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I am the DM for a group of 5 (4 PCs) playing through the Kingmaker adventure path in Pathfinder. We are an established group and have been playing Kingmaker for about 9 months now. We are almost through part 2 of 6 but I am willing to work extra hard to help make a new player feel welcome and up to speed with the campaign.

We're a pretty laid back group and we'd like to find a player that fits in well. Our party breakdown is below. All party members just hit Level 6.

----Elf Alchemist
----Human Sorcerer
----Human Fighter (Archer subtype)
----Human Paladin

We play on Wednesday Evenings from 9PM EST to 11PM EST. On occasion, we reschedule a Wednesday night game to a Monday night game. So someone who is free on Wednesday evenings and usually free on Monday evenings would be preferable.

We use a DM copy of FGII to play the game so you do NOT need to purchase FGII to play with us. We use a TS server that I host from my server in Dallas for voice communications. It's never happened yet, but on the occasion that I screwed something up and my TS went down, we'd probably fall back to Skype or something.

What we're looking for in a player:

----No meta gamers
----No evil characters. Neutral is okay.
----Moderate RPer. We don't take RP very far but on occasion as a DM I will press you on the decisions you make and whether or not they fall in line with your alignment. Occasionally we fill gaps in the story with short narratives/synopses about what our characters were doing for the duration of the time gap. We'd like someone who would participate in these things.
----Someone who can be available 9 out of every 10 sessions. We totally understand things come up and we're cool with that. Still, it's difficult to play the game if everyone doesn't show. This leads to...
----Someone with good communication. I generally send out updates if something goes wrong in scheduling or sometimes to finish off a storyline. We mostly communicate via email now, but some of the more story elements we post on forums which are also run on my previously mentioned server in Dallas. We'd like someone who is going to communicate with us if something goes wrong or if you're going to miss a session or to just participate in the overall narrative.
----Someone who is laid back, not uppity about rules, and who wants to have fun.

I hope that does not come off strong. Our group has been on Pathfinder since early 2014. We moved over from 4e, which we were playing since early 2013. I've been with the group since the beginning and am excited to find a new addition.

If you are interested then please send me a PM or post a reply here. I will likely want to ask you more questions to get a feel for how to proceed.

Thanks for reading!

Hi there, saw that you guys were playing kingmaker so I wanted to join. I am well versed with pathfinder and won't make a broken or cheesy character. RP is hard for me but I am willing to try. I'm on EST. I want to play a Wizard or a Cleric with some item crafting. Maybe a Dwarf.

Hey, I'm sorry I actually filled the slot already. I got a pretty early rush of PMs. If we have another slot open up or if this new person does not work out, I'll be sure to let you know.


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