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Congratulations to those who got in. Kurt did say he withdrew though...

Kurt withdrew? I somehow missed that?

EDIT: Sure enough. Well then, that opens up a spot...

Have fun, guys! That's what this is about, after all.

I have fixed the list now! Thanks for keeping an eye on that, Evan.

Ha, of course you'd pick me after I pulled out. :)

I got into a few 2E games and am learning the playtest and didnt figure I can give an AP the time it needs.

If hope you all have fun, sounds like it should be a great time!

Well Kurt, it speaks volumes to the quality of your application and history that I would pick you and totally gloss over the fact you pulled out. :P

I certainly appreciate the compliment!

Enjoy the game everyone!

Congratulations on getting picked, I hope the game goes well!

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