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The inquisitions of the Third Crusade captured demonic enemies in and around Kenabres, but brought widespread paranoia and the persecution of many innocent souls. This added a new source of fear to an already terrifying war, creating zealots both for and against the leading inquisitor Hulrun Shappok and his cause. In the years since, Hulrun has seen the error of his ways, relaxed his policies, and ceased the witch-hunts common decades ago. Most of his disciples followed suit, but a few remained fervently vigilant for signs of corruption. Fewer still survived the recent attack on Kenabres.

Recruitment is open for 1 Table of Scars of the Third Crusade. This will start in the first session for GD VII on August 13th. I am opening this recruitment a little late, but hopefully get enough interest for 1 table. The table will be either low or higher tier depending on what fills first. First come and first serve.

Please post the following.

Day Job:

A brief description of your character would be of benefit too.

Player: Helikon
Character: Feuerseele
Ifrit Tattood Sorcerer (Fire) 2
PFS: 50731 - 12
Faction: Dark Archive
XP: 4
Day Job: Perform Sing +8

Height: 4' 7"
Weight: 95 lbs
Hair: Deep Red with golden accents
Eyes: Honey coloroued
Skin: Tanned, the colour of milk chocolate

Liberty's Edge

Am I too late? Eh, I'm probably too late. Of course, in a sense we're all too late, unless you listen to me carefully and prepare!

Player: Caro Cogitatus
Character: (The) Herald
PFS#: 106336-15
Faction: Liberty's Edge
XP: 5
Day Job: Preaching in the town square. Not much money in it, actually. Mostly rotten fruit.

Full description in his bio page, but the short version is an older middle age man with little regard for personal hygiene or social skills, usually found in the center of town, preaching some nonsense about the impending arrival (10,000 years from now) of "He/She/It" or "She/They/He" or "It/She/He" (it seems to change every time). He is apparently the chosen herald of this whatever-it-is, but The Herald is attempting to warn us about it rather than help it.

He carries a large shield, upon which is written many, many equations, charts, graphs, poems, drawings, etc. If you watch it closely, sometimes the equations and graphs and such fade into the background, only to be replaced by equally disturbing content.

Whether his tunic is stained with rotten tomatoes largely depends on how long he's been in town.

Thanks for running, GM!

Dang, really would like to join this (is 1 of only 2 I've not yet done in season 5)

But everything I have is level 5.

Not looking to be the high level guy poaching in the low tier game... so will wait to see where it looks like this will fall, tier-wise.

Grand Lodge

Hi! I'll be bringing along my gnome rogue adventure novelist! She's a chatterbox level 2 rogue.

Player: meloriel
Character: Ayla Vivindor
PFS: 276820-6
Faction Grand Lodge
Experience 4
Day Job: Profession Author: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16

Just saw this opening, dotting for a spot. Will post character very shortly.

Fantastic. Looking good so far. Glad to have everyone.

Dark Archive

Jason Rodarte
Caelhal Lantheiran
dark Archive
Just hit 3rd level
courtesan 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (7) + 8 = 15

Dark Archive

This character is a favored of Calistria (hence the archetype) he is a typical Calistirian devotee who is good at what he does. He is pleasure seeker but demons really do draw his ire because of what they have done to Kyonin.

Player: Pathmaker
Character:Finger Middlehammer (Fighter 2) -Apologies for the contemptuous name
Faction:Liberty's Edge
Day Job: none

I created Finger (and his silly last name) as a test bed for an idea in game mechanics, and turns out I really enjoy playing him. Looks like the group is lower tier and in need of frontline meat.

His concept is the NPC rank and file militia that PCs finds guarding gates and milling around on parapets. Finger is the NPC coming into the PC world; a B-side kinda story.

Fantastic. I’ll open up gameplay later so everyone can dot.

Hrmm.. definitely looks low tier.
Guess I'm out!

Liberty's Edge

I'm interested if there's a spot open.

@Qstor you make 6. You’re in. Recruitment is closed.

Liberty's Edge

GM Deekan wrote:
@Qstor you make 6. You’re in. Recruitment is closed.

Thanks. I'll bring my 2nd level tengu paladin and update him tonight. I'm using a GM star replay.

Sounds fantastic. Glad to have everyone.

Sovereign Court

Player: Qstor
Character: Highroost
PFS: 2072-53
Faction: Sovereign Court
XP: 3
Day Job: Profession: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (6) + 5 = 11

Highroost is a tengu paladin from Tien. He's dedicated his life to fighting evil. He was raised by an uncle who was a miller. He spends his free time helping a miller outside Abaslom grind grain and other cereals for local people.

Grand Lodge

Could you please open the gameplay thread? I'd like to dot in so I don't miss this campaign in the shuffle when Gameday starts.

Gameplay is open for dotting

Dark Archive

Good Morning, my cleric got picked for another campaign so I have these 2nd level characters available, a dino druid, a weretouched shifter, a conjuror wizard, a slayer

Bring which ever one you want to play.

Silver Crusade

I like my druid :)

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