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I'll resurrect my halfling rogue I used to play in AL for this, if no one else has their heart set on rogue.

I think the kit rules just do 4 races (human, elf, dwarf, halfling) and 5 classes (bard, cleric, fighter, rogue, wizard). While that would no doubt be fun, it really wouldn't be a huge strain on someone who has played RPGs to just jump into the normal PHB.

Whichever way you go, I'd be interested as a player.

I'm going to build towards an assassin this go. Its the only rogue archetype I've not really messed with, and as a DM I always screw up surprise rounds so maybe it can educate me a bit.

Ill make a fresh rogue for season 9 to take advantage of inherited malevolence...if you go with the tier 1 game.

Is this something closer to Bronze Age as tech level goes?

I'm down, eager to try Season 9 out. I'd vote for the Tenets series, Bane is pretty interesting.

I'd be down for any. Pretty starved for 5e games at the moment.

After browsing some more Greyhawk, decided to go with something more realistic and gritty:

Once an enforcer for the Scarlet Brotherhood, he made it out alive and foolishly hopes he is forgotten...but for how long can he avoid their deadly scrutiny?

CN human (variant, Suloise) fighter 1 (criminal)


hp: 13
AC: 18 (ignore 3 dmg from nonmagic melee dmg) (chain, shield, style, feat)
PP: 12

Common, Halfling

Morningstar +5 1d8+3

Heavy Armor Master (+1 strength, reduce nonmagic blud/pier/slas dmg -3)

race: Perc
class: Str, Con, Athl, Acro
backg: Decep, Intim, Dice, Disguise Kit

Background (Criminal):
Feature: Criminal Contact
You have a reliable and trustworthy contact who acts as your liaison to a network of other criminals. You know how to get messages to and from your contact, even over great distances; specifically, you know the local messengers, corrupt caravan masters, and seedy sailors who can deliver messages for you.

Fighting Style (Defense, +1 AC)
Second Wind

Creation Inventory:
class: chain mail, morningstar, shield, 2 hand axe, explorer's pack(backpack, bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 days of rations, 50 ft hemp, waterskin)
backg: crowbar, a set of dark common clothes including a hood, and a pouch containing 15 gp

I know you didn't mention SCAG, but does that mean no genasi? I could do an aasimar instead...just thinking something planetouched storywise.

4d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 6, 2) = 14
4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 1, 2) = 7
4d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 6, 1) = 13
4d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 4, 2) = 10
4d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 4, 1) = 7
4d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 2, 6) = 11

Extra salty.

My group never did the Options books, I think because at that point our DM was more or less doing custom classes of his own style. I feel like if a character was allowed to go through the full process we would all have to, since it pretty drastically changes the rules. For that reason I'd vote against it for what its worth.

Its neat to look at those rules and see how 2.5e connects to 3e so clearly, though. Even pathfinder seems to have borrowed some elements from it.

Here's my crunch at least. Gotta do an elf for the Dales...

Elven Thief:

CN elven thief

hp: 6
ac: 5 (leather 8-3 def adj)
reac: +2
sens: infravision 60, secret doors 2/6
move: 120 (ft/yrds)
surprise: penalize enemies -4

Attack: base Thac0:20 (+2 missile adj, elf sword/bow +1)
Two-weapon Fighting
(-2 twf, +2 reac, +1 elf=) +1 broadsword 2d4
(-4 twf, +2 reac, +1 elf=) -1 shortsword 1d6

sv: (-3 dodge-able, 90% sleep/charm resist)

Common, Elven, Halfling, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orc

W(2): broadsword, shortsword
NWP(7): appraise(int0), disguise(cha-1), jump(str0), local(cha0), setSnare(dex-1), tightrope(dex0), tumbling(dex0)

Thief Skills:

Creation Inventory: (120 gp)
item cost weight
broadsword 10 4
shortsword 10 3
leather 5 15
thieve's picks 30 1
backpack 2 2
chalk(5) 0.05 0
crampons 4 2
oil, lamp(3) 0.18 3
tent, small 5 10
wineskin 0.8 1
winter blanket 0.5 3
rations(week) 10 0

77.53(spent) 44(total weight)

Eileen, they are scattered in a bunch of books but people would probably think of Warriors and Priests of the Realms, and Wizards and Rogues of the Realms first.

edit: I forgot Demihumans of the Realms also has a ton.

...kicking around during this era

Good point, DM what is the year DR for the game? 1360ish?

Nice, Ill just use my rolls from before but I think I will rework the character a tad. Still planning straight thief though.

I was already a bit familiar with Maztica because I researched it for setting my 5e Tamoachan game there a year or so ago.

I'd be totally fine moving elsewhere.

As far as I can tell its just rogues with Maztica origin that lose the standard thief skills (again just going by the pregens).

I didn't find any bard info unfortunately.

Also there's a lot more Maztica kits (3 rogue, 1 warrior, 4 priest) buried in the back of City of Gold, for example a rogue kit called the fetishist that gets thief skills (minus pick pocket and open) and the new talisman magic introduced there. The formatting of the kits is a lot more 'modern' compared to the boxed set.

I was wondering that too and might have an answer. After looking at the module's pre-generated characters, the plumaweaver does not show any thief skills (ANY). In the same bunch of characters theres a different thief that has them listed out normally.

Jesse, I can play something else if you want to do a plumaweaver.

Yes, if you need me to fill out the profile in the alias I can. I personally will just use the char sheet in the format above.

M CG Halfling Rogue


hp: 7
ac: 16 (10+3dex+2leather+1size)
sv: 2.6.2 (+2 fear)
atk: +4 light crossbow, +5 thrown dagger, -2/-2 melee shortswords

Common, Halfling, Goblin, Gnome

2 Weapon Fighting

Skills: (40)
Sleight of Hand 4+3=7
Open Lock 4+3=7
Search 4+2=6
Disable Device 4+2=6
Move Silent 4+3+2=9
Hide 4+3+4=11
Listen 4+2+2=8
Bluff 4+2=6
Tumble 4+3=7
Climb 4-1+2=5

Creation Equipment: (200)
item cost weight
leather armor 10 7
light xbow 35 2
dagger(x2) 4 1
shortswords(x2) 20 2
thieve's tools 30 1
tanglefoot bag 50 4
oil(x3) 0.3 3
hooded lantern 7 2
flint/steel 1
caltrops 2 2
sack 0.1 0.5
alchemist's fire 20 1

spent 179.4 25.5 light load
20.6 remaining gold

I might adjust feat if we are not going to reach 3rd level.

I've been wanting to play a 3.5 game recently, the last 3.5 recruitment thread fizzled. I don't know the setting at all but can get the books. If that's not a problem I'll make a halfling rogue, and probably wont use much outside of core.

Alright coolness, thought it might be something like that. Here's my hobbit burglar...

Gomdebo Blackbuster
M Harfoot Treasure Hunter (Burglar) 3


hp: 27
AC: 14


Culture Abilities:
resilient - adv on corruption saves
hobbit nimbleness - move through space 1 larger
unobtrusive - hide when obscured by 1 larger

Class Abilities:
expertise x2, Night Vision, Sneak 2d6, cunning action (dash, dis, hide), shadow of my pockets (1 shadow point theft), filch (sleight when sneak), treasure lore

Fair Shot (+1 atk with simple ranged weapons)

Culture: short bow, Potter's Tools, Pipes, Stealth*
Class: dex, int, simple, broad, short sword, Thieves*, Perception, Sleight of Hand, Deception, Riddle
Backg(Doomed to Die): Athletics, Intimidation

Doomed to Die:
feature: Dark Foreboding
quality: swift
specialty: dark secrets
hope: I live for today, for tomorrow I will die
despair: I know that when things are at their bleakest, I shall be standing alone

Creation Equipment:
Culture(Prosperous):A fur-lined travelling cloak, travelling
gear for the current season, a bedroll, a backpack, comfortable boots, 5d6 silver pennies, a pipe and pipeweed, an overstuffed pillow.
Class: A leather jerkin, a short sword, a short bow with a quiver of 20 arrows, two daggers, 2d6 silver pennies.

*As a potter, Gomdebo was always an opportunist, so when a new trade route through the Mirkwood opened he was eager to take part in a pioneering caravan...regardless of the scolding glares of his peers.
*Beset by the enemy, he was taken captive in a horrible chain gang, marched for miles for what he thought would end in slavery and death.
*The enemy was tracked and found by a group of elvish warriors however, and a massive battle ensued nearly killing everyone on both sides. Gom escaped alone in the chaos with nothing but a rag and his manacles.
*The experience cost him his mind and optimism, and to get back on his feet he had to steal everything he has. He knows he can never go back to the Shire shamed and changed, and doomed to die...he believes the shadow will find him again.

Critz you can build a 5e character more or less normally, you are just limited to a single source other than the PHB. Most choose Xanathars.

Almost done but a bit confused on Fellowship Phase. So we get a virtue from the Fellowship Phase? Or it just improves an existing one...? I couldnt find where it says to get a new virtue from that phase...probably misunderstanding something.

edit: also roll hp for 2nd and 3rd?

2d8 ⇒ (8, 8) = 16 holy crap, lucky!

I'm going to dig into this tonight and try to come up with something. I have only skimmed these books in the past. Likely treasure hunter or something rogue-ish...

Why is there a playable NPC, is that part of the system?

I can vouch for dndbeyond, its the real deal.

I have never paid a cent and have access to everything because of friends in campaigns that share the content. The idea is if you have a small gaming group, each person could purchase just 1 book and the whole group would have access to all.

Basic character idea is a back alley street fighter, object for the mafia to use in betting and so forth.

CG M Human Monk 1


hp: 10
AC: 15
pp: 20

Common, Orc

class: Str, Dex, Ath, Ins, Potter's Tools
race: Perc
backg(Gladiator): Acro, Perf, Disg Kit, Horn


Starting Equipment:
class: nunchaku (club), dungeoneer's pack, 10 darts
backg: A inexpensive but unusual weapon or a musical instrument (one of your choice), the favor of an admirer (love letter, lock of hair, or trinket), a costume, and a pouch containing 15 gp

Ill put something together for this one, sounds great.

I am surprised that with flying ships and trains that their are no firearms.

The thing is, its magical technology not scientific technology. Eberron trains don't work because people figured out the physics of steam engines, they work because people discovered a way to bind an elemental to follow a path of arcane sigils. Wandslingers not gunslingers.

Here you go, didn't realize you wanted crunch as well:

Zove crunch:

CN F elf (shadow fey) wizard

hp: 7
AC: 13
slots: 2/2

Common, Elvish, Umbral, Sylvan, Celestial

Race Abilities:
misty step (2/long rest)
sunlight sens (dis on atk/perc bright sun)
adv arcana on shadow road lore

class: Int, Wis, Arcana, Investigation
race: Perception
backg(Courtier): Persuasion, Insight

Background Feature:
Court Functionary
Your knowledge of how bureaucracies function lets you gain access to the records and inner workings of any noble court or government you encounter. You know who the movers and shakers are, whom to go to for the favors you seek, and what the current intrigues of interest in the group are.

trait: I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. I can’t help it—I’m a perfectionist.
ideal: Aspiration. I work hard to be the best there is at my craft. (Any)
bond: The Court of One Million Stars where I learned my trade is the most important place in the world to me.
flaw: I’m horribly jealous of anyone who can outshine my handiwork. Everywhere I go, I’m surrounded by rivals.

Spells: atk: +2; save: 12
c: fire bolt, minor illusion, message
known: illusory script, comprehend languages, alarm, detect magic, snare, sleep
prepped: snare, sleep, detect magic

Creation Equipment:
class: dagger, focus(book), scholar's pack(backpack, a book of lore, a bottle of ink, an ink pen, 10 sheets of parchment, a little bag of sand, and a small knife), spellbook
backg: A set of fine clothes and a pouch containing 5 gp

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Blunt Tool
Johnathan Eli Holbrook's Warforged Life Cleric
mishima's Human Wandslinger (wizard)

Aspiring Academic
atlas2112's human warlock (great old one)

Flawed Faithful
Johnathan Eli Holbrook's Human Paladin/Warlock
Buckshot Bob's Halfling Sorcerer (divine soul)

Dragonmarked Entrepreneur
Jubal's Elf Bard (House Phiarlan)
mishima's half-elf rogue (aberrant mark)

Jubal's Changeling Barbarian/Rogue
Y.T.'s Shifter Ranger
atlas2112's halfling sorcerer (maybe fire, was unclear)
Kayne Rhal's Half-elf Warlock (raven queen)

Open Concept

Those are pretty sweet articles. The 'pulp noir' vibe was what I always liked the most about Eberron. Sin City + Indiana Jones. It was also where I ran the first adventure I wrote myself. Those were the days when I had infinite time.

Anyways here's my form info for both:


General Build: Magic Clint Eastwood from Good, Bad, and the Ugly
-Class: Wizard (Abjurer)
-Race: Human
-Background: Custom (w soldier feature)

-Primary Motivator: Survival. Every time I'm ambushed in another dark ally its a few sovereigns more...
-Outlook: Pessimistic. This 12 nations bull crap will never last...
-Integrity: Unscrupulous. Turn your back on me and its an easy force missile to through the heart.
-Boldness: Intrepid. You want to start somethin? Outside, 20 paces.
-Conformity: Heterodox. No one's got a story to match mine.
-Religious Adherence: Non-believer. Theres no god going to save me.
-Favourite Topics of Conversation: A treasure stash with only a few guards about.
-Quirks, Habits, and Oddities: I think there are only two species of humanoid: opportunity and meat.
-Hobbies and Enjoyments: Whores and whiskey.

-Where were you born and where did you grow up? Breland
-Where and with whom did you learn your trade? Esoteric Order, until the war started. Now I doubt they'd have me back...
-What is the most important event that shaped your personal path? The Treaty meant the end of our illicit trade and the evaporation of funds.
-What did you do during the Last War? I was an arcaneer until certain opportunities in logistics presented themselves...
-If not from Breland or Sharn, what brought you there? n/a
-What is your wildest dream or goal? How do you wish to be remembered? Last standing in the street.

Allies, Contacts, and Rivals:
Ally: -Areyndee d’Phiarlan: male elf Phiarlan opera singer
During the War, Areyndee was one of our best customers, and even had a cut on the trade side, getting into markets our troops couldn't.

Rival: -Dalia Dorian Korran: female gnome reporter for the Korranberg Chronicle
This little rat has been following me since the War, she thinks she knows our old smuggling routes and what I'm all about, but really she knows nothing.

Contact: -Timbal Grasstooth: male halfling fence
I lost him a lot of money when our trade dried up, still he isnt that sour and is still there to lighten my load when I need it.


Tarkanan Burglar:

General Build: Mobster from that heist movie
-Class: Rogue
-Race: Half-elf
-Background: Custom (criminal feature)

-Primary Motivator: The Score.
-Outlook: Optimistic. Things are looking up for me.
-Integrity: Unscrupulous. My shame is sunk at the bottom of the Hilt harbor.
-Boldness: Cautious. Ill get in and out with a good plan.
-Conformity: Conventional. There are certain rules you gotta follow in this life...
-Religious Adherence: Casual adherent. Yeah, only a fool can't see its important.
-Favourite Topics of Conversation: Planning burglaries.
-Quirks, Habits, and Oddities: It's bad luck to leave a house through a different door than the one used to come into it.
-Hobbies and Enjoyments: Extremely high class, expensive luxurious rooms/bars/clothing/items.

-Where were you born and where did you grow up? Cliffside docks.
-Where and with whom did you learn your trade? The street.
-What is the most important event that shaped your personal path? When my work started getting noticed and picked up some regular gigs with the main operators down there.
-What did you do during the Last War? Exploited every out of luck sob I could.
-If not from Breland or Sharn, what brought you there? n/a
-What is your wildest dream or goal? How do you wish to be remembered? The ghost and mastermind of the biggest score in history.

Allies, Contacts, and Rivals:
Ally: -Timbal Grasstooth: male halfling fence
Timbal and me go way back, the old days.
Contact: -Lucan Stellos: male human watchman
He's in Tarkanan's pocket but I still don't trust him...
Rival: -Aqsha Deg: female half-orc Gatekeeper aspirant
This numnutz thinks the last scepter I stole opens a portal somewheres...

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Yeah, after reading the chapter on the Shadow This is definitely my favorite part of Midgard, glad its so integrated in the setting.

CN Female Shadow Fey Wizard

Bulleted Story:

*Zove was raised in the Shadow Realms' illicit capital of Dalliance. There she rose to the position of attache quickly, mostly due to her aqueous morality.

*Most recently she resided in the spiral downs of the Court of One Million Stars. Here she was competing against 4 peers for an apprenticeship to one of the Court's ambassadors: Usior.

*On the shadow side, Courlandia is a desolate apocalyptic ruin. Usior and Zove had found themselves lost on assignment within the shifting, crumbling brick when an event in Midgard pierced their dimension. Zove would never realize it but a heartless murder caused a distortion to ripple across their location, in an instant morphing the ruins into a technological metropolis...and Usior completely disappearing in the process.

*When the shadows settled, only one thing remained of the ambassador's possessions...a book of elven high magic, indecipherable and and tainted with the whirling darkness of time.

*Nearby she also found a passage into Midgard, her realm being drawn to strong outbursts of memory and emotion. It was the basement corner wreathed in a black void, the murderer nearby and covered in blood...she did not realize at first she had even crossed over.

*Her nearly perfected diplomatic greeting was met with surprised and insane babble, but otherwise she found no apparent danger and could pass and wander the streets of another Courlandia. This one neither ruin nor metropolis, but something in between and at least by initial appearances much safer.

*As far as Zove knows, she is still on assignment and being watched and evaluated. When Bentknee approached her about further travels, she winked knowingly (to Bentknee's confusion) and readily agreed.

Dreaming, Ill get a backup character in the works as well.

Well, Ill read posts at work and think about responses throughout the day. Then during commute or when I come home in between chores I usually get some inspiration. Some people do double or triple that many...

Missed it up there, I'd prefer level 1.

Oh no worries at all, hehe. Feel free, I still don't have my heart set on anything just yet. Looking at the crunch, I'm more attracted to elven high magic than the geomancy tradition anyways (geomancy looks similar to wild magic, which I love dearly but am not really in the mood for).

Dreaming if you want to go that route as well I can do a rogue instead, I love rogues. I kind of wanted to try a bearfolk rogue like Honey Heist...setting appropriate of course.


I think I'll do a shadow fey wizard who is just starting to crack the secrets of ley lines and shadow roads, perhaps having stolen a book of elven high magic. Since there isn't much detail on where the race has been until recently, I was going to make up some sort of alternate reality Courlandia region that's existed on the shadow side. I'll get something substantial shortly.

Also I like the zone ideas in campaign tab. I am fine either way with slow healing, I've noticed it doesn't make much difference at least at low levels.

Ditto, with most games being 1 post per day kinds of things its easy to play in multiple (~10) games. However DMing multiple games has been a different story in my experience, I tap out around 3.

Im using station in an ad&d Zakhara (arabian nights style) game which is nearly identical to Status stat. Been enjoying it (mines super low as a beggar) and I can see how it would be fun in a region like the Grand Duchy of Dornig (or of course Southlands).

Always happy to game with you, time to read up on the North now. :)

Thanks, I'm trying...really am. Not sure why I'm having such a hard time with the template. I've filled it out about half way and deleted numerous times. I might take a day without looking at it and come back fresh with the revisions.

I had an open hand monk in mind but no worries. Here is the aberrant marked character, its actually cooler if it manifests later in life...

Dragonmarked Entrepreneur:

Female Half-elf Burglar (Rogue)

Character: Down in the docks, only one thing was ever certain: you betray House Tarkanan, you die. So why am I still alive?

It wasn't my fault the heist went sour. Eddie was supposed to scramble the means keeping the guards looking another way. Mint, well she had the perfect forgery all set and proper. Alls I had to do was make the switch, and damn well I did it. Cannie was our inside man though, the Tarkanan of our crew...and lets just say he liked things his way...the bloody psycho way.

We were totally in the clear and Id almost made it out the museum's last gate when a curator approached, I think just for some chatter...but Cannie crashed him just like that with a shoulder tap o' his blade. All hell broke loose and he downed two others with the fastest xbow work Ive ever seen.

Yeah, we weren't amateurs, there was a plan for cutting loose on the dice. I had the stuffing though and Cannie wasn't about to let me leave alone with it. That damn look in his eyes is what I can't forget, the terror of the night was within that vacant stare of his...

I was out then and there, I tore the damn statuette's scepter loose and flung the rest of it right in Cannie's face...he dropped his crossbow to catch it and I bolted. So yeah, technically I pinched a score from Tarkanan. Why ain't I dead yet...

Thanks, sorry to be a bother. Here's my first:

Blunt Tool:

Male Human Wandslinger (wizard)

Character: I was an arcaneer in the Last War, respected. Valued. No one ever came close to sniffing my smuggling operation with the 14th division boys. Even our grandmothers had bank accounts just to hold all the gold that was coming in. At one point we even hired an airship to misdirect a few border agents.

The Treaty ended all that though, and with no official glory to my name my ass was on the streets as good as useless. It's funny how fast we all hit rock bottom, I guess we just thought it would last forever...

The dark tavern's door nearly split off its frame as the stout dwarven warrior hastily entered " son of a b%~@&. You promised 3 crates, dog, and we'll take the other 2 from your arse."

The tavern was silent as Blacklock drained his whiskey, his boots jangling across the floor as he approached and towered over the dwarf he said barely above a whisper "You're right. We should settle the debt."

They faced off at 20 paces with just a crack of the evening sun peeking through Cliffside. The dwarf drew first but it didn't matter, Blacklock's magical defenses were unparalleled on the streets...he could take his time...savor the look of shock on the dwarf's face as he realized his end was upon him.

edit: Also were kalashtar left off the allowed races list on purpose?

I've started a few characters but I'm having a hard time with the character template. Is it required? No offense but it sort of just feels like filling out a form and isn't that helpful to me. I'd prefer writing a paragraph or two in character voice or doing a bullet list backstory unless that will seriously bar me from consideration.

Ive used UA as a DM and player, its exactly what they advertise it as: a playtest where stuff is debuted before printing it officially. For example, the Hexblade patron in XGE started out as UA. If you go back and look at the UA document, it is basically printed unchanged in XGE now.

Not everything makes the transition to print however and its that stuff you should be critical of. Still, its usually not super imbalanced.

That said I was likewise wary of it at the beginning of my 5e experience and disallowed it, instead just sticking to a few official sources like you are doing.

Midgard Heroes probably has more additional crunch rules than nearly all the official books combined. XGE is really the first one to give some new stuff (and its great). Volo's just had a bunch of new races for PCs (was mostly a monster manual 2), and Mord's had the gith (but was mostly monster manual 3). SCAG had a handful of spells and backgrounds only.

edit: Oh right there were some class options in SCAG as well.

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Comp0s lots of ways to get a familiar from official sources. Any class can get one from feats just by taking either Magic Initiate or Ritual Caster. Warlock though could simply take it as his 1st level spell. Pact of the Chain at 3rd is where its at however, as it focuses the Warlock on the familiar a bit more...even giving it a few special abilities wizards never get.

I wanted an aberrant dragonmark for a concept. It looks like the only way to get that at level 1 is to be variant human. So I was wondering if you are allowing variant humans or starting at a level other than 1st. Thanks.

Id say if someone wants to learn Eberron quick and dirty just read through the races. They are pretty different from standard and give a good sense of the world.

I'd be down for the 5e Eberron Adventurer's League modules.

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