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A spark of capability earned their passage into a unique school. Now, trained in the basics, they are sent out into the world to hone their skills.

Apprenticeship. One of the grand markers of your journey to adulthood and prosperity.

Upon being apprenticed, you began training, but somewhere in your apprenticeship your teacher saw a spark of something in you. Perhaps it was a way that you approached a problem, or a random question that you asked that gave them an inkling of this spark. With any other Master, your solution or viewpoint would have been brushed aside, but not this one. They saw its potential and nurtured that spark, coaxing your talent into something that could be directed, and then pointed you in the direction of their path. They spoke of the ability to walk this path as if it were rare— "a talent that came along only once in a while", they said.

You learned the basics; both of the profession that they traded in, and the Other– the theory was difficult initially, but that same spark they were fanning helped you find an understanding. Whether it was an intuitive leap, or a long string of logic, you took your first steps with them as your guide. In some cases they could relate it to your trade, giving you practical examples along with the theoretical examples that they taught to you. Other cases were stories that seemed part riddle, part legend.

Years passed. After guiding you to the best of your ability, they gave you a coin stamped with their mark, and sent you on your way with a letter of recommendation. Your destination? A school. "Refinement and Polish", they had claimed with an amused expression.

Time would tell.

Crunchy Bits:

Pathfinder at its core, I've been poking at the Spheres of Power and Path of War books, and like any grand chaotic idea, I thought "this sounds like fun!". So, with that in mind, I would like to add some practicality to that idea. I'm a fan of storybuilding, so any additions that can be made/splashes of color/little touches of description are appreciated.

I am looking for one more player.

Spheres of Power(Drop Dead Studios) and Path of War(Dreamscarred Press) are in primary play, and any Paizo product is available to be integrated.
Background Skills are in effect.
Elephant in the Room is in effect.
I'm on the fence Automatic Bonus Progression.
I try to post daily, but life is life. I can understand a bit of a lull.

Right now I'm looking for character ideas, using the above premise.

If you are interested, please respond with a character concept, their trade, and a brief background for them. Stat rules will be given on acceptance.

What was this 'Other' profession that our masters traded in? Would we know anything about this school or would we discover everything in play? What level and point buy were you thinking?

Corrik wrote:
What was this 'Other' profession that our masters traded in?

Your masters are masters in their respective craft/profession.

Corrik wrote:
Would we know anything about this school or would we discover everything in play?

A high enough knowledge check may have caught speculation of oddity, but even that is not concrete.

Corrik wrote:
What level and point buy were you thinking?

That will be developed from level 1. Details on creation will be given upon selection.

I guess I'm not quite understanding the premise. Should we come at this like our characters are crafters first? EX: My character is a painter who has never adventured. Or is should they be adventurers as well as crafters? EX: A blacksmith who is as good at using blades as they are at creating them.

Your character concept starts as someone apprenticed to a crafter. From there, follow the initial post.

I believe I see what you're asking after a re-read.

Your character is not an adventurer— or at least they don't start as one, maybe. More than likely they're just a kid from somewhere, that got accepted to be an apprentice to a tradesman. That tradesman (whatever their repute) noticed a spark of talent that they recognized as potential similar to what they're familiar with (Spheres/Paths). So they train you up in the basics of the craft, while giving maybe some preliminary training to see if that potential can be channeled.

In the event it does, they train you in their craft/profession enough for you to say that you were trained by them, and not have that count against them, gave you a coin and directions for another school. No explanation is needed, as you'll see once you got there.

Or, you wouldn't for whatever reason, but that would not be this character.

...A long way to say that your first example is more in-line with what I was thinking.

How does this sound for a character?

Morcrug, the Half-Orc Blacksmithing apprentice.

Morcrug was a wayward orphan wandering the streets of (a city in this setting) when he stumbled his way into the (Smith's name here) Smithy. He asked for food and work, and the tradesman could hardly believe that a wasting boy with hardly an ounce of muscle could swing a hammer well enough to make a weapon, but he let him try it out anyway.
He proved proficient enough, and having an extra pair of hands around would help lighten the ever-increasing load, and thus Morcrug was accepted as an apprentice. While training under (Smith's name here), (Smith's name here) discovered that along with his excellent work ethic and ability to swing a hammer without shattering his arms, Morcrug had a tendency to do something that he too was familiar with. He would watch people, taking care to go unnoticed.
Morcrug's hammer strikes rang true and in time (Smith's name here) would send him away with a coin to go to school.

Morcrug, Half-Orc Stalker(Path of War). Apprentice Tradesman of Craft(Weapons).

vegecannibal wrote:

How does this sound for a character?

Morcrug, the Half-Orc Blacksmithing apprentice.

That's a fair pitch. You've got the craft, the spark of talent, and the handoff.

Me'mori wrote:

That's a fair pitch. You've got the craft, the spark of talent, and the handoff.

What kind of time frame are we looking at for decisions/play to start?

Post-weekend, I'll make a decision.

Morcrug, please join the Discussion thread, and do reference this post, please.

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