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Game Master Jessica Catalan

A private family game of the Iron Gods Adventure Path.

Paizo Employee Organized Play Line Developer

Welcome to the game!

HP: 68/68 | AC 21 (T11, FF 20) | Electricity Resistance 10| CMB: +11 CMD: 22 | F:+8 R:+3 W:+3 (+2 vs. emotion, pain, continuing effects) | Init +1 | Perc +12, SM +8, Intimidate +20, Bluff/Diplo +1 | Speed 20 ft.* | Hero Points: 3/3 | Active Conditions: None

Hello! I'll be playing Eska. She's a sorcerer whose decent in a fight and hates technology.

Eska had always been a weakling among her people. Scrawny and lithe her Kellid parents thanked the spirits that she was healthy, at least. She was given her departed grandfather’s weapon, a cold iron heavy mace which she could barely lift at the time, and trained in battle alongside her kin. She was a horrible hunter, and an even worse tracker. Thankfully, the spirits of the land blessed Eska, and the Elders could sense magic—a powerful natural force—stirring inside her small form. They gave her a powerful protective charm and her parents rejoiced. But as her powers grew, it became clear she was not blessed. Eska was cursed.

Her magical was not natural. She had become infected by the taint that came to Numeria with the Rain of Stars. Knowing her taint would only spread amongst their people, Eska was cast out of the tribe. She tried to live the live off the land as she had been raised to—a lifestyle that would maintain her honour at least—but she was too soft. Hungry and cold, Eska swallowed her pride and entered a town for the first time.

Over time Torch became her home. She found that here, among these soft people, she was not so weak as she had presumed. She scrounged for food and supplies at the Junkyard, and soon discovered—much to her horror—that she understood more about the bits of gears, tools and technological junk than she was comfortable with. Still, selling choice bits of mechanical parts from the trash earned her some coins, and kept her belly fill. After a few months of scrounging she got work as a labourer, pushing carts and hauling equipment up the Black Hill for the smiths hoping to smelt at the unnatural violet flame at its peak. The work tempered her body, making her stronger and hardier than she had ever been.

Eska has resigned herself to a shameful life in Torch, working and slowly assimilating into a lifestyle that she hated. She hates complicated creations and technology of all kinds, most especially the dreaded robots and constructs that prowl the Numerian wastes. When the purple flame on Black Hill she rejoiced. But after a few days without work she wished it would sputter back up, at least long enough for her to earn enough to eat a heart meal. But, when Khonnir brought a disabled robot into Torch—apparently discovered below the town—Eska found her purpose.

She had to destroy it! And she had to ensure no others lurk below the surface, ready to terrorize her adopted home.

| HP: 11/11 | AC 16 (T14, FF 12) (+1 vs. robots) | SR: 7 | CMB: -3 CMD: 10 | F:+5 R:+3 W:+5 | Init +4 | Perc +3, SM +3 (+7 if MP in head), Diplomacy +1 (+4 if MP in head), Social +1 | Speed 30 ft., Burrow 10 ft., Fly 60 ft. | Spells: 1st: 0/2, Minor Image: 3/3, Sleep: 3/3, Suggestion: 1/1 | At Will: Detect Magic, Invisibility, Pooka Dust | Active Conditions: Invisible (1 minute), Shared Consciousness

I am playing Valeria the Pooka and her dead master!

| HP: 7/7, Ectoplasmic DR 5/slashing | Ectoplasmic AC 14 (T12, FF 12), Incorporeal AC 15 (T15, FF 10) | CMB: +2 CMD: 14 | F:+0 R:+2 W:+4 | Init +2 | Perc +0, SM +0, Social +1 | Speed 30 ft. | Active Conditions: Ectoplasmic


Paizo Employee Organized Play Line Developer

Never mind my post about Eska. I'll be playing Nix instead.

| HP: 10/10 | AC 15 (T12, FF 13) | CMB: +2 CMD: 14 | F:+1 R:+4 W:+1 | Init +2 | Perc +5, SM -1, Bluff +0, Diplomacy +2, Intimidate +2 | Speed 30 ft. | Gadgets: 1st: 2/2 | Inspiration: 5/5 | Active Conditions: None

Nix is here!

Male Elf Ranger 1 | HP: 11/11 | AC 17 (T14, FF 13) | CMB: +3 CMD: 16 | F:+3 R:+6 W:+1 | Init +6 | Perc +7, SM +1, Social +1 | Speed 35 ft. | Active Conditions: None

I am playing this guy!

Male Heavy Horse | HP: 19/19 | AC 15 (T13, FF 11) | CMB: +6 CMD: 20 | F:+8 R:+7 W:+3 | Init +4 | Perc +8, SM +3 | Speed 50 ft. | Active Conditions: None

And this is Houndreti's horse

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