Wardove's Rumble in the Jungle

Game Master Laithoron

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Oh El...

"A fair price," Alis commented. "Tiniel, if you would count it out please."

As the Princess' handmaiden quietly obeyed, she looked over the list of items Arion had compiled from the others. Absentmindedly she asked, "Elendreth, would you know whatever happened to the scrying devices from the palace? It was rather disappointing to see that they were missing."

Dwarf Lightbringer
Jaro Corvinus wrote:

Jaro regarded Amelia's advice quite solemnly, nodding thoughtfully. "Ah, I see. Well it's not that I don't know where to find proper ladies, the improper ones are more fun is all. Haha!"

With a deep laugh, the Harbormaster fell back into his chair and kicked his feet up onto his desk, reaching for a humidor on a small table beside him, he popped the top open as Amelia ran her fingers across his desk. "Either of you smoke, I do enjoy a cigar from time to time, so be my guest."

When instead it became clear that they were here on business, his expression became more stern, and he set the cigar box back down, reaching instead for a copper funnel that protruded from the wall. "YO, Hurriah! Bring me the manifests for today's arrivals and departures. Lemme see who we got at dock too. Thank you now."

Turning his attention back to his visitors, he asked, "Now then, mind telling me a bit more about this dangerous man we're looking for?"

"I don't smoke, thanks though. He refuses the cigar.

"All will be revealed in good time," Darvesch smiled, "But for the moment, I do have a few questions."

He then inquires, "We are looking for a vessel that has an association with the colour red. Perhaps it's painted red, or has red in the name, or even has a captain who is red, or just has red hair. Do you recall seeing such a vessel?"


"Red huh? Well that's–" No sooner did Darvesch pose his question than was there a commotion down the hall from Jaro's office. "The fuuu–"

Leaning over to the copper funnel, he shouted, "YO! What in the hell is going on out there? Hurriah? Hurriah?"

"Dagôn's beard," the curse was uttered by a young Setenbori woman with thick, brown hair and a deep olive complexion, "you don't need to shout!"

Nodding respectfully to the two strangers in her boss' office, the dark-eyed woman handed Jaro a thick ledger and a stack of papers collected into a wide folder. Just as she was getting ready to answer, a man's voice blared out from the copper horn.


"They want us to close the port?" Hurriah asked in disbelief. "What for and for how long?"


Jaro waved a hand to shush the woman and called out to Nial thru the copper funnel, "Never you mind that. We've got a law-enforcement situation — dangerous man trying to flee the city. Get a security detail and–"

"HEY BOSS," another man's split the air, "LOOKS LIKE THE COMMODORE'S SETTIN' UP A BLOCKADE."

"Yon't tink it's dem freebootahs naw?"



"ALL OF YOU COCKBAGS SHUT YOUR DAMN YAP!" Jaro shouted, his whole desk rattling as he slammed his hand down on it.

Once the noise over the horn had died down, he resumed speaking, ire evident in his tone, "Nial, lock-down the port and keep an eye out for anyone trying to make a get-away. The Princess herself's got men looking for someone, but the details ain't exactly forthcoming."

"The Princess?" another voice called out. "I heard something big went down with her over in Elf-ville today."

"Oh you didn't hear? That good-lookin' elf-chick Dingle-face got killed by some broad with a butterfly."

"Whaaat, I heard there was another assassination–"

"You would think of ASS, Manny!"


"HEY!" The Habormaster growled and ran a hand thru his hair. "Next man speaks out of turn is gonna have my boot rammed so far up his ass it'll knock out his teeth! Now, any of you got a clue about a ship called the Red Gar? Hell, anything having to do with red or fish? Captain, sails, anything?"

There were several long moments of silence before he added, "If you know something or got a guess, speak up."

Echoing from the horn for the next few moments was the sound of other people chattering before an old man spoke up, "Corv, you talkin bout that tramp captain swings thru here erry now an then? Ridger?"


"Ridger? Red Gar?" Jaro mused, brow furrowed as he looked to his visitors, hoping to find recognition on their faces.

"Yeah, might be." Snapping his fingers to get Hurriah's attention, tapped twice upon the ledgers on his desk. "You know anything about him and his ship, Russo?"

"Suuure, she's that wide ol' scow, Fruitful Fairy's 'er name."

"Yo old coot, it's the Pregnant Pixie!"

"Nooo, that's jus' what's painted on the side."

"Pfff, since when can you read, Russo?"

"Boy don'cha take a tone wit me. I'll whup ya so hard ya momma'll cry!"

Hurriah just shook her head as whoops of laughter and shouting poured forth from the funnel. Quickly, she leafed thru the stack of papers, until she pulled one free and handed it to Jaro. "Those idiots... it's the Swollen Sprite, sir. They were supposed to cast off at 10, but didn't get underway until almost Midday."

"Swollen Sprite? Fruitful Fairy," Russo griped, "Anyhow, it's tha ol' clunker with the big-bellied hussy with the wings painted on 'er prow."

"Jaro," it was Nial again, "you still want us to lock sh1t down?"


"Thank ya now." Jaro gave Hurriah a thumbs up and sent her off with a slap on the rear. With a deep laugh, he leaned back over to the horn and said, "Yeah, keep everyone berthed until they give us the all-clear. Don't want to go pissing the old man off when he's trying to mount a pursuit."

With that, he turned to Darvesch, and Amelia, looking over the cargo manifest, and said, "Looks like Ridger's calling Freetown with a hold full of rice. Think that's your man?"

Amelia listened as the Harbor master swore and told his men to get it together. It was almost amusing to listen to them put together the information that they had given them only to come up with something new.

"Could very well be... da spirits arn't always da clearest." she explained with a smile, looking down at the dwarf that was accompanying her, wondering if he thought it could be what they were looking for as well.


"Spirits huh?" Jaro leaned over the ledger and compared it against the manifests and bills of lading Hurriah had dropped off. "Well if you've got some kind of time-frame I can narrow things down to, it would help. One of my boys said something about an assassination attempt, is that who you're looking for?"

Amelia chuckled a bit when Jaro was asking if they were looking for an assassin. "Ah, no, we be lookin' fer a summoner. Da man we be lookin' fer summoned a demoness... It wouldda been 'bout three hours ago." She told him, her tone serious, though her composure was fairly relaxed. "dat'd be who we be lookin' for."


"Ah, well hope your cousin is alright, Darvesch." was the only reply the Harbormaster offered for a few moments, until finally, he circled a few entries in the center of the page and spun his ledger around for the others to see. "What we've got here are the departures over the last few hours, along with their captains and their next port of call:

Naturally, the rest of the page beyond this point is blank.

As Arion reclined, his thoughts floated freely.

Last night was well worth neglecting my habit of consulting the patterns that Cainrelée orchestrates among the heavens. After Wingilmë's wondrous gifts today, I sense new heights of magic. I long to discover how much closer I have risen towards the Vala-Queen...and what portents among her signs.

This triggered curiosity.

What relationship does Amhranai have with her patron? How closely connected are they?

Yet when Arion searched the repository of what he had gathered concerning various religions, he uncharacteristically saw only blank pages.

Strange. Earlier today I remembered enough of religions...so much so that I had wanted to ask Amhranai about her own, yet... as he sighed he relaxed further into the chair and chose to forgo the effort of researching his own knowledge base. I shall take it as a sign that it would be better not to brook that subject with her now.

Arion watched across the room for a moment. The elven priestess still seemed lost in thought and only half awake.

Accompanying the brief glow of light between the layers of clouds, as she smiled, he offered candidly, "My own past had been so trapped within wretched and gloomy labyrinths, that when I arrived here, such relief and such potential I found among the Princess' company...I realize in hindsight that I suffused exuberance. I apologize for any trouble or offense it caused Yourself. Now examining myself from a different perspective, I shall reserve, in appurtenance, my joys. We have serious business ahead. What had been, at first, merely an unavoidable objective - to serve Ilmarond by serving the new Vicereine - is now a matter of genuine endearment."

Arion trailed off with his ascendant thoughts, looking far away, drifting in emotions.

Knowledge: Religion 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (1) + 9 = 10

Dwarf Lightbringer

"Do you have a manifest for the Swollen Sprite and the Windy Lee? I want to know if anyone bought passage on either of them, or if there were any new additions, or strangers, in the crews." Darvesch asks.

Darvesch's thoughts:

"It's not likely that it could be anything but the last two. Catty's Clipper is possible, but left too soon after the incident, they wouldn't have had the time to catch it. Ridger is the closest to Red Gar, so maybe he's who we're looking for. However, I'm suspicious of where the Windy Lee is going."


LK Calendar: Uniens 23, 4210 — Lansday
Time: 1:30md (midday, 1:30pm)

"Hmm," Jaro turned to the folder holding the stack of papers Hurriah had brought and pulled the four top-most sheets of paper, slapping them in front of the dwarf and the witch. "Here you go now."
Cargo Manifest: Swollen Sprite

  • Rice: 100 barrels, sealed
       —Shipper: Bonny Swale Plantation
       —Consignee: Freehold Grain Merchants Association
  • Plow: 4 crates @ 1 each
       —Shipper: Silverhound Toolworks
       —Consignee: Pullo & Sons

Passenger Manifest: Swollen Sprite

  • Catone, Toni (M –white–*): –no-show–* boarded (h/black)
       * these have been crossed-out and corrected

Cargo Manifest: Windy Lee

  • Rum: 40 casks
       —Shipper: Victor's
       —Consignee: The Cracked Oar
  • Limes: 8 barrels, vented
       —Shipper: Bonny Swale Plantation
       —Consignee: The Cracked Oar
  • Sailcloth: 30 bolts
       —Shipper: n/a
       —Consignee: Leah Barker
  • Red Cedar, Milled: 16 palettes
       —Shipper: n/a
       —Consignee: Leah Barker
  • Pitch: 10 barrels
       —Shipper: n/a
       —Consignee: Leah Barker
  • Nails: 4 barrels
       —Shipper: n/a
       —Consignee: Leah Barker
  • Perfume: 9 casks
       —Shipper: Grey Amber Aromatics
       —Consignee: Stella Maris Fine Imports

Passenger Manifest: Windy Lee

  • Reedus, Leon (M white): boarded
  • Reedus, Danuda (F white): boarded
  • Napolitano, Ivo (M white): boarded
  • Kenenna, Kievula (M black): boarded
  • Kenenna, Nwakeen (M black): boarded
  • Kont, Meier (M white): boarded
  • Walzak, Guston (M white): boarded
  • Walzak, Anaya (F black): boarded
  • Caballero, Filip (M white): boarded
  • Magana, Laban (M white): boarded
  • Dazna, Michelino (M h/black): boarded

After looking over the paperwork, something stuck in the unlikely duo's recollection...

Correction wrote:
"Those idiots... it's the Swollen Sprite, sir. They were supposed to cast off at 4 (i.e. 10am), but didn't get underway until almost Midday."

Wisdom Checks:

E 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (13) + 6 = 19
D 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19

Dwarf Lightbringer

"Looks like we're going to want to speak with Captain Ridger." He replied with a smile.

The repeated gestures of her blade against the stone had set Amhranai's mind drifting and at ease. Arion's voice broke through all this, focus returning sharply as she listened to the elf speak.

What then is this? Was my distaste for his flamboyant verbosity so plain earlier? Even if it were, why should that matter to him? Amhranai set her dagger beside the stone. "Why should you apologize? If speaking in the manner you do provides a sense of comfort, of relief for you, why should my dislike of such matter? I may have no patience for your flowery words at times, but that doesn't mean I'm going to upbraid you about it at every turn. Also, as much as we work to help others, we must first, within certain bounds, help ourselves. If that's how you go about it, I can very well ignore it." A smile lit up the woman's face. "Besides, serious business is always best offset by gallows humour, something I've been known to indulge in. And I don't think your new lady friends would take too well to you suddenly clamming up, especially on account of another woman!

"Since you brought it up, though, just who are you and what do you seek release from? I gather you serve Alis through Sin, in more than just a scribe's capacity, but you mention 'wretched and gloomy labyrinths'-what shadows lurk in your past?" A hand grasped the medallion at her throat. "Do they trouble your sleep?"

Arion sat up more erectly and studied what could be seen of the medallion and nodded, saying, "Lucid exegesis. Elated that You are not bothered overuch."

Standing and stretching, he paced towards the perimeter and watched the harbor through a balistraria.

How fare Thee, Champion of Tuonwë?

"Today was the first I encountered Lady Lammontari. I had not read within the stars that...little could I have forseen that instead of a simple initiation into my new profession, I would be catapulted far afield amid forests of deep intrigue. Withal, these are not complaints. All this suits me far more than the recent past.

In Ilmarond, when Father died, our eldest brother utilized an obscure law to have me removed. My own abuses of privilages and talents gave him license. I wandered far from home, with many a failed venture, hideous and miserable endings. In time I was forced to use my talents among a criminal underworld. That black pit of evil webs, in some of the worst of what humans call 'cities'... Ilmarond's special intelligence masters broke apart that villainous regime and chose to exploit me as one of their instruments. Although I have no way presently to verify this, the threat was explicit; not only would my alternative involve imprisonment, or worse, but there are dangers poised above my own family, should I fail to comply. Although I doubt that the Throne of Ilmarond would endorse such manipulations, and though some might reason I should owe no allegiance to those who cast me out, I read in the heavens that my destiny involves the equatorial jungles."

He turned to face Amhranai again and said assuredly, "Though there be conflicts and dangers here, something is awakening within me as each moment passes here. My only regret is not relocating here sooner. Yet this week has been filled with restful sleep and pleasant dreams. Not so with Yourself?"

"Thank you for coordinating The Enclave's resources on such short notice, Lady Elendreth. We shall have need to commission your mage-smiths in the coming days, but at present," the sight of a thin elvish mage carrying a heavy black iron pot broke Alis' train of thought. "What... is that?"

Noble Lady

"Ah, that would be the brewing cauldron noted upon the list we received."

"Huh," Sasha cocked her head before shaking it dismissively, "I bet that witch girl wanted it, but there's no way she'll be able to fit anything bigger than a baby in there. Look at how tiny it is!"

"Actually, I believe Dame Amhranai requested that, your Highness," Tiniel volunteered.

"Seeee?" Sasha nodded. "It's always the quiet one you have to watch out for!"

Baroness: Textiles

"Sasha has a point," Sindariel agreed. "After all, you certainly won't hear the quiet ones coming. And I imagine one would be wise to keep an eye out for you when you become quiet, Ms. Nevah."

The younger redhead giggled and eyes Lureene as she leafed thru a number of scrolls that she had been handed. "Oooh yes! Ellie knows that really well!"

Young Noble

Poe frowned at the proceedings, and it was painfully evident that there was something on his mind that he simply could not keep to himself. "If I may, your Highness?"

When Alis crooked a golden eyebrow at him, he approached and whispered to her.

Alis OR Elvish & Perception DC 15:
"I saaay, after today's tragedy is it quite wise to allow the offspring of a demon queen free reign of the city? I am told that one should keep their friends close and their enemies closer. I imagine house arrest would be sufficiently close, wouldn't you agree?"

Perception DC 15
L 1d20 + 9 + 3 - 5 ⇒ (3) + 9 + 3 - 5 = 10 alertness, distracted
S 1d20 + 12 - 5 ⇒ (3) + 12 - 5 = 10 distracted

E 1d20 ⇒ 11
Sin 1d20 + 22 - 5 ⇒ (9) + 22 - 5 = 26 distracted
Tin 1d20 + 20 ⇒ (7) + 20 = 27

Tactless though he is, I doubt Poe's the only one harboring such misgivings about El's and my relationship...

Alis laughed lightly and gave Poe a look that was at once both sweet and chiding. "Now Poe, I can see that you have a shrewd mind, but affairs of the heart are a more delicate thing. If you wish to court a lady you should be bold yes, but not to the point of showing inconsideration for her feelings or her extant relationships."

Suddenly brightening, she added, "Why it just occurred to me that Lady Hlokenar might suit you better. She herself is bold, well-educated, and of station similar to your own. Perhaps I shall have to arrange something for you, hmm?"

Bluff Checks
A 1d20 + 25 + 4 - 10 ⇒ (20) + 25 + 4 - 10 = 39 Tear, far-fetched

Sense Motive Checks:
L 1d20 + 2 + 2 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 2 + 2 + 5 = 11 alertness, familiarity
S 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3

E 1d20 ⇒ 6
Sin 1d20 + 25 ⇒ (11) + 25 = 36
Tin 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (8) + 18 = 26

Young Noble

Blinking in surprise, the young magus held up a finger, uncertain as to how one could even respond to such a statement, before ultimately confessing, "Yeees... Your Highness does raise an excellent point. I should best focus on martial and magical studies ahead of marital ones. Thank you for bringing such priorities into crystal focus, truly."

Somehow looking even paler than normal, the young elf lord bowed and took a long step back lest her put himself further in harm's way.

Violet eyes asparkle with the mischief of her veiled threat, the Princess tipped her head to Lady Elendreth. "I believe we are in good order here. Lady Elendreth, members of The Enclave, your ruler shall not forget your timely aid. Good day to you."

Looking to Lureene, she said, "Right, lets get you adventuring!"

With that, the Princess and her sizable retinue set out for the Port Authority and the ferry where Giles, her Frændi, and the uncanny witch awaited them.

I wonder what THAT was about...still I have a feeling Poe and Lilyana would be a match made in HEAVEN!

Lureene smiled at her friend. "Yeah, I certainly believe this will be a fruitful venture. However I suspect I may need to get my wings wet." This last said without much enthusiasm. Lureene's dislike of ship travel was well known to Alis and Sasha.

Lureene will request scrolls of Protection from Evil, Magic Circle vs. Evil, Break Enchantment and Mass Daze from the Enclave.

LK Calendar: Uniens 23, 4210 — Lansday
Time: 2:00md (midday, 2:00pm)

It wasn't long before everyone stood reunited on the deck of The Avenger, Captain Fingel's crew purposefully dressed-down to avoid the appearance of being a military vessel.

"To be perfectly clear," Alis began, her pet monkey exploring the inside of the strange black pot Amhranai had requested, "I want the whomever aided the demoness Avoreen taken alive. Not only do the people of Dafar need justice, but I and my counsel need answers."

"Captain Fingel?"

Captain of The Harrier, Ilmarond Royal Navy

The senior captain in service to Dafar's Royal Navy nodded and spoke up. "By all reports, we are in pursuit of a mere scow, The Swollen Sprite. She is privately owned with a small crew and heavily laden with a cargo of rice. Overtaking her should not be difficult provided she doesn't turn upriver or reach port. Unlike The Harrier, this vessel has too deep a draft to follow suit."

"Another factor to consider is that we cannot be certain whether the crew is allied with the person we seek. Records show Captain Rigder delayed departure until our quarry boarded, but the manifest also indicates the he very nearly set sail without them."

Holding out a hand towards the Princess' elite task force, she said, "While this venture and the operations of this vessel will be conducted at my discretion, our mission is to aid these fine heroes in their goal. Wingilmë was a good woman, and even if she has moved on to a higher station, I would have preferred she stay among the living."

She gave everyone a knowing look and tugged the cuffs of her great coat, "Anyone who interferes with bringing the murderer to justice will be lucky to face Princess Kirmoon's wrath. Today may see us dressed as common sea dogs, but you are still professional sailors and marines in the Royal Navy. Let's show our guests what that means."

Nodding to the Princess, the taller captain added, "Any parting orders, your Highness?"

"Nothing further, but a prayer." At those words, captain and crew alike bowed their heads.

"May the King of Eagles speed you on your way,
And our Lady of Waters see you safely home.
Let Justice himself embolden your hearts,
And Lady Luck show you favor on account."

Arion looked out towards the Bay, long hand shading his elven eyes from the glare of the afternoon light on silver waters.

The shore runs due West for many miles

He looked downwards and opened the front cover of his book, to which he had attached a map of Dafar.

And only one major river seems to loom around the bend afterwards

When he looked up again, Arion noticed Lureene.

She looks troubled by something

Moving more closely beside Lureene, Arion first looked up at the brilliant corona above her hair. Enwreathed tresses, argent and halcyon, with gleaming ocean waves beyond her, out of focus; the sky elf gazed upon the form of loveliness. He held her hand and said, "What thoughts disturb within such angelic visage?"

A thought of his own amused him as he let out a light laugh and explained, "One stratagem developing in my mind had involved possibly leading anyone who had helped Your mother into believing she was revisiting them - enough an illusion to drop their guard or lure them into the open. Yet Your new accessory might defeat that plot...or blind our target."

He laughed again, at the thought of it, hoping to lift her spirit.

Arion wrote:
"Though there be conflicts and dangers here, something is awakening within me as each moment passes here. My only regret is not relocating here sooner. Yet this week has been filled with restful sleep and pleasant dreams. Not so with Yourself?"

Interesting. I imagine Alis knows all this, but is she inclined at all to act on any of it? Will she hold it above him like a headsman's axe? She does not strike me as such, but with the right set of circumstances, who knows?

"My dreams are largely the same-mists of shifting colors-as they have been for many years. I think that is Iscandu's mercy at work. The dreams I used to have..." A shudder rippled through the elf. "Well, they were not pleasant. However, while my dreams have not been so fitful, my sleep has. It very rarely comes easy and never seems to last long. Perhaps a side effect of that mercy? I don't know. The irony is delicious, is it not? Priestess of the god of dreams who does not dream and sleeps only restlessly."

Lureene gazed off to the horizon, her thoughts far away from this place, this plane. Few of those in Elsemar knew of the other worlds where she had trod. Worlds where she had fled to avoid her Mother's touch. Now wearing the halo which she now firmly believed was a gift from the angelic being, she felt more at peace with both parts of her soul, human and demonic.

Now seeing Arion nearby made her feel a sense of hope for the future. Maybe now she could grow to love someone...

She gave the sky elf a beauteous smile, her eyes taking in his facial features and his willowy body, and her own eyes reflecting the feeling in her heart for him. "I apologize Arion. I was just thinking of the past...I find it easier to contemplate such matters than the prospect of yet another long ocean voyage!" He can tell Lureene does not feel comfortable with water beneath her feet but more flying in the clouds. She squeezed his hand tightly and slid closer to him allowing him to hold her if he so chose. "As for masquerading as my Mother...an intriguing proposal if I do say so." She then twisted her body against his, holding him tightly. "I just find one major flaw with your plan..." As her lips brush against his she finished in a sultry voice, "Could anyone believe I am anything OTHER than an ANGEL?"

From the ship's helm, a muttered, "Ah geez," could be heard. There, a half-elf whose newly lacquered cuirboilli was a perfect match to her glossy black hair gazed pleadingly at Alis. When the Captain turned her a questioning glance, she spoke up and said, "I was just thinkin' it was a fittin' prayer, Captain. That and I wasn't expectin' to be seein' Miss– uh... Princess Alis and her friends again so soon."

The lips of Lureene so near his own added to the thrill of adventure Arion anticipated.

The salty winds and her otherworldly aspirations, exhilarating as they are, business before pleasure.

Arion whispered, "I certainly hope that all others believe You to be angelic. In so many ways, You have taken that path."

Hearing Aerys, Arion turned and looked towards the tall woman in black leather near the helm. Her words drew his attention back towards where the Princess stood.

"Yes. Thank You for Your blessings, in encouragement and material form. We will do our best to gain justice and answers."

Alis weathered Arion and Lureene's antics better than Aerys, but she still cast the feisty sailor a knowing and apologetic look. "In spite of great effort to do so, I'm afraid that we simply aren't that easy to be rid of, 'Rys. Take good care of everyone, and I shall hope to see you at my upcoming investment."

With a nod to Arion, she added, "Please see that you do. And keep it professional, Mister Hithraen. You wouldn't want to Ms. Mavato to take you to task, isn't that right, Sasha?"

The redheaded huntress gave a nervous laugh and absent-mindely rubbed her forehead as if she had a bump there. "Yeah, don't piss off Aerys. You wouldn't like it if she was the one putting a whooping on you!"

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