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A wizard who chooses to specialize in the Void school must select one of Air, Earth, Fire, or Water as their opposition school. On the lists of their four schools are several repeated spells such as Summon Monster. I assume that normally only choices related to the opposition school's element are restricted, using Summon Monster to summon an elemental of the opposed school would require two slots for example.

My question is this: Does a void specialist consider such spells in their opposition schools opposed in their entirety or only in regard to the element of their opposed school?

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You're looking at the PFsrd.com aren't you? That's not a good source for elemental schools. (I'm currently playing a void wizard and I made the same mistake.)

If you look in the APG, a lot of the spells you're talking about are actually "all elements" which isn't fire element so you're good.

It would be pretty silly. A fire school wizard has summon monster v in her specialty list and her opposition school. How would that work?

When you Summon Creatures of that Subtype and thus Spell Description it's opposition,
when it's not of that Subtype and thus Spell Description it's not opposition?

Thank you to everyone for your swift replies.

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