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Pathfinder Player Sessions:

Intro 1: First Steps, Part I: In Service to Lore
Intro 2: First Steps, Part II: To Delve the Dungeon Deep
Intro 3: First Steps, Part III: A Vision of Betrayal
#5-08: The Confirmation

#0-01: Silent Tide (Garret Shadowcaller)
#0-04: The Frozen Fingers of Midnight (Kaddok "Earth Hammer")
#0-05: Mists of Mwangi (Darvan Moll)
#2-11: The Penumbral Accords (Darvan Moll)
#3-07: Echoes of the Overwatched (Darvan Moll)
#3-09: The Quest for Perfection, Part I: The Edge of Heaven (Elindriel Firesong)
#3-11: The Quest for Perfection, Part II: On Hostile Waters (Elindriel Firesong)
#3-13: The Quest for Perfection, Part III: Defenders of Nesting Swallow (Elindriel Firesong)
#3-21: The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment (Castien Galondiir)
#4-18: The Veteran's Vault (Garret Shadowcaller)

#0-07: Among the Living (Boram Sandyfoot)
#1-29: The Devil We Know, Part I: Shipyard Rats (Holman Nimblefingers)
#1-35: Voice in the Void (Darvan Moll)
#1-55: The Infernal Vault (Kaddok "Earth Hammer")
#2-01: Before the Dawn, Part I: The Bloodcove Disguise (Holman Nimblefingers)
#2-02: Before the Dawn, Part II: Rescue at Azlant Ridge (Garret Shadowcaller)

#67: The Snows of Summer (Boram Sandyfoot)

Pathfinder GM Sessions: