Rise of the Dwarven Kingdom

Game Master Critzible

The Godforge Dwarves of Hammerfast Hold have finally rallied and plan to take control of the Nentir Vale. The seek to clean it up of slavers, monsters and dark denizens while bringing the vale and its inhabitants under Dwarven Rule.

Current Characters

Grundhu the Derhii
Grand Lodge Critzible

Male Aasimar Wizard 18/ Rogue2
(1,355 posts)
Danse Macabre
Phantom Genius

(75 posts)
Jess Meeson
Amber Brewbane

F Dwarf Spore Sorceress HP 6/9 AC 12 Percep +2/12 SAVES: 5/2/5/2/2/5 init: +2 character sheet

played by Daynen (71 posts)
Joran Vhane
Baldrek Blackrock

played by Jereru (23 posts)
Hag Eye Ooze
DM Barbarian Taco


played by Critzible (521 posts)

Gomdebo Blackbuster

played by mishima (279 posts)
Gralnir Raghan
Ienmar Hearthfire

Male Humanoid (Dwarf) Dwarf Warrior 2, HP 24/24, AC 18(chain + shield), Perception +1, +6 Str +6 Con save, +1 initiative Character Sheet

played by Arrius (92 posts)
Wayfinders John "Johnny Boy" O'Connell

Init:+3 | Perc: +6| Insp = | +6/d8+4| Shillelagh Hill Dwarf Druid 1 {Circle of the M00n}| AC 16 | HP 14/14 | 1st: 1/2 | GB: 6

played by Atlas2112 (104 posts)
Torgra Stigardsdam

played by Phantom Genius (55 posts)
Karburtin Lightbrand
Morkam Steelfist

Male Dwarf (Mark of Warding) Artificer 2; Profile: Morkam Steelfist

played by scranford (41 posts)

Sheikh Ibn Taaib al-Ghurabi

Male, Sheet, Log Humanoid (Human) Paladin 5, HP 36/36, AC 5 (10), Station 10, +8(6) Reaction, PPDM 9, RSW 11, PP 10, Breath 11, Spell 12, THAC0 16

played by Arrius (292 posts)