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A "Round Tabletop" game where every player has a turn at GM'ing an episode.

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Awesome Warriors,
Welcome to the Round Table!

Let's start with a quick recap of the rules:

#1. PCs don't die, nor can they be permanently altered.

#2. GMs don't play their PCs while GMing. Not even a cameo.

#3. Be good alignment-wise*, and to each other, in-character and out!
*See Campaign Info tab for Char-Gen details.

#4. XP does not exist, but instead, we level up between episodes.

#5. Each GM offers his/her unique style in regards to...
* The setting it another part of Rooftopolis, or an entirely new location
* The threat ...with the obvious limit of no death spells, and make it believable that fallen PCs are able to get back up
* The stakes ...we DO care about those innocent NPCs, don't we?
* The rewards ...well, even the most stone-hearted adventurer wants money and items
* The scope ...though if you want to level-up, tell stories that end!

And combining my idea with Goddity's suggestion, two things-to-do the SECOND time you GM:
* The episode takes place in an existing setting created by another GM.
* Part of the episode is tied to an active PC's backstory.


And before opening things up for discussion, here is the second tablet on my Ten Commandments list. Some are more like Suggestions than Commandments, but anyway...


#6. "Benched" PCs earn money based on the number of skill ranks in:
* Profession
* Craft
* Perform
* Artistry

Thanks to Lobster every one of us has at least one Background Skill!

The idea is that our PCs all have day jobs, so when they're not out adventuring, each skill earns money as follows:
* Profession = 20g x SR (skill rank)
* Craft = 10g x SR +10g x SR in Artistry
* Perform = 10g x SR +10g x SR in Artistry
* Artistry = +10g to Craft and/or Perform; +20g Max
* +50g x SR in the (Background) Skill of your choice

And whatever that comes out to is multiplied by the PCs' level.


Profession is the best money-maker, but Artistry adds a bonus to both Craft and Perform. You can make money from multiple Profession, Craft and Perform skills... and that's where the +50g comes in.

Since you can't do all your jobs at once, the 50g bonus represents the skill you rely on most, whereas the 10g/20g skills are side-gigs.

If you don't have ANY traditional money-making skills, you can apply the +50g to any Background Skill you want. For example, if Sleight-of-Hand is your only Background Skill, maybe you gamble and come out on top.

Also, Ride might be Henrietta's primary money-making talent: 20g x SR in Profession:Jockey +50g x SR Ride. Likewise, a doctor could also apply the bonus to an Adventure Skill. 20g x Profession:Healer + 50g x SR Heal.


For those curious about the math, Addy, who has all four skills, will make 1980g while I'm GMing. You might all get over 2K worth of stuff, and that's by design. Adventuring should pay better than a regular job.

Those who GM later will make more money per Background Skill (more SR, higher Lv.), but it may eventually pale in comparison to what a Lv.8-12 heroic PC should earn. When we get to the second round of GMing, I'll consider a pay raise.

Combat happens, as does life, so here are ways to help fit PbP combat into our busy lives.

#7. In Round One of a Fight...
* GM rolls initiative.
* Players roll initiative.
* Players who beat or tie the GM's initiative get to act while NPCs are flat-footed! Actions occur in the order in which they are posted.
* Then the GM posts Round One. All PCs who lost in initiative are flat-footed.
* Once the GM posts a round, all players can act. Again, actions occur in the order in which they are posted.

#8. Keep things moving so our super-heroic game remains action-packed!
* Players, please try to post (combat round) actions in a timely manner within 48 hours after the GM post (72 over weekends) should keep things moving.
* GM, try to move to the next round within 24 hours after the last player has posted.
* When time is short, better a roll plus minimal description than a campaign-killing week-long delay.

#9. Leave no hero behind, UNLESS the alternative is to pause the game forever.

If the GM needs to move to the next combat round, any players who miss the deadline are not "punished." By "punished," I mean like casting a spell that renders a PC useless to explain why the s/he suddenly stopped attacking enemies. That's problematic if the player comes back from a week-long power failure, and is now stuck with a character who can't act, which is no fun.

I prefer to do the following:
* A PC who misses ONE round can post two rounds of actions next time, as if the PC had a delayed reaction followed by a burst of adrenaline.
* A PC who misses MULTIPLE rounds is ignored, as if s/he is still in the fight off-camera. The GM can remove a minor NPC or two from the fight if necessary, or do whatever seems fair for those still in the fight.

Most people bot absent PCs, which is fine. I personally prefer the above just to avoid rolling more dice than necessarily.

And that leads to my last rule, which is really more of a guideline:

#10. Take Ten because you can.

By that I mean we're all playing rooftop-leaping heroes on high alert, so with the exception of knowledge checks, let's not dice-code our way through the game more than we have to.

During combat or a chase, you roll to leap across a rooftop. <10 means your PC rushed; >10 an adrenaline surge. But outside combat, Take Ten every time. I mean, you wouldn't leap across a 100-foot-deep gap if there's a 50+% chance you'll fall, right?

Everyone knows ^that.

But I'd like to apply the same logic to other skills, such as Perception.
* Automatically Take Ten for what a perceptive character should notice while traveling.
* The GM may add a circumstantial bonus if the player specifies what s/he is looking for. (Examples: +2 for something general, +4 for something specific, +10 for a player who cleverly deduced what to look for and where to look.)


We can extend a Session Zero discussion as you all see fit, but the only thing I'll add to my OP monologue is I think if we all do our part to keep things fun, we don't need to be perfect to have a good time.

Looking forward to starting the game!

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Female Human Eldritch Guardian 2, Gendarme/Vermin Tamer 1| 40/40 HP|

In re session 0, I super don't understand the math behind the downtime money making: how is Addy making 1980? Also I personally prefer the DM roll Initiative for the whole party, to hurry along progress and keep the info in a single location for the DM to reference. I don't mind doing it differently as a player but would prefer to run it in the way I am familiar as a DM

Female Human Vigilante Brawler

Fair question:

Addy's mods: INT +2 / WIS +0 / CHA +4

+6 Profession: Fashion Biz
+8 Craft: Tailor
+8 Artistry: Fashion Design
+10: Perform: Orator

6 x 20g = 120g (Prof)
8 x 10g = 80g (Craft)
10 x 10g = 100g (Perform)
8 x 20g = 160g (Artistry combining Craft & Perform)
8 x 50g = 400g

Total = 760g x 3 (Level) = 2280g

So... 1980 was crappy math because I forgot to add the 100g and tripled a total of 660g.

Well, anyway, the idea is that whoever is GMing earns a bit of money, and players fighting the good fight ideally make more than the PC stuck at the office. It's not game-breaking to bend this a bit on a case-by-case basis. For example, Henrietta should earn from Animal Handling and Ride in addition to any Profession/Artistry/Perform/Craft skill. I would say any background skill can reasonably be added as a 10g per SR earner if it fits the character, and the 50g can be applied to an Adventuring Skill in her case, because it fits what Henrietta actually does to earn money.

I made this up with the intent that even the least skilled character can make about 1000g with a single maxed Background Skill, and there is no way I want to look up tables for every conceivable profession/craft/etc. So money is tied to skill ranks in skills that make money, even if it means a veterinarian makes more than a doctor.

As for initiative, yeah... GM rolling for all is fine. Then I can simply state which players can attack before the enemy makes a move.

Any strong feelings about Saves? (Player rolls vs. GM rolls)


And yes, if you have a way that works for you, GM as you see fit. Rules #1 & #2 are the big ones. Every "rule" beyond the 5 you knew about when I posted the Interest Check is up for discussion, and I'm flexible.

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Female Human Vigilante Brawler

A couple notes...

#6. I feel like my way of earning money is not simple enough, which sort of defeats the purpose of avoiding convoluted tables. Below are thee counter-proposals, and I'm open to other suggestions if none of these work.

A.) A simpler way to make money and validate background skills:
* Each point in background skills (all of them) earns 10g.
* Each point in one skill of your choice earns 50g.
* That total is multiplied by your level.

B.) A simpler way to make money:
* You earn a fixed amount based on your level.
(If we go with B, I have a follow-up question.)

C.) None. You don't earn money.


#7. I think you might like how I do initiative when we play it. The way I explained it, it sounds like everyone is just rolling initiative and combat starts after a bunch of die rolls happen. It's not that. First encounter, it will (hopefully) make sense. Second encounter, it should be seamless.

That said, even if you do get and like what I do, liking doesn't mandate you doing the same. I want this game to be fun to play and fun to GM, and part of the fun is that every GM is a bit of a game-changer!

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Female Half-orc Mask of the Living God Ninja 3

I usually take the side of GM rolling everything (both initiative and saves), but I'm never against learning a new technique. I'll see how it goes before I cast a judgement.

Honestly, I think B might be the best option. Although I can see a strong argument for A, and wouldn't be against it. Either are an improvement over the original idea, which was a little too complicated.

I'm ready whenever everyone else is. For justice, honour, and all things good in the world!

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Female Human Vigilante Brawler

I have a strong argument against A, which is that I botched the math twice. It's probably easier if we just earn "Level Thousand Dollars" or "Episode Thousand Dollars" or whatever.

By that I mean:
1000g x PC Level
1000g x Episode #
Maybe a pay raise on next GM rotation

How about we just go with 1000g for me, 2000g for who's next, etc?

(Edited to just focus on this one question for now.)

It occurred to me that I might be overpowering familiars, since their HD is equal to the PC master's.

Animal companions and cohorts are a few levels/HDs behind the PD leader/master.

Two possible fixes:
@Lobster, pick one or share an alternative.
A.) Simplest:
• The familiar has half the HP of his/her master.
• Every 4 Levels, +1 to a stat.

B.) Don't Stat CON or INT:
• Stats are 17-13-13-9 or 17-17-9-9 / CON is +0, INT is same as familiar table.
• Stat increase is INT every odd level, as seen on familiar table.

C.) No Change:
• The familiar's HP is based on his/her own CON with HD equal to that of the heroic PCs.
• Every 4 Levels, +1 to a stat.
If you don't think full HD for familiars is OP, that's the reason to choos C instead of A.

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Female Human Eldritch Guardian 2, Gendarme/Vermin Tamer 1| 40/40 HP|

No matter what, using a familiar as my mount class feature leaves me with a comparably vulnerable and weak animal companion. I would certainly prefer C, but understand that it creates an imbalance for other familiars.

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Female Human Vigilante Brawler

C it is, then.

Also, the last person to post in Recruitment is a player who's RP'd with me in other games (one I played; one I GM'd). S/he might be busy with work for a few days, but this is someone who tends to play well with others and usually plays quirky but endearing characters.


So unless there is anything you want to discuss, a wrap-up to the OP's points:

#6. Simplified: GM gets 1000g x Episode Number.

#7+. Lump it all under #5, which is that the Episode's GM can make stylistic choices.


Aaaaaaaaaand a question:

When do I post in Gameplay?

A.) October __th (specify date) so if others want in, they have a few more days.

B.) As soon as we have a total of __ players. (Specify amount.)

C.) NOW, YOU FOOL! (Yell in real life while typing 'C,' especially if you own a cat.)

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Female Human Eldritch Guardian 2, Gendarme/Vermin Tamer 1| 40/40 HP|

I'm not quite done, I still have yet to equip Henrietta or Hank, but I think we should wait for one or two more people first, so I vote B, total of 4 or 5 players (not counting rotating GM)

Female Half-orc Mask of the Living God Ninja 3

I'll refrain from commenting on familiars, because I don't have one.

Ooh that's a tough one. Is the opening post throwing us directly into the action or will it be a 'you all meet in a bar' type scenario? Because if you open with action, then I second waiting for 4-5 players as Henrietta said. If not though, we could just roleplay and avoid the actual adventure until more people show up, which also sounds fun.

I haven't quite finished my gear either because I wanted to see what holes needed filling, but I could do it quite quickly if needed.

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Female Human Vigilante Brawler

It's a bar.

If you kick a barstool out from under someone, there will likely be combat. There's also a hothead who won't put up with being dissed, but I can keep him on a leash until players are ready for combat. Within reason, of course.

But none of the NPCs will be looking for excuses to fight. If two of you say, yeah, let's start, RP only, I'll post Gameplay.

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Female Human Eldritch Guardian 2, Gendarme/Vermin Tamer 1| 40/40 HP|

I'm cool with shooting the s*@~, getting to know each other

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Female Half-orc Mask of the Living God Ninja 3

So don't do anything stupid. I can work with that. Should we be 'in costume' or just hanging out?

Female Human Vigilante Brawler

I think you can be prepared for battle, keeping whatever is sheathable in its sheath. Blackeye just needs a move action to slip the mask on, right?

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Female Half-orc Mask of the Living God Ninja 3

Yup. Just a move action.

Heads up, I'm travelling this weekend and may have a reduced post count. I'm glad we'll be getting more players soon though!

Female Human Vigilante Brawler

Thanks for the heads up! Travel safe and enjoy!


Looks like we have two more characters that are about ready to play. Sunset liked Lobster's Shield Champ suggestion, and Ed's character will use magic PF rules as his tech. (No mechanical differences, different look/feel, which is what Lobster and I are doing with our Sidekicks.)

I need a couple tweaks on current PCs.

Goditty: increase all your stats to the next odd number up!

Lobster: you have an even number for STR. I think it's a typo, unless I saw your char sheet between edits.

(I don't know about you guys, but I can't edit my profile on my phone anymore--and no way I'm doing that on my work computer, even on a break! So Addy's profile is in mid-edit limbo because of this.)

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Male CG human (Azlanti) Bard 2 / gunslinger (pistolero) 1 | HP: 15/26 | AC: 16 (14 Tch, 12 Fl) | CMB: +2, CMD: 16 | F: +2, R: +9, W: +5 | Init: +6 | Perc: +8, SM: +9 | Speed 30 ft. | Grit 4/4 | Active conditions: Bless

hello all, finished up the character and alias here.

I wanted to also find a theme song but have not found one... yet.

Sorry for not joining in yet folks. :(

Thanks for the aweseom help so far.

Real Life suuuuucks...

Male CG human (Azlanti) Bard 2 / gunslinger (pistolero) 1 | HP: 15/26 | AC: 16 (14 Tch, 12 Fl) | CMB: +2, CMD: 16 | F: +2, R: +9, W: +5 | Init: +6 | Perc: +8, SM: +9 | Speed 30 ft. | Grit 4/4 | Active conditions: Bless

Hey there Sunny, No Captain Noro in this game

Female Human Vigilante Brawler

No biggie, Sunny. I know you're insanely busy at the moment.

Next weekend will be busy for me, so my thought is that, given that we have 4 players, spend this week info-gathering at the bar. And after the weekend, I'll make sure any NPC responses I owe are taken care of, and then we can move things forward.

Think you can get a post in sometime in the next 7 or 8 days, Sunny? (Asking, not rushing!)


Ed, I take it you and Sunny have RP'd together in the past?

Male CG human (Azlanti) Bard 2 / gunslinger (pistolero) 1 | HP: 15/26 | AC: 16 (14 Tch, 12 Fl) | CMB: +2, CMD: 16 | F: +2, R: +9, W: +5 | Init: +6 | Perc: +8, SM: +9 | Speed 30 ft. | Grit 4/4 | Active conditions: Bless

currently in a skull and shackles game together

Female Human Vigilante Brawler

I've had the pleasure of RP'ing a couple games with Sunny, but this will be my first time seeing Sunny play a male character. Looking forward to Captain Andoran joining the team!

*Tugs at forelock*

Thank'e Ma'am.

Looking forward to helping fight the good fight.

Female Human Vigilante Brawler

@Cap'n-A, glad to have you!

Funny thing about Bulge's win-speech... I rolled and wrote both a win-speech and a lose-speech, with the intent of deleting whichever didn't apply. So when I wrote Bulge's lines, I had no way of knowing I'd make the one roll that wins because of the hat. It only increases his STR mod by 1!


I just realized why you have an even number for STR. That's not exactly what I had in mind...


• The familiar's HP is based on his/her own CON with HD equal to that of the heroic PCs.

• Every 4 Levels, +1 to a stat.

...but I'm glad you missed the part about progression because that got me to rethink my base stats for familiars and animal companions.

Short version:
• MY familiar will have half of Addy's HP.
• Hank is a special case (familiar + mount), and I'm not going to go back on anything I already OK'd for him/you.

Actually, aside from asking you to ditch the +2 racial bonus I'm thinking why not just give Hank the benefits of a familiar and a mount?

Hank's Progression:
• STR, natural armor, and "specials" from Mauler/familiar tables, based on Character Level
• HD, BAB, saves, skills, feats and bonus tricks from mount table, based on Vermin Trainer Level

Other than having 20% less HP, I think this is a big improvement! And I don't think it's OP considering how many feats it took for you to make this work.

But that's my opinion. What do you think?

Female Human Vigilante Brawler

Also, I updated the Sidekick Char-Gen to account for animal stupidity.

Sidekick Stats:
For any cohort, companion or familiar...

• HP: Max HD / Familiar: half of master's HP
• Person Stats: 17–17—13–13—9–9 / Cohort: + any standard racial adjustment
• Animal Stats: 17–17—15–15—11–11 / –8 INT

Adjust STR & DEX for any companion or familiar who is bigger than medium or smaller than small...

• Large: +2 STR / –2 DEX
• Tiny: –2 STR / +2 DEX
• Diminutive: –4 STR / +4 DEX
• Fine: –8 STR / +8 DEX

A cohort would have "person stats." An animal companion would have "animal stats." A familiar can be statted as a "person" or "animal." (Either is acceptable for Hank, whereas a fairy is clearly a person.)


I just realized the 16 STR includes the +2 from size change. So yeah, stats are fine as is.

So your options:
• A. Leave Hank as is (full HD, STR progression every odd level)
• B. Feel free to mix in the Mount progression (the one trade-off being slightly less HP)

Basically, do what you prefer as a player. If you don't want to deal with two progression tables, I get that. If you want all the mount benefits, option B.

Female Human Eldritch Guardian 2, Gendarme/Vermin Tamer 1| 40/40 HP|

Sorry, I didn't see these or I would have answered your questions earlier; I'm stuck on my phone for a while and can't easily look at the rules or edit my alias immediately, so idk so far but I'll answer you soon

No rush.

And note that you don't have to edit anything if you don't want to. Take whichever option you like better. (I honestly don't know if this offer is any better than as-is. Unless I'm mistaken, Bonus Tricks seem useless since as a familiar, Hank would just guard/diliver/perform because Henrietta said so.)

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Female Half-orc Mask of the Living God Ninja 3

Addy, I love your sense of humour. I laughed so hard at Rocks Fall, and Furious George is a perfect name. Thanks!

It just popped in my head. You basically asked, first post of the game, for a GM-controlled character to give you "something lethal." What can a GM give that's more lethal than "rocks fall; everybody dies?"

I have no idea what the drink would taste like.

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Female Human Vigilante Brawler

Just want to note that, while you did manage to meet the one vigilante group, respecting Rule #2, these are Lv.2 characters with stats that are all tens or 14-14-10-10-6-6, and no class skills. (NPC Warrior.) There is also a contact in the bar awaiting the arrival of the ship you know about, and other characters with motives of their own.

I was planning to leave the Half Nelsons' story untold, but since the question was asked, story in-game plus this:

Bulge - orc dad, human mom
Ness - human dad, elf mom
Manny - halfling parents

None of the mothers knew who the fathers were. Ness' and Manny's mothers died about twenty years ago. The brothers' current ages are 24, 30 and 30.

Correction... the half-orc is currently around 30 and the older ones are mid-thirties.

Female Human Vigilante Brawler

Two things...

#1. In case you're wondering why the Half Nelsons are asking you for info before giving you info, the OoC reason is so I have a better idea of how you interpreted the info I gave you (in the second spoiler tab, first post of Gameplay). (You could get them to talk without telling them anything as long as you continue to be tactful.)

#2. If you need more time to get characters battle-ready, I can respect that. (I'm still tweaking VV, as I just discovered last night there's a Vigilante Talent called "Take 'Em Alive," which I love as a Lv.2 talent! It's character-defining, its benefit is a progressive bonus, and it's among the few combat Vigilante Talents a Magical Girl can use, since there's no avenger/stalker requirement.) I do hope to have some action before Halloween, so hopefully everyone will be ready by then—even if "ready" means having a few hundred bucks you're not sure what to do with, but you have your main weapon and armor.

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Female Half-orc Mask of the Living God Ninja 3

Firstly, I appreciate their back story. It makes the world feel more complete.

Secondly, it took me wayyyy too long to get 'Half-Nelson'.

Narissa is battle ready. I'm currently going with a cure light wounds wand because I don't think anyone has any actual healing items and that seems somehow appropriate for a character designed to emulate Batman. I could be convinced to swap it for 750 gp worth of cool potions though.

Glad you like it. I try giving some of the NPCs a plausible reason for what they do. I won't lie... the Little Lebowski, Dick, and some others are more caricature than character.


By the way, I have two Addy builds. The way more powerful one (a non-lethal nodachi-wielded) is easy to figure out, feat-wise, but three questions for the more fun swordless Vixen:

#1. What is the least number of feats needed to pick up someone and throw him, preferably at another guy? (I should mention that Addy will typically be able to lift several hundred pounds as a light load. Ant Haul and other Magical Girl spells will represent her super powers.)

#2. If Addy uses Stiletto Heels as her main weapon, can I make one boot a Masterwork for +300g, or a +1 for +2300g? (Officially, Stiletto Boots can be used as improv weapons with punch dagger damage/crit.)

#3. Would you agree that high heels count as urban environment improv weapons? (There's a Vigilante Talent that would allow me to use any improv weapon from a given environment; "urban" is an option.)

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Female Half-orc Mask of the Living God Ninja 3

Good questions. Some theories...

1) The first ability that comes to mind is the 10th level barbarian rage power Body Bludgeon, which lets you hit someone with someone else. I do recall I once saw a build that stacked that with an ability that let you hurl your melee weapon (I can't remember which ability) to hurl crocodiles around the battlefield (Build was also part druid). That would set this ability at around a level 10 feature, so if I were homebrewing I would start with a new feat for a 10th level character. There may be another way to do it. Awesome blow, maybe? Could always modify the prereqs to something achievable. Lemme think about this. Are you looking for a homebrew solution or a rule-as-written option?

2) I can't find a reference to Stiletto Boots anywhere, but I see no reason why not. It's not giving you anything that cannot be acquired on a normal weapon.

3) I think so. You're essentially taking a roundabout route to acquire a weapon with the stats of a punching dagger. Doesn't seem out of line at all. I support it.

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Female Human Eldritch Guardian 2, Gendarme/Vermin Tamer 1| 40/40 HP|

In another game, I play Sara Burke, improvised weapon specialist. She has picked up people and used them as an improvised weapon in the past, so I would say the least amount of feats needed to do this would be 0, but to avoid Attacks of Opportunity and nonproficiency penalties, 2 with Throw Anything and Dirty Fighting for like 1d8 to both the grappled or unconscious person and the next target (but they must be willing, or grappled, or dead/unconscious). If you only chuck unconscious people, it becomes one feat.

Similarly, Sara has magic stilleto heels that she uses often. Unless you intend to TWF with them, I would say that a +1 to one counts for both, as they are not a double weapon, but if you did want to go down the TWF line, I'm not certain how I would rule, but maybe, pay for both, as any other TWFer would need to. Also you'd hafta find a magic cobbler but that's just fun and unusual.

Now Sara gets around that restriction by TWFing with Brawler's Flurry, allowing her to TWF with the same weapon, as long as it is part of the monk or close weapon group.

As of April (last I looked it up), the only rules for throwing people at people RAW were a wizard spell and a rage power, so either be a wizard or a barbarian if you want rules support

Would you mind linking the talent? I am on mobile.

Thank you both!

I'm aiming for RAW. Allowances for the unclear is fine (like shoes counting since they are actual improv weapons), but I want to avoid house-ruling as much as possible.

I suppose the shoes don't really count for this though, since it only applies to found weapons. (All Vigilante Talents Link)

Environmental Weapon (Ex) (Ultimate Intrigue pg. 14): When the vigilante gains this talent, he must select one type of terrain from the ranger’s list of favored terrains. While in this terrain, as a swift action the vigilante can find an improvised weapon if there are any loose or moveable objects around (subject to the GM’s discretion). He doesn’t take a penalty for using these improvised weapons. For example, if the vigilante selected the urban environment, he might attack a foe with a chair, an empty bottle, or even a door. At 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th levels, the vigilante can select an additional type of terrain.


I will stick with Vigilante: Magical Girl (promise: not Sailor-Mooney as the archetype is intended!), so no brawl flurry or crazy kick damage. But again, the nodachi build is insanely damaging. If I can play a more visually interesting style that's half as effective, that's fine.

I'll check out Dirty Fighting. As long as I have decent feats by Lv.9, I may pick this over the nodachi version. (Lv.11 is when my spell level is high enough for the metamagic feats I eventually want.) The nodachi-wielder could just do all the fun stuff with penalties, and still have her nodachi... so that might be the simplest solution. She wears stilettos either way. I'm not changing the outfit. I put way too much time picking out clothes to revisit that.

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Female Human Eldritch Guardian 2, Gendarme/Vermin Tamer 1| 40/40 HP|

Dirty Fighting basically gives you every combat maneuver feat without the +2 bonus and it counts as both combat expertise and IUS for prereqs. Basically, it allows you to grapple without provoking an AoO. You were asking low feat cost, that would be the line I would suggest as a DM: grapple and then throw the person as an improvised weapon (but the roll must surpass both the target's AC and the grappled person's AC; if it fails to surpass the grappled person's, they tuck and roll and take no damage but are still thrown). Obviously, this would be subject to reworking and comment.

Yeah, that was the best I came up with: grapple + something.

But I didn't consider your point about not needing any feats and just taking the penalty. Kind of hard to justify not Great Cleaving more than two people with a 30% chance of crit (@Lv.9), so I can throw one person at another which is like Regular Cleave, but hurts less.

Well, nodachi or not, Addy will wear stilettos and use Magical Girl magic to simulate superpowers (Eschew Materials @Lv.1 because it's not magic, with all those silly components and whatnot). I'm not picking any summon spells (from the Summoner: Unchained list) because I specifically want the spells to represent powers, which will resemble the powers of popular superheroes. (Spider Climb is obvious. My plans for Alter Self are not as obvious, but will be when I cast it. I mean... use the power.)


Just to clarify, your tips were very helpful as I was looking for RAW, not house rules. I am happy with the nodachi build, but just wanted to see if a throw-kicky build could work. Looks like it works way better for brawler, so you spend feats on throwing while powerful kick-combos are a class ability.

Vigilante's split personality and my fairy sidekick will be a lot of fun, so regardless of the physical attacks I think the RP will be new and different enough that weapon of choice will hardly matter. (Plus... the sword adds a bit of Deadpool to the character.)

Female Human Vigilante Brawler

Two things about Episode One:

1.) Current thing to do = talk to someone at the bar; find out what they know about the shipment that will arrive within the hour. If it's easier, you can narrate how you spent a couple minutes exchanging pleasantries about the band, or some other means of relating to the NPC's apparent interest, before popping the bold question. (Dialogue-bold.)

2.) The talky stuff was to buy time for Sunset to enter the game. Sunset has entered the game, so... basically don't expect to talk to multiple people. Be combat-ready-ish.


One thing about Episode Two:

I just realized that Environmental Weapons is simply a means of having both Catch Off-Guard and Throw Anything as a single "feat-like ability," but its "favored terrain" limitation rules out the two things I want to hit with (shoes) and throw (people) most. I could have all that (the shoes! the people! bar stools, rocks [while enlarged], trees [while enhuged]...) through feats and a talent obtained at char-gen:
• Feats - (Lv.1) Eschew Materials, Catch Off-Guard, (Lv.3) Throw Anything
• Vigilante Talent - (Lv2.) Favored Maneuver: Improved Grapple

Favored Maneuver:
The vigilante selects one type of combat maneuver to be a favored maneuver. He gains the Improved feat corresponding to that combat maneuver (if one exists). He gains a +2 circumstance bonus on combat maneuver checks with that combat maneuver against a foe that is unaware of the vigilante’s presence at the start of his combat maneuver. I'm not giving up on a less damage-pointy Addy/VV build with masterwork heels and hands free to throw people.

Again, @Goditty, @Lobster, thanks for the thoughts/tips on how to pull this off. I brought it up because I wanted to make sure people who will GM Addy/VV are cool with a less conventional fighting style. (The magic will also be, but it's basically me choosing limitations such as having only two Alter Self forms.)

@Lobster, made some generic checks because I was on the fence about re NPCs being fooled. Henrietta's plan still worked since Cat's high roll is basically, "I know you want something. What is it?"

@Ed, not ignoring your concern. Will reply later. Just need to think through why you're confused and the others don't seem to be. You likely missed some of the pre-game conversation, so it might be easiest to (1.) fill you in and (2.) go with you and Sunny's character knowing each other, but not the girls. Will get back to you, but please keep this OoC conversation on the discussion thread.

@Ed, getting back to you now...!

I should probably start by mentioning that *some* of the confusion is intended.

The intentional confusion is that you know a crime is about to occur, and it's bigger than what the city of Rooftopolis normally faces. You didn't know it was "trafficking" until the Nelsons told you, and even they don't know what makes this crime unusual (given what they know of prostitution rings).

In the very first thread of Gameplay, I have a "take one - knowledge" spoiler that tells you what you know coming in game. Please read it. I copy-pasted it below for your convenience.

TAKE ONE Knowledge: Local - Red Lantern Dist., Rooftopolis:
A little background…

Rooftopolis was once a bustling metropolis, until an organization known as Level 426 literally infiltrated the sewers to build an underground empire. Politicians were bought, reputations were slandered, and innocent lives were lost as a multitude of crime families would rise to power, only to be destroyed by the next generation of soulless opportunist scum.

The harborside Red Lantern District, formerly an east-meets-west cultural melting pot, is now a borderland between a tourists’ paradise for thrill-seekers and the slums where residents either join a gang or keep their heads down for the sake of their loved ones.

Shipments come in every Thursday along the docks by the Fu Bar. You know tonight’s shipment is precious cargo with a direct link to a “prince.” You know the prince is connected to Level 426. What you don’t know is what the cargo is, who the prince is, or what he is a prince of.

Someone in this bar does. You’re not really sure about that either, but that’s the word on the street: a ship’s coming in tonight, and the local connection is here.

As to your character's motives for stopping crimes, it's a super-hero-themed game so I expect all players have a motive to stick their nose in villainy's business. "Half" is half of five grand, but the Nelsons seem fairly certain their boss will just pay 1000g each if there are more than five in the group. This came up in-game in this post.


I hope the above helps clear things up. If you have any more questions, please ask. I'll do what I can to help clear up confusion and, hopefully, entertain you.

What I can't do is a full reset. Goditty and Lobster seem to be following along, so to erase all that their characters know would not be fair or respectful to those players. I'd rather just work from where we are.

Some thoughts on where we are on Alastair's side of things:
• Alastair doesn't know Narissa and Henrietta.
• If you want, he could know Sunny's character, or he could get to know the "Mysterious Fellow" by heading to the bar and talking to him.
• If you don't want to talk to NPCs, that won't undermine what I'm doing or bring the game to a halt.

Uhm... just a querstion. We're still on Golarion, right?

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Female Human Eldritch Guardian 2, Gendarme/Vermin Tamer 1| 40/40 HP|

My understanding was that we were not at all on Golarion, tbh

Okay... will be interesting. :)

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Ok looks like most confusion is my fault. Probably been posting while tired. And it is starting to clear up.

Need to re evaluate my character motivations a bit so please be patient with on old time d&d player

I post this in jest... but.....

If we're not on Golarion.... Do I have to change my name?


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