Wardove's Rumble in the Jungle

Game Master Laithoron

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Baroness: Textiles

Sindariel scowled deeply, not so much at Amelia's revelation as at the question Lureene posed. "The same thing that interests every treasure hunter that braves the Zucktol Wildlands..."

My expedition...

Memories of why she had originally deigned to travel this far south, and how Lureene was so eager to join her, suddenly returned to Alis in a flash. "Tantyra-Në..."

Violet eyes met blue and in them Lureene could see resolve but also worry — not only for Dafar, but for her friend. Looking to her cousin, she finally answer the question that had been eating him, "We need to find that ship and capture the one who aided Avoreen..."


Dwarf Lightbringer

A grin cracks Darvesch's face, "Good plan."

He makes a mental note to come back to these other revelations at a later time. For now, he needed to find the ship that would get us where we need. "Would you like me to procure a ship for our travel?"

The Court Scribe had been recording all of the information attentively. At the same time, thoughts raced through his head:

What are the details of these divination tools to which the noble Kirmoon family has access? I shall have to ask permission later, to examine the details of the images.

How I desire to stand guard beside Lureene. However, my skills might better be applied to the hunt....and my heart burns to accompany this unexpected new friend. Who would have guessed that their former name for me, Naug-elaosen (Dwarf-flanker), would have its meaning transformed from adverse to amiable?

How do the Zucks spell oh bah noh hee? or bow-dock? Until I learn more...

He encoded the words phonetically.

Following the Dwarf's question to the Princess, Arion asked three of his own: "I wonder about the details of Major Hlokenar's wounds, prior to my arrival here. Was it talk of lycanthropy related to his injuries that I overheard?"

"Also, I would suggest I accompany Sir Hellhammer's squad, if documents are required at the harbor. None of us should venture out alone now. Might assumed disguises be in order during our missions?"

And, with a wry smile filled with the lust for the chase from his youth in Ilmarond, he quipped, "And where can we stock up on a hefty armament of SILVER?"

Taking a moment to breathe, Amelia looked up, and started sound like herself again. Hearing talk of going to the harbormaster and Major Hlokenar about his wounds, Amelia spoke up, "Ah'd like ta be goin' but Ah dunno if dey let mi in... Ah'd got a good eye fer dem curses... tho' Ah teenk it'd be best if he's locked up once da full moon comes 'round... ya know, ta be safe..." She paused and looked at Alis and muttered softly to her, "Where would ya like mi goin' yer highness?"

As the Princess appraised the situation, her gaze invariably turned to Lureene and Sasha, both of whom were still dressed in their evening gowns from the night prior.

"Lady Lammontari?"

Baroness: Textiles

"Yes, your Highness? Oh and please, call me Sin' if you prefer. Ours is not the the most succinct of languages, is it?"


"No, no it's not. In private my friends call me Alis, among other things", she muttered the last part under her breath, "all of you are welcome to do the same."

"Now then," she pointed one finger each at Lureene and Sasha, "I don't suppose a woman of your notoriety could do anything about these two, could you? They need to get dressed for battle."

Baroness: Textiles

The older elf nodded in amusement. "My my, well I'm certain I can find something a bit more practical for Lureene. I should also have a few items of... 'sentimental value' that Sasha could make use of."

Sindariel cautioned Sasha's visible excitement adding, "Though they may be a wee-bit tight in the bust — we elves aren't generally so enviously endowed."

Sasha sucked on her bottom lip for a moment as she looked down, regarding her recently-acquired curves.

I guess I am envious– able now...

Suddenly, something of great concern struck her and she looked up, eyes pleading, "Wait, what about you Lissi?"

Alis sighed and rubbed a finger across her forehead.

"Apparently they broke the mold when they made my mother, Sash. Let's stay focused, shall we?"

"Huh?" Sasha looked to Sindariel for a clue, but found the so-called seamstress only doing her best to keep a straight face.

Why are they– I don't even...

Arion smiled at the wit displayed even in the midst of equipping for battle.

I like their style. Strange, that after only one night together, already I can act as Sasha's interpreter...unless, those closest to her have many more experiences with her mind turning towards more carnal amusements.

He bowed as he laughed lightly, "I believe Ms. Nevah wondered what we shall do to ready Your Highness, with arms and armour, for this mission."

Sense Motive (Sasha's question to Alis) 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (7) + 14 = 21

Lureene covered her mouth to hide the spreading smile on her face. "I would not worry about that Sash. I think we should concentrate on being able to...squeeze into our battle dress!" She sighs at the though of traveling again on a ship, as she really hated ocean travel.

"Sin, I hope you take good care of this dress...It has served me well!" She glanced at Arion out of the corner of her eye and recalled the last time she had WORN a suit of armor.

I wonder what Arion would think of THAT?

In a rare moment of demure (or at least confused) innocence, Sasha nodded, trying to figure out what just happened, "Wait, what did..."

At Lureene's comment, her eyes went wide. "OH!"

Suddenly beet red, she pleaded, "No no no, I didn't mean the twins, Lissi, honest! I– just– aww..."

Baroness: Textiles

After taking another sip off of her flash, Sindariel returned it to her pocket. "I'll just get to work on Lureene and Sasha then."

With that's she urged the two along, hands on their shoulders. "Let's get the both of you into some nice old things, and leave the Princess to preside over her nation, shall we?"

While others were moving about and discussing the preparations, as Lureene began to follow after Sindariel, Arion slipped behind Lureene and whispered into her ear, "I had better attend to matters other than assisting Your adornment. The temptation would be too great and You'd just have to take it all off again."

Alis simply nodded to Sindariel, cheeks still flushed as her eyes rolled at the scribe's commentary.

"Thank yooou, Arion..."

Pinching her lips closed with her teeth for a moment, the Princess drew a deep breath, the hand holding her sceptre now resting upon the opposite shoulder so as to ensure better eye-contact with everyone.

"As much as I would like to get away right now, Sindariel has it right — I have a capital to run, and it would be reckless to draw the necessary naval power out of position to accompany me. For all we know this could be a trap."

Darv, Amh, Arion, and Amelia... Okay.

Looking to Darvesh, she said, "Frændi, you already met the Harbormaster last night, and the two of you seemed to get along just fine. Head to the Port Authority and put your investigative skills to good use. Check the manifest, search the bills of lading, and find out whatever you can about the vessel our quarry boarded. We need to know where they were bound, what they were carrying, and who is aboard. 'Red Gar' might be an alias for all we know so be thorough."

Lureene did not respond verbally to Arion's whispered message but it was plain to the two redhead ladies near her the remark had quite a noticeably libidinous effect on her.


Here's hoping Tiniel's zeal hasn't wounded matters...

"Amelia," Alis gaze met the witch's hazel eyes, "may I prevail upon your graciousness again? Harbormaster Corvinus seems to be friends with Marshal Hlokenar and he probably remembers your twin sister too. Would you please accompany Darvesch in case he needs further help with divinations? I'm sure you know the way, after all."

Dwarf Lightbringer

"Will do, Frænka." He replies happily.

Darvesch turns to Amelia with a smile, hand out stretched, making way for the lady to go ahead of him. "After you."

And with a renewed vigor, he leaves the Baroness' estate, with one goal in mind, "I hope Jaro is as forthcoming with information as he was at the party."

As Darvesch and Amelia set off, Alis regarded Arion and Amhranai

And these two... Opposites at first blush, but both hide ghosts... Well, best to let them work it out.

"Arion, you seem to have hit it off with Commodore Gaeros, and I'm sure Master Chief Ardagnir remembers Amhranai's aid. Given your complimentary talents, and connections, I'd like the two of you to get to Arrowhead. Apprise them of the situation and have them ready their fastest ships for pursuit."

As Arion whipped out his quill and began to compose a letter, she continued, "Have them send interceptors west to delay any ships attempting to depart our waters. I would recommend Captains Fingel and Maldrake as we have met and I will be able to scry upon them more easily. Lastly, have them prep the pirate vessel we seized for pursuit. In these waters, most captains should know better than to flee the Freebooters so you may be able to board the Red Gar under the pretense of tribute without alerting out enemy that it is a military vessel instead."

When the scribe held out the tome to Alis to review and sign-off on the orders, she nodded in approval and imprinted it with the magical seal from the base of her scepter. Yet when he went to withdraw the journal, she held on to it until he looked up to meet her gaze. "I have reviewed your records, Arion, and I want to make this perfectly clear. I want Wingilmë's murderer taken alive."

She released her hold on his book, lips pursed as she thought back to earlier.

"I have questions, they have answers, and the people of this city need respite from fear, from terror. " She looked to the priestess of Iscandü, "It may be just a start, but if we can at least show them courage and justice, maybe they will see hope."

A wry smile suddenly caught Alis and she clasped her hands. "I believe you know the most direct way to reach Arrowhead, Amh. Why don't you show Arion a Moon Elf's shortcut?"

As the Princess' question to Amhranai resounded in the arbor, Arion secured his book in its satchel then caught himself exhaling a light laugh at the tacit rationale of teaming with the Moon Elf.

Taking a cue, from one who had kept their spirits afloat with levity throughout the afflictions of the day, her elven courier donned a facetious seriousness and echoed as if to himself,
"The murderer taken...alive..."

He sighed then declaimed, "I have heard there is a first time for everything." Yet a reassuring smile grew slowly as he let the most perceptive person in the Protectorate know it was as clear as The Tear of Súmalya that he understood her imperative.

He almost winked to confirm that he would do his best and said rapidly, "First time for a cause worthy of mythic efforts. After all, Ilmarond may employ multitudes of agents, but we have only ONE Alissariel Kirmoon."

Arion spun on his heels and performed his most decorous flourish towards Amhranai, resolving in a gesture towards their objective and smiling eyes. "If the learned Lady will lead..."

Amhranai was well past the point of rage. Instead, she found that her veins now coursed with ice and a gelid lump had settled in her stomach. Amelia's revelation and the ensuing completion, for now, of the puzzle whistled through the barren tundra that had settled in her mind-places and names were registered for later reflection but, for the time-being, she had other matters to deal with first. The focus of which lie broken on the ground.

How dare he patronize me?! Do I strike him as some fresh recruit, barely capable of figuring out which end of the blade I strike my enemies with? Does he really think I am so inexperienced as to completely disregard a large threat in favor of a smaller, more personal threat? Even after I explained as much not a moment before he deigned to give me a lesson?! Such arrogance! Such ignorance! I will not jeopardize the mission and refuse to work with him outright but I will not proceed further before disavowing him of such petty notions!

Amhranai's face was a frozen mask as she shifted her gaze from the broken twig to the princess, jaw rigid, green eyes flat, lips compressed. Her voice was colder. "We'll do what we can, Alis. The sooner this is over with, the better." Although she never looked at him, it was hard not to question what the elf hoped would pass quicker: the mission or her involvement with Arion.

Ignoring the Sky Elf's flamboyant gesture, the dark-haired priestess moved to where the broken twig lay, kneeling to collect the two pieces before facing the two once again. "Ah Arion. I am no lady and will not suffer being called such. 'Amhranai' will suffice. With that settled, shall we be off?"

As everyone turned to go, Alis snapped her fingers, "Oh of course, how could I forget..."

Shaking her head she added, "Darv, Amelia, I'll rendezvous with you at the Port Authority with Lureene and Sasha. From there, the four of you can take a ferry to Arrowhead and The Avenger. If there's anything you left at the villa, Giles meet us there with it. I'm off to The Enclave to acquire any supplies you might need, so there's something urgent, now's the time to mention it."

After jotting down a quick list from her friends and allies, she nodded and said, "Alright, Port Authority at 2 o'clock and Arrowhead immediately thereafter. That's about an hour. See you soon."

With that, she began casting her communication spells...

Note: Just message me with any items your character would want to pick up before heading out. Alis won't have much time, so the rarer the items, the less likely she'll have time for it. I believe everyone but Amelia has about 15,000 gp to spend. In addition, Amhranai also has yet to tell Alis what she wants to have commissioned as her knightly weapon(s).

Nodding to Alis when she told her to accompany Darvesch, "O' course... Ah'm 'ere ta help..." She told the princess with a short bow of her head.

Eyes turned on Darvesch as he held out his hand and offered for her to go first. She placed her boney hand on her chest and smiled at him, looking as if she was very flattered, because she was, "Why... thank ya, masta Dwarf, are all Dwarves dis polite?" she asked as she took the lead, her staff still being used as a walking stick. "Ah hope dis Harba masta is compliant.. hate ta scare da ansa's outta 'em." she said with a slight cackle in her voice as her and the Dwarf made their way to the Harbor master's place.

Arion saluted Darvesch and the phenomenal woman accompanying the Dwarf.

May the light shine on our weapons together in combat again soon my friend

Amhranai wrote:

"Ah Arion. I am no lady and will not suffer being called such. 'Amhranai' will suffice. With that settled, shall we be off?"

Feeling the storm brewing, the Sky Elf's eyes sobered. With a sincere nod he replied, "Understood. You lead, Priestess, I will follow."

Dwarf Lightbringer
Amelia Echorn wrote:

Eyes turned on Darvesch as he held out his hand and offered for her to go first. She placed her boney hand on her chest and smiled at him, looking as if she was very flattered, because she was, "Why... thank ya, masta Dwarf, are all Dwarves dis polite?" she asked as she took the lead, her staff still being used as a walking stick. "Ah hope dis Harba masta is compliant.. hate ta scare da ansa's outta 'em." she said with a slight cackle in her voice as her and the Dwarf made their way to the Harbor master's place.

"Generally, no, they're not." He answers begrudgingly. "My cousin Ortai, however.. Though he was a little crazy, especially after one of his drinking binges, he was always polite to the ladies." He smiles in reminiscence.

Arion wrote:

Arion saluted Darvesch and the phenomenal woman accompanying the Dwarf.

After Amelia goes ahead, he returns Arion's salute, then addresses the Princess. "Understood, Frænka. We'll meet you and the others there."

Darvesh then departs for the harbor.

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

The two pairs set out in opposite directions. While the elves headed south, cutting thru the colorful tents and stalls of the elven market place, the frail witch lead her sturdy companion east thru Tol Lonnduil's forested gardens.

Although Amhranai's tattoos made her an odd-sight in most regions of the city, here at least it was not so unusual to see a cowled elf flitting about. For all anyone else might have been able to tell by looking at the duo, they might as well have been a ranger leading a young lord on some urgent errand. So it was, each well-versed in moving swiftly without drawing undue attention, that they soon emerged from the trees near the aviary kept by the harbor keep, Lonndenost. Were it not for the bustle of New Viamaré across the river, the myriad songs of the messenger birds and the sight of the keep's tumbled-down eastern tower might well have recollected some ancient ruin — those working to repair it having vacated the site for lunch.

And there, looming in the center of the harbor some quarter-mile to the south-east, was a place Amhranai was now all too familiar with: Arrowhead Citadel.

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

The slender witch, and the broad-shouldered knight seemed an unlikely duo to those who spied their passing, a slinky black cat following in their wake. Still, no one would gainsaid them — rumors of the dwarven warrior having stood in defense of the Princess and to avenge Wingilmë's death had already spread across the isle. Most who saw the two plunging down grassy lanes between shops and homes either nodded respectfully or called out elvish blessings to their valor.

It wasn't long before the two had made it down the isle's eastern slope to the willow-lined lane overlooking the river, Wending Way. Where earlier the Daifiri River had been dim and wreathed in heavy fog, the midday glare coming off it was almost painfully bright as they started off across Sentinel Bridge, the assorted buildings and wharves of the Port Authority arrayed to the south of the span's terminus. Just west of their destination, on a rocky pinnacle, the dwarf could make out the familiar sound of masons toiling on the prison.

Finally, some quie–

A delighted squeal from Sasha interrupted Alis' thoughts as she, Tiniel, and King Tut made their way thru Sindariel's home. When at last they drew close to the sound of the redhead's excited chatter, it came as no surprise that the chamber in which they found her happened to be lined in mannequins wearing suits of armor from various cultures.

It was only a soft giggle as Princess and bodyguard stood looking about that alerted the two to the presence of a cloaked figure in the corner.

That girl...

"Happy Sash'?" Alis asked with a smirk.

Stealth Checks
S 10 + 20 + 5 + 2 = 37 take 10, competence, urban

Perception Checks
A 1d20 + 16 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 16 + 3 = 26 alertness

T 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (14) + 18 = 32

"Uh huh!" With only the faintest whisper of a sound, the huntress slipped into view, pulling down a grey kerchief that covered her face from the nose down. Her tall form was draped in a long cloak that seemed to meld into the darkness. "Check it out, Lissi, Sin' got me all elfed-up!"

Indeed were it not for the lack of points to her ears, in the dimly lit armory one might very well have mistaken Sasha for an elf. Beneath the cloak she now wore, her figure was girded in soft leathers of deep brown worn over a mossy-green tunic. Bracers and greaves there were too, all of them inlaid with braids of copper wire in the pattern of leaves and vines. Strapped to the mottled grey tights covering her shapely thighs were break-away scabbards in the same style. These held a matched pair of long, curved knives the size of shortswords, their curved wooden hilts carved with finger-grooves, guards of hammered copper protecting the knuckles.

Humming happily, the ranger spun about in the ensemble, the soft soles of the thigh-high boots making virtually no sound on the cool stone floor. With the motion, her cloak swirled into the air revealing a back-quiver that opened near the right hip so the act of nocking an arrow constitutes only a small action (mostly behind the back) rather than the more noticeable act of drawing from over the shoulder or from the belt.

"What do you think?" she asked. "Not very piratey, but do I look elfy or what? I bet Ari's going to love it!"

Stealth Checks
S 1d20 + 20 + 5 + 2 - 5 ⇒ (3) + 20 + 5 + 2 - 5 = 25 competence, urban, movement

Even as Tiniel cast a pleading glance at the Princess, Alis merely laughed and smiled. "We'll have to get you some fake ears to complete the look. It's not too tight, is it?"

Elf ears!

Sasha's face lit up at the suggestion, but she shook her head at Alis' question. "Naaah. Well... I mean the cuirass is a little on the snug side, but it's probably better that way. I haven't really gotten used to bouncing around yet so I kind of prefer the girls stay put, you know?"

The Princess gave her taller friend a knowing nod. "Oh I know, trust me."

Even as Sasha grinned and turned, admiring how she looked, Alis pointed to a nearby hallway. "Are El and Sin' still busy? Giles is going to meet us with the rest of our gear at two outside the Port Authority, but we need to head up to The Enclave to get some supplies before you go."

"Ooh, shopping?!" Sasha looked up from probing the many pockets lining the belt that encircled her trim waist. "Yeah, they're in the seamstress...ing studio– orwhateveryoucallit. Come on!"

With that, she took off down the dark hallway, something on her left hand lighting the way in red, until the three rushed into a workshop full of cutting tables, dress forms, and bolts of cloth.


"Efficient, direct. Quite the Urban Ranger, Amhranai. What are Your recommendations for as efficient and direct an approach to the island? Does the hallowed, ethereal King of the Fey and travel grant You as grand a conveyance as his migratory Court?"

How I do wish enemies of the Protectorate would have the decency to reserve their rebellions for more gloomy dates. A beautiful afternoon such as this, by the shores, would have been better spent in exploration and research and...

Arion looked upwards then out towards the deeper waters and sighed.

I suppose there IS no winter-dearth-battle season here. Chin up wayfarer. The native milieu has not failed to stimulate you yet.

"As for myself, I feel akin to the shore birds this lovely day. Khǚzh-Gahëreowsh."

More than they, I have reasons for not flying away in search of better shores.

The elven wizard casts the Spell, Fly, upon himself

Knowledge: Religion 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (9) + 9 = 18

"Ha ha, very funny. Now then, whose fault was it that we got attacked at Light's End, Sash?"

The ranger laughed nervously as King Tut shook a finger at her and Tiniel cast her a questioning look. Further inside the workshop, Lureene stood upon a short pedestal inside a mirror-walled alcove. She was presently clad only in what few undergarments she had the sense to wear, although that state didn't seem to trouble her over-much. Nearby, Lady Lammontari was stripping the clothes from a dress form, a measuring tape slung across her shoulders.

"Any luck?" Alis asked.

Eyes trained on the citadel, the priestess ignored her companion. She had considered and re-considered what to say to Arion while they journeyed across the city and was still unsure which tack to take with her fellow elf. Who knows what repercussions will come from what I'd really like to say? On the other hand, why should I worry so much? With a snort, the elf leveled her green eyes on the scribe, who had just cast a spell.

"Tell me, Arion,"Amhranai said, holding up the broken twig between them, "were you given lessons in pedantry along with everything else? You think I don't know how this Betrayer-kissed lunacy works?! I've been the individual, broken like this twig, many times in the past. Broken by the deaths of my friends! Broken by my helplessness and inability to help them! Because their deaths meant more of us lived, or so our commanders told us. Didn't always work that way. I don't need a pedantic, patronizing, sycophantic and golden-tongued Sky Elf to remind me about any of this!" She threw the twig in his direction, not caring where it went. "Also, I don't care how many flowery words you throw at me, I'm not falling for the prim and proper elfling act, so drop it. I'm almost 200 years old now and have little patience for needless foolishness. Understood?" Before he could answer, Amhranai continued: "Now then, I have a key for an entrance to the basement, but seeing as the citadel isn't under siege, we might as well just walk through the front door. Fly if you wish, I think I'll walk."

Interesting indeed, if it pulls my attentions away from my reverie enough to note the content.

As Amhranai prepared to walk, Arion studied her more closely, asking, "Do You mean that You were in the military? I did not know that."

Many thoughts passed through Arion's mind rapidly before he drew himself back to the present and began to follow her lead forward.

"I actually have great re...perhaps some day I can explain my gratitude for those who serve on the battlefield for others..."

What horrors she must have survived - like the five who gave their lives to free me from that...

"That is the crux of the matter though. The High Elves ARE Nobility. We are the Royalty of this world. It would be acting, for me, to stoop to the acrimonious bestiality of lesser cultures. Already I am forced to communicate in this...barbaric Estorian vernacular."

As he spoke, he found himself rising ever higher and drifting out over the waves, looking down upon the features of the land. Those busy about the harbour began to appear as smaller animals. But then Arion got the better of his ire, began to descend and took a deep breath before saying, "From the first I wondered how one who is supposed to be among the High Elves could have been drawn into such...
I sought only to reach out to someone I thought had been mired and entangled in the filth of the outsiders' hamlet squalor, as I had been for far too many years. No matter what led You to this state, in those two centuries, the fact of Your military service overrides any former perceptions; and I honour You for assisting MY new family. I meant what I said earlier. Help us and I will do all I can to help YOUR family, or friends, here."

"We were attacked, 'Lis? I thought it was just a family get-together." Lureene quipped. "Although considering who Sash's relatives are, we should bring extra guards in addition to extra refreshments!"

As she watches Sindariel working, she asks "Are you sure this dress will hold up under battle?"

Baroness: Textiles

"Luck..." Sindariel repeated as she tried without success to squeeze Lureene into a corset designed for a much less shapely woman. "Well, I suppose we are lucky in that Lureene has not yet been suffocated by efforts to clothe her in attire that can accommodate her wings..."

With a sigh, she loosed the golden beauty from a corset that had Sasha biting her knuckles before groaning in frustration as the next one she held up was much too long to fit. For several moments, she paced back and forth before her gaze fell upon an old chest that was all but buried under bolts colorful silks. "Hmm..."

She said nothing but instead had at it, dragging the heavily carved antique into the open, cloth spilling everywhere as it scraped across the floor. When at last it was free, she opened it to reveal a riot of colorful silk scarves and large cotton squares printed with intricate designs. With a triumphant "AHA!" she plucked free what appeared to be a wall-hanging comprised of intricate geometric designs silk-screened in silver and gold upon a rich blue cotton.

Quickly returning to the succubus, she motioned for Lureene to raise her arms while passing the fabric behind her back, just below her wings. "Now then, they may not have had wings, but the women of Hadirahk could still appreciate the need to keep cool without quite going naked. I'll just cross the ends over your chest aaand, hold your hair out of the way, dear, knot it behind your neck."

Stepping back, she regarded the make-shift outfit and rubbed a finger along her lip as she thought. "It needs more shape and you need more support!"

Casting about, she snapped her fingers upon discovering a lengthy scarf woven from a gauzy gold material. "Keep holding your hair..." The tall elf proceeded to the soft scarf behind Lureene's neck, allowing it to drape forward over her shoulders until she was able to get it centered. Once she had, she held her hands out to the side, indicating for Lureene to do the same. With the scarf hanging like an absurdly long stole, she brought it thru the front of Lureene's armpits, down past her wings, and crossing back to the front again just below the level of her bust, whereupon she knotted it in the center, forming a long, drooping bow. With both hands (and much giggling from Sasha), she jiggled the front until it fit snugly, forming an empire waist.

"There, how does that feel?" she asked.

"She looks like a present!" Sasha chirped.

"Please tell me, we shall not be unwrapping Lady Ourson anytime soon, Highness," Tiniel pleaded.

"Not completely anyway, just..." Walking forward, Alis crooked a finger for Lureene to hop down before untying the knot behind her neck and allowing the fabric to drape down before scooting the whole affair up a bit higher beneath the curve of her breasts before retying it.

"There, that's better," she said with a nod of satisfaction. Winking, she added, "Just be certain to wear some pantaloons or bloomers underneath so you don't distract the crew when you take to the sky."

Lureene flexed her wings experimentally and nodded in satisfaction. "Yes, Sin this will do quite nicely. Thank you!" She decided to leave her hair pinned up and motioned for Sindariel to help her with the hair, so as to keep it out of her face should she decide to take flight.

She gave the redheaded huntress a grin belying the sultry look in her eyes. Facing Tiniel she could not help but smirk slighly. "Sorry Tiniel, I dooooo believe Lord Arion has that honor...but it is not polite to talk of such things outside of the bedroom!"

She laughed at Alis' comment. "Soooo, these undergarments are not appropriate? Very well, I should be able to find something which won't reveal TOOO much!"

"Politeness isn't what concerns me," she said with a sigh, "and please do not–"

A sharp look from Lady Lammontari cause the words to catch in her throat. "Forgive me, I speak out of turn."

"Alright," Alis clapped her hands together, "let's hurry to The Enclave as see if there are any potions, wands, or rings and things that you need."

A gasp of excitement from Sasha brought a raised finger from Alis. "And Lureene, Sasha? I don't mind that you have amorous intentions for Arion, but this is no game. Keep it in the bedroom and don't distract him from the task at hand, I mean it."

Lureene nodded soberly, as she realized they were pursuing an unknown foe, one who was capable of summoning her Mother to this world. A dangerous foe, indeed.

"Yes, Alis. I will not distract him." She turned to gaze meaningfully at Sasha, "And same for you Sash!"

"Who, meee?" As the other four women leveled their gazes at her and King Tut pointed at her with a knit brow, the huntress pouted and acquiesced quietly with a begrudging, "Oh, okay..."

So it was that they regrouped to Alis' carriage, moving swiftly northward amidst the protection of the royal guard.

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