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Up from the Darkness by Rite Publishing

I’m look for five (5) brave, delirious and foolhardy applicants to play in a difficult horror themed game. This game’s design is likely different from most, if not all, PbP games but I think it will make a cool Pbp game.

Up From Darkness is an eastern themed campaign for 7th level characters. You will be part of the Shogun of Kaidan, which maintains several elite units of troops, each trained for a different purpose. The characters are Hakayami hopefuls and as the adventure begins, they awaken in darkness with no memory of whom they are, or how they got there. Hakayami are an elite group of assassins and snippets of memory will be regained as the game progresses. Unfortunately, that is about all the background information I can supply because I want to keep the suspense and the horror feel.

I mentioned this is a different game and here is one of the catches: the players have to be willing to use pregenerated characters. The pregens abilities compliment the challenges, but also there are some clues in the character stats as to who the characters actually are. You shouldn’t need any additional books, or material, other than the CRB, APG or PFSRD.

Those interested in playing, here are names (which we can change or alter the gender) and classes of the characters, let me know your preference, if you have one, or if you will be agreeable to whatever class is remaining.

Takeo, Samurai (Yabusame, Order of the Shogunate) 7
Masumi, Rogue (Scout) 7
Kichiro, Necrotic Warrior (bone) 7
Hajime, Sorcerer (elemental/fire) 4 / Fighter 3
Akio, Fighter 7

Like, I mentioned this is a different type of game and taking the character creation process away from players may not be for everybody, but the designer of the game knew what was needed to overcome the challenges.

Here’s a little bit about me and what I would like out of the players. I’ve been gaming, mostly GM’ing for years, I know the rules but I’m not super hardcore. I like to teach those with less experience. I do sometimes make mistakes in rulings, if I do politely provide me the source, page or link to review. I currently run one of the more active campaigns on the board, it can be found here:

Baldwin's COT Game Link

I’m looking for people willing to try a different type of game that is an oriental themed horror game, and who can post three (3) times a day, and I do post during the weekend. I don’t anticipate that this game - unless the players want it - will be as fast paced as my other campaign. I’m looking for players that can work together and post more than a simple line, or two, of dice stats – descriptive actions will make it enjoyable to read. I will DMPC a character, if necessary. There really won’t be much lull in action and the tension/suspense should be constant given the theme. This will not be a long-term game, if everyone keeps up with the posting it could be done in a few months of real time.

I use maptools to assist the players.

I’ll keep the recruitment open until the slots are filled with people who can commit.

I'm up for Samurai, Rogue or Fighter.

I can be descriptive or terse, as the situation calls for. If you need a sample, let me know... I prefer to "character act", so this is perfect.


No alignment restrictions, but a lot of that will be revealed as snippets of memories come back. The key is working with others for survival. I don't need a sample, I'll clink on some of your games to get an idea.

Alessandro Khadaji, V:tM, soon to be embraced.

Interested, though trying to decide between:
Hajime, Sorcerer (elemental/fire) 4 / Fighter 3
Akio, Fighter 7

Remaining flexible for which character to play helps out.

Black Thom I know you've applied for my other game in the past, so you are selected for this game when it opens.

Lucrezia is already in my other game, and she is an excellent PbP'er, so she is selected for this game when it opens.

That leaves three openings.

I don't think I'm familiar with the necrotic warrior class, but it sounds pretty metal. I'd be willing to give Kichiro a spin.

Appreciated, Sir.

Black Thom wrote:
Appreciated, Sir.

No problem, games can be hard to get into and then so many fizzle out. I appreciate the interest.

This sounds great, and I'm a bit of eastern fan boy, love anything samurai and ninja. I would play any of the characters. I too post alot as I am on the boards 9am-6pm monday-friday at work. I work in IT. I am in the SCA so I could only not post on weekends when at an event.

The campaign sounds interesting, and I know I'm on the boards at least a few times most days. Feel free to look over my various aliases and let me know if the writing's up to par - grammar and spelling aren't an issue, but I do tend toward the terse side of things, say, in combat. That said, it might be nice to be challenged that way.

Anyway, I'd appreciate the opportunity and the challenge, if you're willing.

I'm interested. Masumi sounds like my style.

I don't really like to have long dragged out recruitment's, so I'll close this one out on Sunday at noon. I anticipate opening the discussion and game thread shortly thereafter.

Currently, Black Thom and Lucrezia are selected as mentioned above.

There are three spots remaining:

Zack Muad'Dweeb

Dark Archive

*dot dot dot*

Kichiro and Hajime caught my eye the most though I'm willing to play any of them. I've been DMing for the last couple years, so I've been trying to get back into being a PC again.

I mentioned earlier that I'll close this one out on Sunday at noon. I anticipate opening the discussion and game thread shortly thereafter.

Currently, Black Thom and Lucrezia are selected as mentioned above.

There are three spots remaining:

Zack Muad'Dweeb

This one is going to close a noon, so if your interested submit your name. The discussion thread will open shortly thereafter.

The recruitment is closed and here is the list:

Takeo (Ashe)
Masumi (Black Thom)
Kichiri (Zack Maud’Dweed)
Hajime (Lucrezia)
Akoi (Pedwiddle)

I may run this a second time and if those not making the first list want, they will be first in that game.

Discussion thread is open.


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