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Grand Lodge

Male Oread Sacred Fist Warpriest 7/Monk 2 | AC: 29/22/27| HP: 73/73| Fort +12, Ref +9, Will +15 | CMB +13, CMD 35/39 vs trip | Init +5 | Perc +21 & Darkvision

Not sure how helpful Dolamite will be in this part. He has:

Acrobatics +10
Climb +9
Escape Artist +5
Heal +10 (+5 circumstance to treat wounds or deadly wounds)
Knowledge (History) +5
Knowledge (religion) +5
Perception +21
Profession (Solder) +10
Sense Motive +19
Spellcraft +5
Stealth +5
Survival +4

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Be creative. You found soldiers (along with their writing and gear). You saw specific wounds on the bodies, Fallen King and Kolvi. This happened a while ago, and these people have specific superstitions. Sounds like at least four skills you have could be spun into something.

Sovereign Court

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CN Dwarf Cleric 6 / Rogue 1

Hrmm.. is the out of tier, charisma 5, dwarf still the best diplomacy option? That just seems wrong! =)

"Yes, Lord Touchy has returned with answers... perhaps a few questions... and all of this!" He makes a motion at himself with a flourish.

"What you saw in the sky, that was the spirit of Kolvi, long dead ancestor to that lot over there." He indicates the Trolltooths. "And someone you should probably all be thanking, for keeping that damnable linnorm that your King Alvard killed from razing this entire town of yours centuries ago, and every day since."

"We helped her finally stop that threat, for the record." He adds. "Quite exciting... would have had me soiling my underclothes... if I was wearing any."

He grins.

"Oh, Alvard killed his linnorm, true enough... but he made a deal with some of the fey of the area to help him do so, in exchange for a favor from him. And help him they did, and dragon he did slay... but in so doing, he fell victim to the linnorm's death curse, and eventually reneged on his promise to the fey that helped him."

"All of those things haunted and ate at his mind 'til the end of his days, and, apparently the centuries beyond."

"Kolvi was no witch, but a warrior that should have had all of you bursting with pride, not misplaced contempt." He continues, doing his best to set the mood. "When she set out to slay a linnorm of her own, Alvard proved he was no better than most of you, and followed to kill her, before she could compete for the throne he believed was his."

"But she was not so easily ambushed, and as they fought, the fey that Alvard had betrayed, a giant elk-looking creature, joined in. It was the fey that brought the snow, and the wind... and in the end, Kolvi took the head, not of a linnorm, but the man who would have murdered her for seeking it."

"And you lot condemned her for it." He adds, with a dark frown. "But since you would not believe her word, perhaps you will believe the word of one who was actually there."

He will introduce Olisara at this point, so they can hear what the huldra has to say about what happened.

"You killed Kolvi for her truths, and the lies of others." He finally says. "But she did not condemn you for it, as many would have" His tone implies he might have been one who would.

"For that linnorm that Alvard slew... it never truly died... somehow its death curse keeping both it and Alvard's spirits lingering, the former continually trying to restore its remains, the later wandering in near mindless torment. But for the last two centuries, the spirit of Kolvi has stood as well, keeping that linnorm at bay." He shakes his head in amazement.

"It wasn't until Lord Touchy and his companions arrived and offered their assistance, that she finally had her opportunity to end it for good. We slew the dragon, while Kolvi destroyed its animating spirit."

"And the spirit of Alvard..." He adds, pointing towards where Fahd stands, holding the massive butchering axe. "His torment on this plane has ended as well."

At this point, they can dig out a few linnorm bits as evidence, as well as the horn and chainmail recovered from the caves. Touchy reads out the inscription found there.

"I'm sure my companions might add more, but I tell you now, as Calistria is my witness. Kolvi was no witch."

Perhaps a little too contemptuous of the Coalbraid side of things, but Touchy is not the forgiving sort.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 5 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 5 + 2 = 24 (as per usual, aids appreciated)

Scarab Sages

(Mutagenic Mauler/Steelbreaker) 9; HP 85/85; AC (25)20/ T 14/ FF 18; (+2 damage while using Mutagen) Perception +14; F+10,R+10,W+9 (+2 vs. Charms, Compulsions and Emotion effects); CMB +14 (+21 on Sunder), CMD 26 (31 vs. Sunder), Speed 30'; Init.+2

Aid another diplomacy 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (17) - 1 = 16

Fahd nods in agreement. ”That’s about the long and short of it.”

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Your tale hangs in the air. The dour faces listened without interruption. They allow the many elements pass over them as they consider the centuries old dispute. "Perhaps it is time for Kolvi's bravery to be recognized with the honor it deserves." Touchy and Fahd successfully challenge the people of Frostbreach to reconsider their interpretations of the Jarlsblood Witch. You have convinced the onlookers to rewrite the legend entirely. With the fuel to their ancient feud removed, the town can now finally unify. You have all earned the respect of Frostbreach’s people, and they insist on the party being the guests at a reconciliation feast thrown to begin mending bridges between the two major families.

By daybreak, your mission is complete and are able to depart the town with enough supplies donated to get them back to Kalsgard.

The wounds of the generations-long feud are difficult to heal, but the process begins shortly after your departure. Likewise, the centuries-old Jarlsblood Witch saga resists revision at first, but the equally dramatic addendum of the team’s exploits quickly gains traction with bards throughout the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.

Venture-Captain Bjersig Torrsen is pleased to learn of your success and congratulates you on a job well done. He books passage for the team back to Absalom (or wherever you’re bound next) and provides you a glowing recommendation to take back to Lady Gloriana Morilla. He also ensures that she receives a shorter report through magical means so that she can act on the Ulfen Guard informant’s intelligence as soon as possible.

Technically, many of those elements Touchy mentioned were supposed to be separate checks, but you beat the highest DC, so Well Done!

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