The Changing of the Guard (Mouse Guard)

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It matters not what you fight, but what you fight for.


Father Jackal
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Rat King
George the mouse

Patrol Leader
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Kobold Catgirl

Churgri of Vapula
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The Gateway Grove, The Isle of Last Resort
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Fear the Mouse

Thom: 1 Check — George: 1 Check — Vivian: 1 Check
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Thom Red

M Patrol Guard
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Man in Mask

Cool+1 | Hard+3 | Hot-1 | Sharp+1 | Weird+1 | Armour: 2(3) Weapons: Magnum (3h), Steel Pipe Warhammer (3h) | Harm: 3/6 | XP: ●●●○○
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william Nightmoon

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