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Amelia gave Sasha a sad smile as the girl started to laugh to cover up her own embarrassment. "Really... Ah didn' want none o' dem ta tag in... ah know what is like, yer not dumb gurl." she comforted and looked towards Lureene who thanked her for the apology.

"Ah know... ah'm use ta bein' treated badly too... bein' a witch an all dat." she said and moved closer to them, smiling at them, "I teenk we all gotta lot in common... an' we're all a lil' strange." She said, hoping the two girls would catch on that she was trying to say that she would like them all to be close and have no bad feelings, strange people did best when they stuck together anyways. "Next tiem dey try ta join in, ah be shuttin' dem all up fer ya gurl...

Amelia had made her way to the cabin where Sasha and Lureene had holed themselves up. She knocked softly to let them know she was there, but without waiting she cracked open the door and smiled at the unnaturally beautiful enchantress and the feisty huntress.

"ello gurls..." she said softly an closed the door behind her, "ah wanted ta aplagize fer da babe eatin'... Ah jus' wanted ta make ya a lil' green gurl... Ah dun eat babes." she told them, looking between the two of them, a soft friendly smile.

Amelia listened to him once more and nodded her head at his request for guidance if they needed it. It was amusing in a way, some of these people who she was now traveling with, probably many decades her senior, looking to her for help. But that mattered very little, everyone needed guidance every now and then, she had been doing the same when she recived her powers.

"I will do my best to give any advice or guidance you and the others seek.. I assume that is one reason I was brought along... My knowledge of the jungles and wildlife."

She took a couple steps closer to the elf man and looked him in the eye, and with a light hand on his upper arm she smiled at him, "ye'll be a good fahder one day ah can tell.." she had notices how Lureene and Sasha had both put their hands on their stomachs when 'baby eating' was brought up, and then the longing look he had towards both of them. She didn't judge, just told him how she felt, and after another pat on the arm she walked away from him to go explore more of the ship.

Amelia was pulled from her thoughts when the elvish man called out to her in her native tongue and asked her about her abilities. She slowly turned around and looked at him with a look of wonder on her soft young features, but curiously strange, deep cat like eyes.

"My magic, my power... I can talk to the trees, I can speak with the animals, I can even take their form if I so choose, and I can summon them to my side if I need. But my real power, Master Elf, is in making sure, our enemy is at their weakest, finding that weak spot in their armor, makin' it known to the world... my magic is no mystery. Only where it came from."

There was a light wink as she turned and looked towards him more, "Why 'd ask, boy?" She quirked a dark eyebrow, the smile never leaving her face.

Amelia had already had enough of the joke, just wanted to make the girl a little green, not expecting it to carry on as it did. She had stepped away so that she could stand near the side railing and simply watch the ocean as the ship sailed.

She didn't bother to look back, she was more content with looking ahead. She stood there quietly a smile on her face as she was seemingly, lost in thought for the time being.

Amelia looked at the cauldron that Sasha motioned too and then asked her if she was going to cook babies in it made her quirk an eyebrow, though a grin quickly spread across her face. "Ya be havin' any dat Ah could throw in dere gurl?" She asked, obviously teasing, she had no idea who the cauldron belonged too, but Sasha made it fairly easy to pick on her and it was open for her, how could she pass it up?

"Babe is quiet good wit a lil' bit o' rosemary sprinkled on top."

Amelia chuckled a bit when Jaro was asking if they were looking for an assassin. "Ah, no, we be lookin' fer a summoner. Da man we be lookin' fer summoned a demoness... It wouldda been 'bout three hours ago." She told him, her tone serious, though her composure was fairly relaxed. "dat'd be who we be lookin' for."

Amelia listened as the Harbor master swore and told his men to get it together. It was almost amusing to listen to them put together the information that they had given them only to come up with something new.

"Could very well be... da spirits arn't always da clearest." she explained with a smile, looking down at the dwarf that was accompanying her, wondering if he thought it could be what they were looking for as well.

Amelia just kept her eyes on him, giving him that eerie grin as the man obviously tried to get himself out of hot water, though for the most part, he wasn't in it, she just liked him to think he was. "Tank ya mi boy... Dough, if ya be wantin' a proper lati, youz best be lookin' in places where proper lati's are." she told him and walked inside of his office when he let the two of them in, her shorter companion again letting her go first.

Amelia looked around the harbormasters office, still curious as ever as she made her way to his desk and ran her fingers over the wood material that it was made out of. A soft sigh left her, as if she was in a different world, not completely listening to Jaro, but she had heard everything he said. "We be lookin' fer a ship... an' youz bein' da harbormaster... have ya heard o' a ship, the Red Gar? or maybe, sometheeng close ta dat?"[b] She asked, turning hazel cat like eyes up at him, [b]"Cuz, boy, ya might be harborin' a dangerous man... and we's be needin' ta find 'em."

Amelia couldn't help but wonder, by the look on this man's face, if he had done more than meet her sister. Her dark eyebrow raised high as he about called her the B word, she could help but chuckle at him. "If Ah be lookin' familia to ya boy, is because mi sista is da heavier set twin." she explained and took a step closer to him, giving him a very stern look.

"Ya should neva be callin' lati's 'skinny bi-' even if ya didn't finish dat sentance. But dun worry, we ain't be lookin' for da good Marshall... we be lookin... fer joo..." She said giving him a toothy grin.

Nodding to Alis when she told her to accompany Darvesch, "O' course... Ah'm 'ere ta help..." She told the princess with a short bow of her head.

Eyes turned on Darvesch as he held out his hand and offered for her to go first. She placed her boney hand on her chest and smiled at him, looking as if she was very flattered, because she was, "Why... thank ya, masta Dwarf, are all Dwarves dis polite?" she asked as she took the lead, her staff still being used as a walking stick. "Ah hope dis Harba masta is compliant.. hate ta scare da ansa's outta 'em." she said with a slight cackle in her voice as her and the Dwarf made their way to the Harbor master's place.

Taking a moment to breathe, Amelia looked up, and started sound like herself again. Hearing talk of going to the harbormaster and Major Hlokenar about his wounds, Amelia spoke up, "Ah'd like ta be goin' but Ah dunno if dey let mi in... Ah'd got a good eye fer dem curses... tho' Ah teenk it'd be best if he's locked up once da full moon comes 'round... ya know, ta be safe..." She paused and looked at Alis and muttered softly to her, "Where would ya like mi goin' yer highness?"

Amelia, who looked to be in some kind of pain or having inner turmoil looked up as Lureene approached her. She listened to her words and gave her a short nod. "Dem fools teenk dey be powerful enough ta control someone like 'er... is very possible she be foolin' dem ta teenk she be on dere side..." Amelia said and slowly lowered her hand, glad that the voices in her head had started to quiet down.

While Amelia didn't like that Tinel seemed to be on edge, along with everyone else, she just gave the woman a cold look and said nothing to her, the smile that she once had completely gone at this point. While she listened to Alis seem to take insight from her vision, she was glad that it could help complete the puzzle that Alis had started. She was also interested to see more of these tarot cards she had and she could show her how bones worked.

Though as the conversation went on, Sindariel looked to Amelia for answers. A moment of silence from the witch, it was almost painfully obvious to see the changing looks in her eyes as she drew memories from a man much older than herself.

"Ah, yus, dem Obanohi be dealin' in some dark stuff... ya see, dey brought disease and ruin on dey own selves, forcin' dem ta draw upon majic dat no man should eva explore...."

Her tone and look grew dark as she took a step away from Alis and used her hands to speak, getting into the story she was telling them.

"Dey split da blood of beasts upon dere alters, and bound that soul with dere warriors, makin' dem into horrible creachas... Ah believe yer people be callin' dem 'werebeasts' or lycanthropes... " She explained and lowered her head, looking up at all of them, "But da tale dun end dere... ya see, the Obanohi grew desperate when da elves came ta help da Dafari people... dey turned ta an even darka majic, dey started ta kill dere warriors and bring dem back into sometheeng we call, da Bo-dak... some say dey were possessed by da souls o' demons..." She said and put a hand up to her forehead, closing her eyes as she straightened her back, looking like she had some kind of headache. Inside, there were strange voices all speaking to her, and it was hard to sort out what was going on outside of her head at this point.

After a moment, one hand still on her head, the other, she pointed a thin finger at what the other's thought was a totem and scoffed at it, "Dat Figurine is da same thing the Obanohi used ta turn dere boys inta Bo-dak."

Amelia could tell as soon as she walked in that tension was high, the smile on her face dimmed slightly as she searched everyone with her strange hazel colored eyes. She took a step closer to Alis and place a thin hand lightly on her shoulder.

"Deer deer gurl, we be findin' where dis person lie soon enough." She told Sasha and then looked to Alis once more, hoping the hand on her shoulder was some what comforting.

"Dey be tellin' me, 'If you seek, but do not find,
The one who summons demonkind,
In red gar's belly upon the brine,
Is where that one will sleep and dine.' ... we be full o' intelligence 'ere, so Ah'm sure we'll get dis in no time.."
she said, obviously having confidence in everyone working together, since, they needed to stick together and depend on each other now, not fight amongst themselves.

It was nice to have peace and quiet, it was hard to concentrate when everyone was speaking back and forth. She realized that it was necessary, but it made her job harder, and kept the spirits away.

Now, she had a dimly lit room, filled with pungent smelling incenses, candles lit around the corners of her tanned hide cloth. The pile of ash in the middle of the intricate design on the cloth, bones spread out across the hide. Her eyes were closed as she chanted softly to herself in her native tongue, pleading to the spirits to hear her call and give her an answer.

To some, this process would seem like it takes forever, but for her, it was just a matter of seconds, at least it felt like seconds to her. When she opened her eyes as the table to start to rattle, she sat in place, keeping her eyes focused where the cloud of smoke and ash were combining into a hairless, eyeless head.

It spoke to her, "If you seek, but do not find,
The one who summons demonkind,
In red gar's belly upon the brine,
Is where that one will sleep and dine..."

After a moment, Amelia broke eye contact with the spirit who spoke to her as her eyes rolled back and she collapsed to the ground from her sitting position. Amelia wasn't sure how long she had passed out for, but it probably wasn't more than a couple of minutes. Pushing herself up slowly,she quickly wrote down in the ash with her finger what the spirit had told her, not having a quill or ink near by. Then finally stood up and headed outside to find her companions.

Once she was able to track the lot of them down, she grinned a toothy grin, "Da spirits have spoken ta mi friends... let us figure out da puzzle we 'ave been givin'."

Happy to see Alis had understood her intentions, and let it known to everyone else that she meant no one there any harm. A smile spread across her lips as Amelia once again went back to her relaxed stature and let out a soft sigh.

"Aye, we all be friends 'ere... no need fer any o' us ta be stranger's anymore." she spoke warmly, the smile still on her face as she nodded her head to her new companions.

Amelia had been minding her tongue and listening to the chatter of others, though it was painfully obvious that there was a lot of mistrust and wary feelings towards all those who were new, mostly herself. Though she didn't feel awkward, she had always been the 'out cast' or the 'strange one', it was just obvious she needed to let these people who she wanted to call her companions in the near future, know she was on their side.

When the princess spoke to her, hazel eyes, with wide cat-like pupils that seemed to dilate when her gaze turned towards her. Amelia listened to the princess's poor, and simple Zuck and stood a bit taller, using her staff to straighten herself, fingers touching her own chin. The thin framed witch took a step closer to her, but not in a threatening way, more curious than anything.

"One who travels far learns much, learns to tolerate, and learns to appreciate what one can't understand. That is a kind of love that a lotta people can learn from..."
she spoke softly, her eyes locking with Alis.

While her words of love and tolerance were for those to know her intentions were good, the thoughts that seemed only Alis could read were very clear. "I want to help this land heal, there is so much hate, and war... I've been given power from a wise old man to do just that, you needn't worry, princess, my intentions are as good as yours."

SM roll:
E 1d20 + 25 + 3 + 20 ⇒ (2) + 25 + 3 + 20 = 50 alertness, feat of wisdom

Amelia watched Lureene's inner battle and come back with a sweet reply to her humble request. A soft smile spread across her lips and there was a gentle nod when the summoner moves closer to her to whisper her request. "Of course, gurl, dat was da intent..." Amelia had planned to tell everyone of the princess's circle what she could find, it could lead them down an interesting path since it seemed to her she had been summoned here.

Amelia put her hand on Lureene's shoulder and again whispered to her as she was starting to pass by, "Ya keep bein' strong gurl, yer tough inside, Ah can feel it." she said offering words of comfort and encouragement to the young enchantress.

Amelia nodded towards those in thanks once more and made her way back to the pile of ashes, pulling out a glass bottle and a wooden spoon to scoop it in with, not want to get her fingers on the substance just yet, wondering if there were any bones left, those would help her as well if she saw any just glancing over it.

I am kind of back, gonna do some back tracking and then catch up~

As the demon woman turned to a pile of ashes, Amelia let the arcane magic she was holding onto simmer down. Her muscles slowly releasing their tension as things seemed to officially be 'over', for now. Her hazel cat like eyes stared at the pile of ashes. Those could be useful for divination, maybe even figuring out why that awful being was there in the first place.

Though, it seemed like a good idea to ask the girl who seemed to be the daughter of the creature. Amelia put on a more neutral expression as she headed towards Lureene and Alis, know it was probably necessary for them to actually introduce themselves to one another. She used her staff as a walking stick for the most part, though she had no limp, it was just easier to use it as that, then for her to carry it on her back.

As she made her way to the two of them, the dark skinned woman curtsied for the two of them. "'ello, dere gurl... ya mus' be da princess's retaina we were gonn' be meetin' here. Mi name is Amelia Ech-" Before she could continue introducing herself, a thin hand that was surrounded in thick, but tattered looking lace extended half-way out to her when she heard her sisters name being shouted out by a crazy cat creature with horns.

A smile on her face as she realized who she was, "Ah, ya mus' be Shea... mi sista has told me a lota 'bout ya too, gurl." she said grinning as Shea paused at the sight of her Ocelot, who perked up at the sound of being mentioned. "Be nice ta mi kee-tay gurl, and da two of ya can go play close by." she suggested and waved the two of them to roll together if they wanted near by.

Looking back towards Lureene and Alis, she smiled again, "Amelia Echorn... Ah be wantin' ta help ya gurls wit da problems in da city." After a short pause, Amelia's eyes turned back towards the pile of demon ash and then back toward the obviously good aligned demoness. "Ah be wonderin' if ah could be gettin' any of dat demonic ash... ya see, Ah'm a seer, and Ah could be usin' dat ta get us a good idea why she be on our plane of existence... but, she's yer muthda and Ah'd undastand if ya be wantin' me no where near her." she said, giving Lureene a respectful hand gesture to make up for the one she had been robbed of when Shea took notice of her.

Amelia listened as the spirits guided her and pointed her the right direction of how to deal with this creature. "Divine magic is da key mi friends!!" she shouted towards everyone as she headed a couple feet closer to where everyone was so they could hear her.

Amelia watched as the illusion of Sindariel faded away as demoness appeared above them. Well, this wasn't good, Winglime was now gone and the crap had hit the fan. The witch kept her eyes on the winged demon queen and with her eyes still on her, turned back and headed to safer ground, not wanting to be in range of any area effects this woman could cast down on them.

Once she was near the tree that Amhranai had just left, the Witch knelt down, reaching into her robes and pulled out some old bones of a small creature. Old one's guide me, what can be done about this she-devil...? She muttered inside of her head and scattered the bones by her feet.

Moves to AI 9
Casting a Divination spell, GM's permission.

Amelia turned her head when the princess had, it had been strange to be in the town, she normally stayed in the outskirts where she lived. There were so many elves and half-elves, but most of them were white. A smile spread across her face as Wingilmë came out with two of the princess' female allies on each arm, for the most part, making beautiful women look plain.

How interesting. The witch had heard rumors of this woman being not entirely of this world given her name meant "water nymph". It caused the witch to press long bony fingers against her chin as she studied the unworldly creature as Alis seemed to have a moment with this woman.

"How very interesting, indeed.."

When Amelia had her staff back, she thanked the man who returned it to her and kept it in her hand as the wild woman turned her attention towards Alis once more when the woman spoke to her.

Hazel colored eyes seemed to brighten up as she mentioned an elvish bath house. Her sister had been to one before, and had told her about it, but she had never had the pleasure of doing so. "No, but, Ah would very much like to visit one, mi sista went once, Ah was told nothin' but good t'eengs about dat place." she said, not doing a very good job at hiding her excitement to see new things.

Amelia was honestly surprised by the Dwarf's interest in her, and her people. She had heard stories that they were surly people who drank a lot and were scared of the sky, but of course, those were just stories. "Den ya won't be da only one who is lookin' forward to learning more about new people and new cultures. Ah have neva met a dwarf before..." she told him, honesty and interest also high in her voice as she looked over him once more, simply curious.

"We all be havin' much ta talk about and share wit each other."

Amelia turned her eyes towards the Dwarf who was accompanying the princess and gave him a toothy smile. To her, it was interesting to see a Dwarf out this far, there weren't many that she had ever met, and the fact that they were honor-cousins, made him quiet interesting to her. She simply nodded to him.

While Amelia did not completely understand formalities with royals, she was at least pleasant enough, or at least she tried to be since some found her unsettling. She would have to ask her sister about how this all worked, or maybe even ask the princess herself to assist her with how royalty was treated in her homeland.

"Of course, Ah would love ta." she said, finally lowering her hands as she turned slowly to take her leave with both the princess and her honor-cousin.

Amelia smiled at the man who escorted her in, as if he brought her out of her train of thought for the moment. Walking into the grand hall, her ocelot at her hells, the witchy-woman, dressed humbly in what was once a lovely dress, but time in the jungle and down to earth has left the outfit looking worn, but still loved.

Amelia took in everything around her, and finally took notice of Alis, ah yes, she was the one from her vision, wonderful. With a respectful curtsy, the half-elven woman smiled at her, appreciating the princess for at least learning their language, there were some nobles that cared not for the language.

"Ya must just be learnin' da Zuck language, yer accent is very thick.." She pointed out for her, her tone sweet, and offending. "Ya can be usin' common with mi, gurl, which eva is more comfortable for her highness." With another curtsy to continue to show that she was doing her best to not offend the princess, she was giving her the wanted constructive criticism she seemed to be looking for.

"Mi sista, gave mi dis here letter, tellin' mi dat you be wantin' to see, Amelia Echorn, it just so happens, Ah've been wantin' ta see ya just as badly..." she said, a wise look in her eyes. "Ah am under de impression, ya be needin' my assistance, just as much as Ah need yer's, yer highness..." she said holding out long fingers, only to curl them back to her and tap her chin with them, an amused look on her face.

1d20 + 15 ⇒ (6) + 15 = 21

Amelia mused at the idea of her sister dealing with a stuck up noble elf, "Nah, just t'eenk, ya got da patience o' a Saint ta put up wit dat boy.." There was a soft giggle "Ah can turn him inta a frog if ya be wantin' mi ta sista~" she teased, which put a smile on Amoya's normally stoic face. Goal accomplished.

"But don't ya be waitin' on mi, I t'eenk yer gonna have ya hand's full today." She said, looking out the window, as if there was something going out there.

"Ah'll be seein' ya around Amoya, don't have too much fun." She said after her sister was fully dressed and cleaned up. Her thin frame seemingly floating to the door to take her leave. Her dear sister, not too far behind her, but when they left, they went different directions from each other.

Amelia was in the middle of tightening her sister's armor when she heard that she had something for her. A piece of paper?

Releasing her hold on her sister, she took the paper, her hair making soft clicking sounds as beads and bones knocked into each other. "Oh, what is this?" She replied back in the same language. Her hazel eyes looking over the letter, reading it.

"Oh, so da princess wants ta see lil' ol' mi? How convenient."Amelia said with a chuckle as she folded the paper back up and stuck it into the opening of her dress near her arm. "It seems Ah will not havta be waitin' for dat elf girl ta show up den." She mused out loud, mostly to herself.

Long boney fingers moved to her sisters hair, while her own dreads seemed wild and almost unkempt due to the fact that there were all sorts of bones, feathers and beads tangled in. It seemed to have some organization to it's chaos. Though she knew her sister had a different look, a more clean and professional look. She liked it, and always helped her kept her hair nicer looking than her own.

"You gotta do anymore of dat investigating for da good Marshal?"

"Dat's 'lright girl.. and yes, dat is what Ah be sayin'.." she said quietly and slowly lowered her hands from their crossed position.

"Den you an' Ah 'ave a lot more in common den ya realize...As for da food or bed, no thank ya... Ah must be on mi way back ta Chukwuebuka.. she is in nee of mi assistance, if ya know whaddi mean." she said with a small chuckle, pretty sure Amhranai had NO idea what she meant, but that was the fun of it.

With a small nod of her head, the dark skinned woman made her way to the door like a ghost. "Ya can find me dere girl when ya get up in da mornin'." And with that, the voodoo woman turned back into a rather small black panther and ran off, another cat, smaller than she was, tore out after her from its hiding place as Amelia took her leave.

Amelia shook her head, realizing that the Elven woman was confused as to where she was from. Sometimes, it was hard to think clearly on where she was really from since she had obtained the old shaman's abilities. Putting a thin hand to her forehead she let her eyes stay down casted, "No Amhranai... Mi home is Port Eldarion... These are da problems Ah know. Ah am here ta help you girl..." She said looking back up at her.

"Though... meetin' dat princess girl... was on mi ta-do list... Ah can't jus' walk in dere ta hold an audience wit her. No one trusts me..." She said quirking a dark eyebrow at the elf to extend her point to the woman who obviously didn't trust someone that lived close to her for ten years.

"Yes... it'll do." The witch muttered as she stepped inside and moved around the small hut, curious hands gliding over things, but not actually touching them. "Though yer hostility is unnecessary..." She could practically feel how uncomfortable Amhranai was with her in the room.

"Ah wanted to congratulate you on yer knighting..." she said, turning hazel eyes up to her finally. "And yes, Ibeamaka... she is a woman of a far off tribe in da jungle... Ah sought her out when mi sista was needin help. And now, mi home is needin' help... and mi guidance has led me to see you, da one dat knighted ya,da rest of dem dat yer wit girl... they were very vague and faded in mi vision..." She explained as she moved close to Amhranai again, her long, tattered looking dress sweeping over the floor, making it look like she was gilding instead of walking. "ya and yer friends are da hope for the future, and Ah want ta help." she whispered to her.

Amelia smiled at Karaka who pointed out her ability to shape-shift and waggled her fingers at him, "Da old Shaman Ibeamaka passed away an' gave un her power to mi. But Ah am here on friendly terms. Ah mean no harm, Karaka... At least, no one has given mi a reason to harm anyone yet." She said chuckling darkly at her own joke.

The sleek black cat slowly started to shift in the darkness of Amhranai humble home. A smile spread across the wild woman's face as she took a couple steps towards the light so that Amhranai could see that she wasn't who she originally thought she was.

She moved a hand that was covered in tattered lacey cloth that was woven between fingers close to her cheek and pressed a finger against her skin. "What Ah've come to ya about is not for da ears of others... And are best kept in private." she said with a eerie grin, her Zuck accent heavy on her words. "Do ya have a spare moment?"