldritch trickster) 3
Faction: Horizon Hunter

Envoy's Alliance

Player name: Julien
Character name: Pre Fix
Number: 293201-2006
Class and level: Oracle (flames) 3
Faction: Envoy Alliance

Horizon Hunters

Player name: Tarthrin
Character name: Scragatha
Number: 2401867-2003
Class and level: Alchemist (Bomber) 3
Faction: Horizon Hunters

Vigilant Seal

Sneaking in to the empty slot!

1) Player name: Losonti
2) Character name: Erryn Canmore
3) PFS#-Character#: 2364038-2002
4) Character Class & Level: Cleric (Cloistered) 3
5) Faction: Vigilant Seal

Vigilant Seal

Player name: k012957
Character name: Merisiel
Number: 5369-2005
Class and level: Rogue 3
Faction: Vigilant Seal

Radiant Oath

1) Player name: UncleFroggy
2) Character name: Kaitlyn Deathsbane
3) PFS#-Character#: 2396852-2015
4) Character Class & Level: Monk 3
5) Faction: Radiant Oath

I have played and GM'ed this before so I'll let those who haven't take the lead. I also have 2 glyphs to give out.

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