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Male Kobold (Blackscale) Primalist Bloodrager 4, Scaled Fist Monk 1, Dragon Disciple 10
TheNine wrote:
You are a kobold... your natural attacks without weapons count as unarmed attacks. (in my book for the porpoises of this game)

That works amazingly well, although the tail spike makes things a quite a bit less optimal. I worked it out both ways, and with your ruling on natural attacks = unarmed for kobolds, a much better choice than a tail spike for signature item would be a necklace/torque/etc of mighty fists (something with an enhancement bonus, perhaps "furious" to be more effective during raging, maybe does some acid damage if it is black dragon themed?)

I have the character more or less ready to go less the signature item (and any other equipment for that matter). I'll write up the alias once you have had a chance to spec out the item.

Thanks! This is going to be a fun build!

Male Kobold (Blackscale) Primalist Bloodrager 4, Scaled Fist Monk 1, Dragon Disciple 10

...oh, and a name for the item...something simple yet descriptive as befits a kobold. How about “Thwack”?

I think I have the PDF floating around in my stack. I know I bought a bunch not too long ago.

EDIT: ya, looks like I do.

Male Half-Orc Magus(Artificer/Spire Defender)/Brawler(Constructed Pugilist/Strong-Side Boxer)
TheNine wrote:
Brachium Metallum wrote:

Oh my on the arm.

Glad to see that you're back though.
Edit* I don't need Armor when your arm gives a +9 Shield Bonus to AC.
Slight edit on your arm. in fist mode you can wield a weapon in it just fine (or punch away my friend) but in order for the shield bonuses to stack the shield would have to be wielded on your meat arm side.

I get a shield bonus from the arm already equal to 2+ it's enchantment bonus.

Wounds (0) HP (13) AC (17/14/13) Saves (4/6/0) Initiative (+4)
TheNine wrote:

The Right Arm of Torag -

The Magical arm radiates powerful magical energies. Due to the nature of its construction it provides the 'wearer' an AC bonus of +2 like a shield. (This actually stacks with a shield as well.)

Always gives +2 stackable shield bonus


It can be configured in a two ways (to start with)

The Fist
It can be used to make an Unarmed strike (user is considered proficient) and counts as a +4 magical lawful silver/cold iron weapon.

It can store two kinds of spells in it.

Any spell that is offensive in nature up to level 3 can be released upon a successful hit. The spell is not lost, it just takes 2d4 rounds to recharge.

(The arm only holds the last spell cast upon it)

Any spell that is defensive in nature up to level 3 can be released as a swift action. It lasts for 10 rounds after which it takes 1d4 hours to recharge.

(The arm only holds the last spell cast upon it)

If used as a fist it gives +2 stackable shield bonus, does +4 enchantment Hit/Damage with Unarmed strikes, and can store 2 spells.

This is a very good option, as it even frees up your neck slot as this doesn’t stack with amulet of Mighty blows.


The Hammer.

With a few hours of work, the fist of the arm can be removed and replaced with a solid adamantine head. The wielder can use it as a weapon. It counts as a Igniting +4 Heavy mace but it deals 2d6 points of damage on a successful strike and has a critical modifier of x3.

When configured as the hammer the wielder is considered as proficient in the feat Improved Sunder, and the feat Sunder Blessing.

Or it can be a 2d6 x3 crit mod blunt weapon with +4 enchantment, as well as 2 feats...that also gives +2 stackable shield AC.

Not as good for you as the Fist, for the most part. But situationally could be clutch.

Not sure where the +9 AC comes from.

Male Half-Orc Magus(Artificer/Spire Defender)/Brawler(Constructed Pugilist/Strong-Side Boxer)

I'm a artificer, a magus archetype that focus on a constructed arm, which has a magus arcana which adds it's enchantment bonus to AC, and since I'm also a constructed Pugilist I get a +2 from the arm as well giving me a total of +6, but with that +2 and my arcana pool I can have a +9 in total.

I think I'm fully back now. I swear if they ever ask me to do that again on short notice I'm going to ask for a raise during that time.

Wounds (0) HP (13) AC (17/14/13) Saves (4/6/0) Initiative (+4)


Shielding Limb: The constructed pugilist learns to block blows with her mechanical limb. She gains a +2 shield bonus to AC, though she loses this bonus anytime she loses her Dexterity bonus to AC.

Torag’s Arm raises that to +4, as if stacks with shield bonus

And, I assume:

Shielding Arm (Ex): A golemfist learns to deflect blows with his arm. If he is not wielding any other weapons, he gains a shield bonus to his AC equal to his golem arm’s enhancement bonus.

Enchantment bonuses don’t stack. Assuming your fist of Torag counts as your golden fist, that means +2 (Magic item) +2 (Shielding Arm) +5 (Enchantment) = +9 Shield AC.

So yes. That is a +5 Weapon and +5 Shield. Quite powerful!

Hey there Zig Zag the black. I you have a tailspike. much shiny much magic.

Thwack - This unassuming piton has become an item of amazing magical properties entirely by chance. The adamantine piton, magically created to easily bite deep into any surface by a dwarven explorer was tossed into the pile of goods gathered by a young black dragon that came to be known as Zoldakra"The Scourge of Caldimin."

Centuries left beside a few unique items allowed it to absorb some of their properties and while in life it was just a sharp stabby you could use with your tail to attack your foes, in death With the divine call by the gods it has become so much more.

The piton ignores the first 5 points of AC from armor when wielded by you.
It counts as a +3 peircing weapon criticals on an 18-20 x2, and always does 4 point of damage + you strength bonus. It counts as a Wounding, shock weapon and while in your posession functions as a good luck stone (+1 luck bonus on saving throws, ability checks, and skill checks.)

Male Kobold (Blackscale) Primalist Bloodrager 4, Scaled Fist Monk 1, Dragon Disciple 10

Thank you, DM.

With the special magic item remaining the tail spike, I will work up two attack patterns: one is the tail spike iterative attacks plus the unarmed/natural attacks as secondary attacks, the other is the flurry of unarmed strikes/natural attacks (with unfortunately a tail slap as opposed to the spike since Thwack doesn’t count as an unarmed/natural attack).

I will work up the character sheet when I return from traveling next week.

Male Kobold (Blackscale) Primalist Bloodrager 4, Scaled Fist Monk 1, Dragon Disciple 10

ZigZag is now up-to-date with an alias and a character sheet built with only "Thwack" as his equipment. Let me know if I need to adjust anything.

Scarab Sages

Now that the holidays are over time to start really getting this ball rolling :)

Male Kobold (Blackscale) Primalist Bloodrager 4, Scaled Fist Monk 1, Dragon Disciple 10

ZigZag is ready to go!

I am raring to go!

So Eir's crunch is done, I just need to get it moved from paper to computer which I should be able to do tonight or tomorrow.

Male Kobold (Blackscale) Primalist Bloodrager 4, Scaled Fist Monk 1, Dragon Disciple 10

Checking in--one week since last post. Are we ready to go?

Last post was mine. I'm waiting for an answer to my question...

Wounds (0) HP (13) AC (17/14/13) Saves (4/6/0) Initiative (+4)

I’m out. Sorry, but if this kicks up have fun everyone.

Male Kobold (Blackscale) Primalist Bloodrager 4, Scaled Fist Monk 1, Dragon Disciple 10
Eliah The Fallen wrote:
Last post was mine. I'm waiting for an answer to my question...

Right you are Eliah. So it has been more than 3 weeks since your post in Gameplay, and almost 2 weeks since TheNine's last post in Discussion indicating he was ready to get rolling.

I will bow out too. As Gul gra-Dushnikh says, if this kicks up you guys have fun...

I'm still here, though I'm the type of player who is here till the GM calls it quits.

I'm still here too...

Scarab Sages

The holidays are kicking my ass more than I expected, this is not dead, just on hiatus until 2nd week of january.

Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays!

Scarab Sages

Over the next few days I hope to get everything finalized and kick things off about the 20th.

Level 12

Everyone gets 1 bonus feat at level 5, 1 bonus feat at level 10.

Crafting (long term like you know taking days off to make something not something that can be done in a few hours like a potion or a scroll) will not really be used.

Everyone gains +20 hit points
Everyone gains DR +1 magic/5
Everyone gains resistance against all elements +5 (if you have previous resistances add it to your previous resistance.)

Requisitions -

As agents of the gods in fighting the last battle, any wants and needs will be aquisitioned as best able.

Make a list, keep it around oh 200,000 gp. DO NOT INCLUDE the item made at creation.

You may choose 3 items to be very high priority, and three high priority. The percantage of those items being availible will be substantially higher.

and level 15. Dont know why i typed 12 >.<

Very High Priority:
+6 Headband of Aerial Agility - -81000 gp

Robes of the Archmagi - -75000 gp

Sihedron Ring - -35000 gp

High Priority:
+2 Belt of Physical Perfection -16000 gp

Hello al!! Decimus Observet here.

Any optional rules in play? e.g. Background skills, Automatic Bonus Progressions, etc.

Dotting in. My work set up is not optimal, so I will attempt to do more detailed things (like making an alias) once I get home.

I'll seek to fill in my sheet tomorrow evening or Friday evening.

Wounds (0) HP (13) AC (17/14/13) Saves (4/6/0) Initiative (+4)

Could I please be removed from this campaign?

How helpful would a Lyre of Building be in this campaign?

It might have use, but it would be minimal, unless the choser of the slain decides that saving sieges looking for souls is the way to go

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