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I'm interested. Masumi sounds like my style.

I actually really like Dudes ideas. Those sound very good. Perhaps a bit different view on the races. I believe they could be used by the DM to add that flavor of horror you are desperately seeking. Something not in the Bestiary so the Rules Lawyer won't expect it. Horror is, as said earlier, not knowing.

Low level characters fighting in a room of magical darkness, not knowing what they're going up against because they rushed after a screaming woman. Use what you've seen that worked well in films. Will Saves for looking into pools of water or other reflective devices. Failed saves give PCs the shaken or frightened condition. Things like this might help as well.

One more thing, if you use a vampire, don't make him sparkle.

We had the same thing happen to us in Crypt of the Everflame. DM worked around it, though, so one of us pulled the others to safety before we all died from Non Lethal Damage.

I had forgotten about animal companions. One maybe, but 2 would be a bit much. Perhaps just a familiar.

I'm looking to help my friend out with her build on a character. She is playing a half elf ranger. First she thought about using the TWF tree, but with her low AC, I talked her into being a bow based ranger. As of now the party doesn't have any arcane ability other than the cleric's domain spells (fire).

Is Arcane Archer a prestige class to look into? Possibly dual classing as a sorceror with the draconic bloodline. Her favored enemy is a dragon, afterall, it seems to fit. If not Arcane Archer, what?


That works. I appreciate the help. Our DM said the door shut behind us even though someone was standing there. We all got trapped, at least she didn't kill us.

This is the module I chose to run my first time GMing. I had the same questions about the doors. My players saw the door was locked and still wanted to bash it in. I felt bad saying it would take a long time, thus railroading them to the other door that wasn't locked, but it seemed like it worked.

Any suggestions on running the wooden golem? I don't know if my players will know to grab the shields that are required for the arrow room. I know when I actually played the module previously, we all ended up unconscious because we didn't take the shields with us.

Awesome. I am probably the nicest DM around. I don't argue with people, so I let it ride. When everyone left, I looked it up just to see but I still wasn't quite certain. I'll know next time, and his smite evil is gone for the day...

During our last gaming session, I threw a shadow at our party knowing full well the consequences of my actions. As they were all level 1 or 2 and had no magical items or arcane caster present, I thought it would leave it all on the capable hands of the cleric to deal with this monster. My paladin threw me for a loop, though, as he smites evil on the thing. I know that normal weapons pass through the creature, and smiting evil overcomes DR. DR is not being incorporeal, though, is it?

I could be wrong with my interpretation. I let him have it because I was unsure of the rule, but I saw nothing definitive in my rulebook.

I am a new GM to Pathfinder. Only 1 session under my belt, but it was quite fun and definitely challenging. Every game I was in prior to this one, I was a player in. They would always stall for school or some other reason. I played 3.5 for a couple of years on PbP and even DMed a few on there, so I found the transition to PF rather easy. Same basic rules, just a few tweaks.

Like the others have said, though, Expect the unexpected. Players never do things according to plan. Know the rules but don't be afraid to mess up. I accidentally let one character channel energy kill all but 2 of the skeletons in the room because I forgot to give them a will save. I beat myself up over it, but I justified it later when I gave less XP for that encounter. The main thing I would have to say is be patient and have fun.

Great idea. Think I'll ask a few of those questions. Give him somewhere to start from. The rest can be filled in as we go.

This is the same thing I'm going with in my game. One session in, and I'm already frustrated. My nephew is playing a half-orc barbarian. We created his sheet together, and I showed him a few basics as far as what to expect. Then when we start gaming with the others, he is silent as a mouse and has his character sheet in the floor the whole time! After the game he said it was awesome, but I want it to be that way for everyone.

I'm fully expecting him to catch on quick. If they're interested after each session, they will put more into it.

I'm using Crypt of the Everflame. I am hoping that with a 2nd session and a background, we can really start doing more RP. As far as the one who said he wasn't going to come up with a background, perhaps I will make him think on the fly by directing questions his way specifically. He's the rookie of the group, so maybe a little more forceful approach will make him start thinking.

We should come up on the frightened man in the dungeon in the next session (if nothing goes wrong). There should be ample opportunities to RP with him.

No, you did the right thing. As GMs it's difficult trying to get your players to become responsible at times. They tend to pick spells or companions that make others shake their heads. Then they attempt to justify their failure by saying the GM should make it work. I want my characters to know what they can and can't do.

Tell them to know what they're good at. If that's spellcasting, know your spells. If it's fighting, know the special maneuvers such bull rush or grappling. If everyone knows their characters, then we all have a much better time playing.

I just started DMing a group the other night, and while I have to say we had fun, I was expecting a bit more roleplaying. They did fine in combat situations, but I couldn't even get them to introduce themselves to each other. One is a newb who said he wasn't going to create a background or character goals, but the others have experience before. They said they would work on their background. I offered action points for backgrounds and pictures of their characters, and even gave extra XP for the roleplaying highlight of the game.

Any tips on how to get them to roleplay more?