DDEP 10-01: Terror in Ten Towns

Game Master Aeshuura

A Four-Hour Epic Adventure for 1st through 4th-Level Characters

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Aloha Everyone! As we have guidance for running this Epic as a single table, I will be trying this! If we get a large enough turnout, I may run it as two simultaneous tables.

Requirement: A Season 10 tier 1 Adventurers League character. Posting rate of at least once per day.

Adventure Description
As a beastly army approaches Ten-Towns from the south, heroes take the lead in fortifications and defense. But can the heroes’ optimistic hard work overcome the worst enemy—the towns’ distrust of one another?

I plan to start running by Monday (3/22), or earlier if we fill tables quickly.

Baldrick will happily lend his warhammer to the fight.

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Will be great to have you!

Khitt and I believe Umikh will also be joining.

You have my axe!

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That's three! *channeling 13th Warrior*

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Baldrick, Khitt, and Umikh you all can do some RP in the Gameplay Thread. I have set up the intro...

What do y'all think, should Umikh level to 3 or stay level 2?

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Go ahead and level to 3. It should be alright. Then you can choose your archetype!

Greating Aeshuura, Q'lee is here ready to lend his skills. Since Antonio who fought in the Tenets of Bane series is at 4th level, so out of tier.

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Greetings, Buckshot! 1st level Rogue, eh? Welcome aboard with two Dwarves and a Goblin!

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No he is level 3, I have been playing on table top and have not updated. It is updated now.

It sounds like a bad joke: Two dwarves and a Goblin walk into a bar when an Elf...

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Remember to update your logsheet too. Because of the new Seasonality, you need to make sure that you have only bee playing Season 10 stuff with this guy. ^_^

Nice, though, Swashbuckler!

Only in season 10? Darn it he was a season 9 character.

I will re-work and make him a level 1. So I will look at the classes that we have and go from there. So it looks like a fighter, Ranger, And a Sorcerer.

So does that make the old character's unplayable in AL?

Was the Tenets of Bane a season 10? If it is I can bring in Antonio since it says that 4th level is still tier 1.

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So what happened is, they made it so that only new characters can play the current season.

Seasonal. These characters are made for the season and get special stuff, but also are intended to be certain to be more fitting for the setting of the Season. With the theme of Survival Horror, they felt that certain races would not work very well, based on the setting. (i.e. - No lizardfolk or yuan-ti, as cold-blooded creatures do not make sense handling the cold very well)

Masters. After you become tier 2, Seasonal characters may enter the Masters campaign (Dreams of Red Wizards), which leaves behind the themes of the Seasonal campaign and has its own theme.

Historic. After becoming tier 2, a Seasonal character can become a Historic character, joining all characters from previous campaigns and opening up access to all CCC adventures and past seasons.


Tenets of Bane was a CCC, so would fall into Historic. You can still play these characters in past modules, and once Season 10 is over, then you may play these adventures, just not right now.

Sorry about the hassle! You should keep these characters for other games, they just won't be able to be used this time. It is a little bit of a mess and has pissed a lot of people off. I, personally, don't mind. I tend to make a new character each season anyway.

I hope that helps clear things up a little.

Yes it does, thank you.
And it looks like they need someone with skills. So a bard he will be with a criminal or urchin background.

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I love bards...

Here he is. Just need to get spells and some minor touches.

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I know you copied and pasted, just don't forget to delete the Bag of Tricks. ;)

I like the piratey look!

oops, got it.

So looking at the AL Players guide 10.3 Does it mean that I get a healing potion and a magic ring based on my Faction?

*edit Never mind I see that you need to be 5th level for the ring

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Every session, I will work in a way for you to get a healing potion on loan. So don't worry about that for your equipment.

Sounds good, Just let me know when I am able to join in.

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I will post something for you today...

No rush, I enjoy seeing how the story unfolds since I did not play the other adventure(s). Just when you get to that point say something like "and the bard with only two coins to his name stagers in out of the cold. Begging for someone to help him get a job."....lol

Sweet, and the party (soon) grows

I've been toying with putting together a cleric if there's room for one more.

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Plenty of room! Are you familiar with Adventurers League?

A little. I played Zar in your Tenets of Bane pbp a while back.

Hey! It's Zar the Wizard!
I played Jarprax (Tempest Cleric) in that game.

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AGamer70 wrote:
A little. I played Zar in your Tenets of Bane pbp a while back.

Aw, dang! I didn't recognize the handle! It's like getting the band back together! We do not have a cleric in the mix, so one would be welcome, I am sure!

Check out the Seasonality stuff, PHB +1 is still in place, just for Season 10 characters, BUT race no longer is in that restriction. So it is just for class and spell combos.

Anyway, you and Rodney (Buckshot) will be starting together, likely.

Nice. I was thinking about the Light or Peace domains although Peace may duplicate the bard's ability too much. Light seems to give me some blast ability.

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Them Light domain suckers get Fireball... Nightmare fuel! ^_^

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There is a temple to Amaunator, a less goody-two shoes version of Lathander, in Bryn Shander... God of Law and the Sun.

Ugh got slammed at work. Will try to put something together tonight.

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Got it! Once you are ready, will do the intro for you and Buckshot!

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Your saying I have to share my intro with someone else? I was hoping for something Aladin where I ride in on an giant flower float being pulled by an elephant, being preceded by dancers, singers and a gene singing along.
Rodney arriveing at Ten Towns

But knowing my luck, he would be the lone survivor since everyone is dressed for the heat not the cold.

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Prince Rod-ney, Fabulous He, Rod-ney Ababwah!

Maybe you can do Rodney's intro so he can join the rp and I'll catch up. Im working on a firbolg cleric who was an acolyte of Lathander coming to help defend the town so that the evil doesn't spread to the forest (or something along those lines)

I am fine, I can wait.

Besides you could be one that saved me when my entire troupe froze to death trying to get to Ten Towns.

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And now that song will be stuck in my head all day. Which is fine, I've seen the animated movie at least a hundred times (not exaggerating). I like Aesh's version!

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A string of wooly mammoths and talking animals! XD

Radiant Oath

The Master of the pierce and slash is here

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Welcome aboard!

Wrong profile, lol

This is agamer70. Sorry this has taken so long. Every time I thought I'd have some time to work on my character, something else would come up. I still need to clean up the sheet but I wanted to get something up so I could post. I'd like to join if you'll still have me but I understand if not.

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Lumen Oakleaf wrote:
This is agamer70. Sorry this has taken so long. Every time I thought I'd have some time to work on my character, something else would come up. I still need to clean up the sheet but I wanted to get something up so I could post. I'd like to join if you'll still have me but I understand if not.

No worries! Just a reminder that your cantrips can be used at will. For some reason, you have it noted as 3/day, but that may be some of the clean-up you are referring to. What Background are you taking?

Great thanks. Yeah I think that's part of me trying to cram a 5e character into my PF template.

I was going to go with Acolyte. From what I was reading, Amaunator seemed too focused on laws for my character. I think Lathander might be a better fit. Although if I'm misunderstanding something, I'm open to adjusting things. I was envisioning his clan being wiped out by undead controlled by a necromancer. He was saved by followers of Lathander who were fighting the undead. The clerics healed him and he learned their ways. He saw the focus on the powers of light as a way to purge the land of undead and to renew the land. I still need to add the background and characteristics to the sheet.

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That is perfectly fine. Lots of RP in the tension between the two sects... ;) The followers of Amaunator call Lathander 'the Usurper' and believe that he stole the title from their god! XD

Do you happen to have room for one more?

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Sure, we haven't gotten very far yet. You familiar with Adventurers League?

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