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Hallo Pirate GM! I'm the first on what will likely be a busy recruitment page!

I'd like to bring Orla Pfeffenpfoller for consideration, a former house-servant (slave) to an Absalom Chelish house. Orla is a twilight halfling devotee of Desna.

A - Twilight Halfling
B - Freed Slave of Absalom (from the Lost Omens Guide)
C - Cleric

Freed Slave of Absalom:

As a recently freed slave in Absalom, you belong to a new, closeknit
social class at the heart of the city’s most important trades.
Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Constitution or
Intelligence, and one is a free ability boost.
You’re trained in the Society skill and the Absalom Lore skill.
You gain the Streetwise skill feat.

If my background isn't available, then she will be an Emissary.

Thanks for consideration! I've not played or read this adventure yet.

Good gaming, all!

It is time to party, 2e style!

Gwemolatta Pelletier

A - Elf
B - Dragon Scholar
C - Barbarian

They came for her family, her verdant home. They came on leathery wings, silent through the night. They took what they wanted, pillaged and fed, then destroyed the rest. They made a mistake: they left her to die, blind to anything contrary to what they thought would happen. She intends to make them rue their pride as they suffer, or be consumed trying - or perhaps, AND be consumed trying. She has had years to recover, study, and grow strong. Oh, and to seethe. The hunt is on; Gwemolatta just needs a hunting party - one that doesn’t mind her obsession.

Good luck, one and all.

I’d like to throw my name in as a potential waitlisted wastrel!

Dread Delgath, very inexperienced wizard, here to serve!

Character post soon.

The same behatted fisherman as yesterday clomps into the bar, a smelly squirming sack slung over his shoulder. He shuffles over to the bulletin board and yanks down the parchment posted the day before. With a tip of his hat to the barkeep, the fisherman leaves.

He comes back in two minutes later to collect the squirming sack he left on the ground, quietly grumbling to himself.

Birthright Betrayed recruitment completed! Thank you, everyone.

A behatted fisherman wanders into the bar, the hip waders and net slung over his shoulder giving away his profession as clearly as the sharp tang of fish guts from the chum bucket left just outside the open door. He clomps over to the cork board by the door, posts a small piece of parchment, and heads back out without lifting his eyes above the brim of his cap.

Now recruiting for Pathfinder Society 09-08: Birthright Betrayed (Please follow the link to submit your character).

I like this - I'd like to see more.

If there's space available at your table, I'd like to play a Shirren Envoy.

I'd be very interested. PM me - we can talk about what I could bring!

I'm very interested...I'll mock up something and get it in soon.

How are you planning on handling the mapping, may I ask?

Hmm wrote:
YOUR lucky charms? I'm the one that looks like a leprechaun!

I would, too, if the lights were on.

Green clovers, pink hearts, purple horseshoes. They all want me Lucky Charms.

Thanks for the opportunity, but I'm going to drop out - just got into a different campaign. Thanks and good fortune, all.



Along with the back story?

Drawing up a new Core Pathfinder Society character currently. I'll use HeroLab and send you the file - where would you like me to send it?

Dot dot dot

Has this been officially put to bed? I can't find a definitive (ie. official) ruling on this wording on here.

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It's not so much happy with Pathfinder as happy with Paizo.

There's no comparison. Customer Service FTW.

*drops the mike*

*walks away*


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Muser, I'm busy, but if you could do me a solid and pick me up a halfling if they have them on sale. One that's mewling and sickly-appearing will do just fine.

Thanks, chum!


Had a VERY close run-in with a TPK with QFP, Part 3. The party had no healer. And, they didn't concentrate attacks on one group of attackers to try to break them - they simply spread out attacks all around, not trusting some of their other preparations to help them.

Had a very 'Seven Samurai' feel to it, though. Super-cool Kurosawa conclusion, I must say.

Sometimes almost-TPKs leave everyone (including the dead dead not-coming back dead PCs) with this shivery crazy-good feeling. So what if they made some rookie mistakes - I think we hooked at least 2 new PFS players with that session, despite killing off their PCs.

And isn't that what it's all about?

I've been using a "Campaign Journal" that I e-publish in serial form to the PCs that emphasizes the heroic and often humorous actions that their characters have undertaken. It seems to have worked so far, as my PCs really enjoy discussing their various roles in the party, as well as keeping the historical timeline of the campaign ever in the forefront of their gaming consciousness.

It's a little more work, but the journal effect is nice.

I often use the Sandpoint Heroes (Shalelu, Ameiko, Sandru, Koya) to act as "parent" to them, but they'll likely take a bigger role in the heroic actions once they hit long treks in the caravan stretch.

James Jacobs wrote:
Dread Delgath wrote:
All forms of were- creatures can pass along lycanthropy, despite that fact that this is not specifically written in certain were- creature descriptions. Correct or no?
Not correct. Only natural lycanthropes can pass it along. Afflicted ones cannot.

Can the natural lycanthropes choose to pass it along (or not)? For example, if a natural weretiger were to bite a victim, could it choose to NOT pass lycanthropy on?

All forms of were- creatures can pass along lycanthropy, despite that fact that this is not specifically written in certain were- creature descriptions. Correct or no?