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GameDay VII - August 13th
Maps and Handouts!

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Since receiving the Playtest books, I've put off throwing my GM hat into the ring because I haven't had a chance to play a game with the new system yet - but let's all learn together!

I've decided to run a table anyways, as I'm sure there's tons of people looking to sink their teeth into the new game, and I'd rather facilitate more people playing if I can't as a PC. :P

So, apply in this Recruitment thread here, let me know what you're thinking of playing, and the final selections will be mostly first come, first serve (though those with a link to a valid Level 1 character sheets or statblock will be given more consideration, given the short timeline to Gameday VII), but if there's more potential players that I first expected, I might have to choose players.

NOTE: I'm totally borrowing Shadowtail24's great idea; A good way to make your "application" stand out would be to link three (3) "greatest hits" of other PbP characters - just to give me an idea of your play style. As a GM or a PC, it doesn't matter, but I'd rather give spots to players who are focussed on creating a joint narrative for all to enjoy. :)

Doing the gods' work here, zebeev. I'd like a spot!

Example characters for me are Laiashi the rogue, Evariel the wizard, and (now out-of-commission) Radric Hessel the bard.

Also, I'm thinking either a druid or a sorcerer.

I don't see when you're planning to start.

Regardless, I do have a level 1 character that I used at GenCon (although if I have time, I'll roll up a different character). I don't have that character in a text stat-block form (it's still on paper) but I do have it.

Here are my "top three" previous characters.

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I'd like a space! Mostly GMing Doomsday Dawn atm. I have the idea for a Goblin barbarian, mostly to see if I can get behind the idea.

My Three Characters for display are:




I'd like a space if you don't mind! I'd like to use this fresh human bard, mostly cause the bard feels like a good way to test out some different elements. Little bit of combat, little bit of skills, little bit of support.

As for my greatest hits, I have:

Cypher Starchild

Mr. Monty, The Monkey Monk.

Lily Freefield

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Interested in a playtest with my Tien warrior-poet and cleric of Shelyn Lifeng Hwang

Vine of the People's Resolve


Chak Yuen Chen

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Likely want to test a fighter!

Example of post that I think best represent my PBP style are below:
Brayne hates the outdoors.
Kelumur thinks fast in combat!
Azrael dungeon crawls a secret basement.

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Alton Underbough wrote:
I don't see when you're planning to start.

@Alton: Ah, my bad, I had it in the campaign info, but not in the original post. It's for Session 1 of GDVII, August 14th.

This bodes well -- the first six replies, and all I see are six competent and experienced players! SodiumTelluride, Alton [caps], Sethran, Remus [Mathias777], Michael Hallet, and Batpony, consider yourselves at the table.

Update this thread with any character concepts or discussion among yourselves, and make sure to dot and delete in the Gameplay thread HERE so that you'll receive notifications for when we begin.

Here's looking forward to Tuesday!

Lifeng started out as a character concept that slowly evolved into its current form.

Cleric was one of my favorite classes in just about every version of the game, so I wanted to start with one here.

I tend to play clerics that can fight, buff, and heal but aren't really focused too much on spells that affect enemies.

So what I'm interested in with this build is seeing how well that will work in PF2. You'll notice my Wisdom isn't very high for a cleric (it just has the class boost) but my Str, Con, and Cha are all higher to play up the fighting and healing aspects.

Remus is the twin brother of Romulus, and they both served their time in many wars as mercenaries, both serving as medics and bards in the field. Romulus is currently delving the emerald spire in search of gold and treasure, while Remus has decided to travel the world. He's a gruff sort, but his bagpipes are powerful tools in their own right.

I'm actually have not been to fond of bards in the past, and Romulus was my attempt to make a bard that I enjoyed that could assist others without feeling like all I did was repeat "I play my bard song" over and over again. I want to see if the changes to the system give a bard the flexibility to be more interesting to play without to much overhaul from archtypes and wacky nonsense.

TukTuk of the Red Hand is a poor abused soul *audience is meant to say ‘awww’*. They were caught in Katapesh by slave traders who thought the prospect of a muscular Goblin slave an interesting commodity. TukTuk was chained in Absalom’s Slaver’s row during the ‘Siege of fiends’ around a year ago, meaning a fortunate by product of the Siege master’s decree meant they were free from captivity as long as they fought for the city.

TukTuk hails from a shamanic tribe that worships the Lady of Graves (albeit a little smaller than usually depicted) and fought the Undead gladly, earning their freedom. TukTuk is now loyal to the city of Absalom and spends much of their time trying to harass the guard’s known as the ‘Muckruckers’ to let them join. So far they haven’t been quite successful.

Stats are on a word doc, will input them when i manage to get on my computer next. Spirit Totem Barbarian, with the Nomad background

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Is recruiting still open?
I'm logging off at work right now, but can post something more substantial in 2 hours or so.

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Only three of six have confirmed in response, so right now you'd be the first alternate. :/

Change of plans!

Mellikim was once a druid, empowered by the magic of the forest. Then he found himself in Absalom, where his primal power was something of an oddity. His small size made him an adept sneak, and he became known as the Wild Shadow. As he stayed in the city his connection to the magic of the forest faded, but a part of him still belongs to the wild.

Mellikim is a rogue, with a few druid-like tricks.

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Just to confirm, this is to be played on the boards, here, right?
As I'm not familiar with the Gameday VII reference.

Okay, so I realised I have a large gap between my earliest Pbps and the ones I played recently.
The recent ones are odd, in that I'm playing pregens, to gain xp for a PFS Core PC, so the posts don't reflect the intended final PC.

I do have the following, from a while back.

Half-Orc Oracle avoiding a fight with a group of dockworkers.

My Inquistor in a RotR game, setting the scene to question a captured NPC, trying to avoid unnecessary violence, by fooling him the cave monster guarding Thistletop is still alive.
This was a game which lost its GM, so I took over, and ran till the fight with Nualia, before retiring it.

My Archivist negotiating the party leadership.
This was a highly narrative campaign, where we were allowed to describe events, with die rolling and mechanics kept to a minimum.

For playing style, I prefer to post in-character, first-person, with any out of character asides kept separate.
I prefer frequent, small posts, to walls of text, unless I am in a solo side-mission, or have been designated sole party spokesman.
Smaller posts give others the chance to jump in or riff off what's being said or done.

I'm familiar with Golarion, being here on the boards since the D&D days, and have written in-setting classes, prestige classes, archetypes, songs, and fiction, for the Wayfinder fanzine (links in profile).

I'd like to get some PF2 practice, as most of my group have gone out of town for the school holidays, and I won't get to contribute otherwise.

I'm looking to playtest the monk class, as that has always been one that had issues, in every edition.

I’d like to throw my name in as a potential waitlisted wastrel!

Dread Delgath, very inexperienced wizard, here to serve!

Character post soon.

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Sounds good. If SodiumTelluride or Batpony don't reply by the start date, we'll sub in Snorter and then Dread Delgath if need be.

I'm Mellikim, sorry. The rogue above.

Liberty's Edge

I'm bringing in a half-orc fighter.. I have him down on paper and will have his character up in 24 hours.. I've dotted in the gameplay earlier, sorry bout that!

So it looks like we have a Cleric, a Fighter, a Rogue, and a Barbarian. I want to try a Wizard/Cleric. I'll see what I can come up with.

EDIT: I forgot this was the level 1 scenario. I may roll a wizard, or I may roll a ranger.

Batpony here!

Galonor's dirty stats are up on this profile. I will be trying to tidy it up in the course of the next few days, but all his relevant information should be there.

I have essentially mimicked one of my 1e characters and tried to convert him conceptually into 2e.

Galonor was born of a daughter of a chieftan of the smaller but more backward tribes near to Urgir, where many "pinkskins" frequent for the purposes of trade. The story of his heritage is one of misfortune.

His mother fell into forbidden love with one of the crusaders who making his way past Urgir. The tribal members viewed their love as treachery to the horde and attempted to ambush and murder them when she was with child. The orc chieftan caught wind of the plan and attempted to intercept to save his own daughter, but his arrival late, and blood shed begun. In attempt to save the unborn child, the crusader and chieftan worked together and sacrificed themselves in hope that Galonor's mother would find safer haven away from the horde.

Galonor grew up hearing tales of heroics of father and grandfather, and vowed to take up arms travelling the lands to prove his might, and protect the discriminated. Having grown in a more human friendly environment, he favours the sword as his primary weapon, but continues to learn the ways of orc, using a flail attempting to follow in his grandfather's steps.

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So, looks like we're good to go with;
Lifeng Hwang [Michael Hallet], Human(?) Cleric
Remus Arrowsong [Matthais777], Human Bard
TukTuk of the Red Hand [Sethran], Goblin Barbarian
Mellikim, the Wild Shadow [SodiumTelluride], Gnome Rogue
Alton Underbough [caps], ? Wizard/Ranger ?
Galonor the Brave [Batpony] Half-Orc Fighter

Looks like everyone's present, so the best I can offer to Snorter and dinketry is the first two reserved slots of a future game (I'll likely run this one again or PT-02 Raiders of Shrieking Peak for session two of Gameday VII). Apologies.

GM zebeev wrote:

So, looks like we're good to go tomorrow with;

Lifeng Hwang [Michael Hallet], Human(?) Cleric
Remus Arrowsong [Matthais777], Human Bard
TukTuk of the Red Hand [Sethran], Goblin Barbarian
Mellikim, the Wild Shadow [SodiumTelluride], Gnome Rogue
Alton Underbough [caps], ? Wizard/Ranger ?
Galonor the Brave [Batpony] Half-Orc Fighter

Looks like everyone's present, so the best I can offer to Snorter and dinketry is the first two reserved slots of a future game (I'll likely run this one again or PT-02 Raiders of Shrieking Peak for session two of Gameday VII). Apologies.

I would be interested in raiders if you go for it! And will likely run it myself after I run this session myself..

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That's fine. I'm still working my way through the rules.

GM, could you create a discussion thread please?

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