The Ironfang Invasion: Fangs of War

Game Master vayelan

A tale of desperate survival set against the invasion of a ruthless hobgoblin army — the Ironfang Legion! As the Ironfang Legion begins carving out an empire of monsters, the heroes must flee their hometown of Phaendar as it burns, saving any lives they can.

Upper Caves Map
Lower Caves Map
Southern Chernasardo Map

Fort Nunder Map

Party Treasury
Militia Worksheet

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Mavis the neigh-bor wrote:
^^^ Good Job, guys. You all have some pretty fantastic characters!

I was rooting for the horse. One of the most creative characters I've seen!

lol! have to concur

Five of the seven have reported to the gameplay forum.

In 45 minutes, I will assume that the last two have been lost, and I will go with their replacements.

So, don't give up hope yet...

I'm still very much interested.

Grand Lodge

can you tell who and what they were playing who hasn't reported in? SO we can keep our hope alive against the Iron Fang?

Lilly Moore(Mesmerist) and Cyrioul Fasar(Wizard) are the ones that haven't posted yet.

Im here sorry


Assuming that mads (Lily Moore, the mesmerist) gets the alias up and running in the gameplay forum, then Mavis, the former horse, now wizard can report to the gameplay forum.

I am rescinding the invitation to Cyrioul.


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Well we can give up hope now Raltus. Congrats Mavis, I had you as a top pick and was a little surprised to see you not on the first draft. Good luck, have fun everyone.

Oops. Well, sorry for the confusion on my part - only got to the results of being accepted last night after a bout of illness, and didn't see these last few posts (only up through post 100 on this thread) but if I'm out I'm out. Just ignore my posts if Mavis is in, and have a good time all.

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