SFS Intro 2 For The Factions (Inactive)

Game Master Jason Schimmel

Tier 1-2

Beginning a recruitment thread for SFS Intro 2:For the Factions A tier 1-2 repeatable scenario.

Second Seekers (Ehu Hadif)

Answering the call.

Dark Archive

I'm up for another 'experimental' game. :) Old Bonkers is busy but I plan to either finally make my skittermander or maybe the new race I just got access to... Hmmm. six armed helkful bugger or chaotic winged fey...

Horizon Hunters

Tentatively interested, I've a Technomancer and a Solarian, both at level 1

Ready to go on with my quorlu mechanic. The bot proved more efficient in combat that the experimental weapon. I just need to add his second level.

We certainly have enough for a table at this point. I've posted a link to the table in another recruitment thread to see if we can fill the table. I'd like to try to start early next week.

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Sounds good to me. I have the start of a Skitter Vanguard. Will flesh him out over the next few days, see if I like the concept. :)

Interested. I've got an envoy. Or soldier Could roll up 9n new operative.

Silver Crusade

I wouldn't mind getting in on this if you're still recruiting. I have a few level 1-2 characters I could bring, so I'd be willing to pick whatever rounds out the party.

There is still room. I'll post for character information in the dicsussion thread later today. if everyone is ready we could start as early as tomorrow.

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I'll finish my skitter and get enough info up to start tomorrow. :) Definitely going Vanguard.


Zint is (mostly) done and will hopefully be fully listed here by tomorrow pending real life slow downs. :)

Do you need/can you use another character? I have several low levels floating around.

After looking at leveling up my mechanic, I think I will switch from a bot to explosive experimentation. That seems closer to my original idea for the character. I haven’t had too much time lately.


therealthom here. I will definitely go with my envoy, Kadef.

Got to do some purchasing.

Zint wrote:
Zint is (mostly) done and will hopefully be fully listed here by tomorrow pending real life slow downs. :)

I'm not sure what the player count is, but if we're over six I can just split the table and run two instances at once.

I think we're at 7 if everyone shows up.

in case anyone else missed it, i have posted for character info in dicsussion


Hey Xperimental, Do we still have one mini-quest to go? I signed Zint up for a con slot, if we do I'll need to swap out for another character.


We actually have 2, but one of them can be very short.


That's what I thought. Meh, have another character in that range, will go swap him out....

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