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Human Mercenary Envoy 5| Sta 35/35 HP 34/34 RP 6/6| EAC 19 KAC 19| Fo +4 Re +8 Wi +4| Init +4 Percep +6|


Laser Rifle 20/20 (bat x2); Arc Pistol 10/10 (bat x2); Semi-Auto Pistol 9/9 (sa round exp x9)

About Donovan Delacroix

Donovan Delacroix
Male human mercenary envoy 5
LN Medium humanoid (human)
Init +4; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +6
Defense SP 35 HP 34 RP 6
EAC 19; KAC 19
Fort +4; Ref +8; Will +4
Speed 30 ft., swim 20 ft.
Melee converted dueling sword +4 (1d8+6 S; analog)
Ranged static arc pistol +7 (1d6+2 E; arc 2; stun) or
. . called azimuth laser rifle +7 (1d8+5 F; burn 1d6) or
. . tactical semi-auto pistol +7 (1d6+2 P; knockdown; analog, fiery)
Offensive Abilities get 'em
Str 13 (+1); Dex 18 (+4); Con 12 (+1); Int 12 (+1); Wis 10 (+0); Cha 18 (+4)
Skills Acrobatics +8, Athletics +8 (+16 when swimming), Bluff +9, Computers +9 (3 ranks), Culture +8, Diplomacy +12, Disguise +8, Engineering +9 (3 ranks), Intimidate +12, Medicine +6, Perception +6, Piloting +12 (5 ranks), Profession (mercenary) +7, Sense Motive +8, Sleight Of Hand +8, Stealth +10; (reduce the DCs of Culture and Profession [mercenary] checks by 5 when recalling knowledge about military procedures and personnel)
Feats Great Fortitude, Longarm Proficiency, Skill Synergy (computers, engineering), Weapon Specialization (longarms)
Languages Celestial, Common, Jinsul, Kasatha, Orc, Sarcesian, Vesk
Other Abilities dispiriting taunt, expertise, inspiring boost [14 SP]
Combat Gear [i]mk I serums of healing[/i] (2); Other Gear vesk brigandine II (upgrade: infrared sensors, jetpack), [i]called azimuth laser rifle with 1 battery (20 charges)[/i], converted dueling sword, static arc pistol with 1 battery (20 charges), tactical semi-auto pistol with 9 small arm explosive rounds, athletic clothing, batteriess (2), binoculars, cigarss (4), engineering tool kit, flashlight, gear clamp, gear clamp, personal comm unit, professional clothing, small arm explosive rounds (9), [i]starfinder backpack[/i], tetrad certified translator, titanium alloy cable (60 ft.), whiskeys (4), credstick (4,322 credits); Augmentations gill sheath, [i]mk 1 synergizing symbiote (charisma)[/i], swimming fins, voice amplifier
A young Donovan Delacroix joined the Stewards expecting a life of adventure and glory. He was disappointed. In time, he left and joined the Knights of Golarion. Though he did get the action he craved, Donovan found that he often did not agree with their philosophies and eventually left them too. He's now joined the Pathfinder Society hoping to find his place with them.

Bot Me:

- use Inspiring Boost to keep his allies in the fight.
- take cover and fire laser rifle at boss
- if in cover get 'em and fire laser rifle at boss

Player Name: Dax Thura
Character Name: Donovan Delacroix
Race, Theme, Class: human, mercenary, envoy 5
PFS ID: 33973-705
Reputation with factions: Exo-Guardian 20, Acquisitives 2, Second Seeker (Luwazi Elsebo) 1
Starting fame: 18
Day Job roll: Mercenary 1d20+7
Boons slotted
* Faction
Guardians Champion, Improved
* Ally
Duskmire Allegiance (yeti)
* Personal
* Social
Live Air Celebrity
* Starship
Star Monster Slayer
* Slotless
Claimant to Salvation
Marked Field Agent
Protector of the Future
Society Contract
[ ] Star Sugar Heartlove!!!

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[dice=Culture w/Expertise]1d20+8+1d6+1[/dice]
[dice=Diplomacy w/Expertise]1d20+12+1d6+1[/dice]
[dice=Intimidate w/Expertise]1d20+12+1d6+1[/dice]
[dice=Sense Motive w/Expertise]1d20+8+1d6+1[/dice]

Laser Rifle, Azimuth, called:
[dice=v EAC]1d20+7[/dice] [dice=Fire Dmg]1d8+5[/dice]

Arc Pistol, Static:
[dice=v EAC]1d20+7[/dice] [dice=Electrical Dmg]1d6+2[/dice]

Dueling Sword, converted: analog
[dice=v KAC]1d20+4[/dice] [dice=Slashing Dmg]1d8+6[/dice]

[dice=v EAC]1d20+9[/dice] [dice=Dmg]1d8[/dice]