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Strength 16
Dexterity 16
Constitution 20
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 18
Charisma 14

About Baldrek Blackrock

Intro, Defense and Offense:

Baldrek Blackrock
NG Male Variant Hill Dwarf Cleric (Twilight) 1

Str 15 (+2)
Dex 16 (+3)
Con 19 (+5) (17 Base +2 Race)
Int 10 (+0)
Wis 20 (+4) (18 Base +1 Race +1 Feat)
Cha 14 (+2)

HP 13 (1d8+Con+Dwarf)

Proficiency +2

Initiative: +3

Speed 25 ft.


Touch of the Earth: +7 / 1d8 (Acid) (Disadvantage on Concentration)
Lesser Moonbeam: Ref DC 15 / 1d8 (Radiant) 60ft (Ignores cover)

AC: 18 (16 Chain Mail +2 Shield)
Str save: +2 | Int save: +0
Dex save: +3 | Wis save: +7
Con save: +4 | Cha save: +4

Race, Class, Feats and Background:

RACE: Dwarf (Hill)
+2 Con, +1 Wis
Dwarven Resilience
Dwarven Combat Training
Tool Proficiency
Dwarven Toughness

CLASS: Cleric (Twilight)
Twilight Domain
Bonus Proficiencies
Eyes of the Night
Vigilant Blessing

Grudge Bearer (Goblinoids and Duergar)

Feature: Heigh-Ho!
You can navigate through tunnels and corridors. You get a sense of how deep underground you are. You know how to excavate having things like structural integrity, gas explosions, etc under control. You can tell stagnant air from fresh and can detect humidity. You know many different kinds of rocks and their specific characteristics. You know, mostly things a miner can do.

Skills & Tools:

Athletics: +5 (2 Prof +3 Str) (Miner)
Medicine: +7 (2 Prof +5 Wis) (Cleric)
Religion: +2 (2 Prof +0 Int) (Cleric)
Survival: +7 (2 Prof +5 Wis) (Miner)

Mason's Tools
Miner's Tools


Spell DC 15
Spell Attack +7
X=Spells Prepared 6+Domain

-Caustic Touch
-Sacred Flame
-Spare the Dying

LEVEL 1 2/2
XFaerie Fire (Domain Spell)
XSleep (Domain Spell)
[ ]Bane
[ ]Ceremony ®
[ ]Command
[ ]Create/Destroy Water
[X]Cure Wounds
[ ]Detect Evil/Good
[ ]Detect Magic ®
[ ]Detect Poison/Disease
[X]Guiding Bolt
[X]Healing Word
[ ]Inflict Wounds
[ ]Protection from Evil/Good
[X]Purify Food/Drink ®
[ ]Sanctuary
[ ]Shield of Faith


War Pick
Chain Mail
Shield (with Holy Symbol)
Mess Kit
Rations x10
Torch x10
Rope 50ft
Traveler's Clothes
Bullseye Lantern
Miner's Pick
Pitons x10
Oil Flask x5

22 gp 0 sp


Baldrek's father was a miner. Baldrek's grandfather was a miner. His family has had a story with mines for centuries. Of course, he ended up working in the mine. But he found more than just ore and gas.

He discovered he felt good and safe hidden in the depths, among the corridors and in dim light or just plain darkness. The absence of light, usually fearful and dangerous to others, was comforting to him, and he was proud to be able to help his comrades in the mine thanks to the special connection he has developed with the dusky underground halls.

Eventually, this connection started to materialize. He experimented some changes and discovered special gifts that he was bestowed upon. He embraced the church of Moradin with devotion, following the commandments of protecting his peers and giving them comfort. Where others followed the forge, he followed the earth from where to get the ore. Where others followed the fire, he followed the night time bringing rest and the dark bringing cover. He had a dream of using his gifts for the good of his community, and entered the cult as an acolyte.

Opportunity would arise soon after being ordained. A new settlement was to be found, an expedition was prepared, and some miners were to be sent, many of them well known to him. He went as a volunteer, asking for special permission to go on the mission.

Baldrek is not a very talkative guy, since he's spent much time alone in the dark mine tunnels back in his homeland. Saying this when you talk about a Dwarf is saying a lot, of course. Still, his background in the mine has taught him companionship, and he knows how to play for the team - even if he sometimes claims his five minutes of glory.