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Action Point Rules:
Each character starts with a pool of Action Points. You can only spend one AP per turn, aside from the rules for Cheating Death and Final Stands. Action Points rules are here, and apply unless stated otherwise.

Modify a Roll: You may spend an AP to gain +1d6 retroactively to a d20 roll, though before the results are declared. At higher levels, you can roll multiple d6s and choose the highest result to add to your roll.

Emulate a Feat: You may generally spend an AP to emulate a feat, though maybe don't do it just to get rerolls or bonuses to rolls.

Retain Spell/Extra Class Ability: You may spend an AP to cast a spell without losing the slot, or else to gain an extra use of a class ability like Channel.

Extra Attack: You may spend an AP as part of a full attack to gain an extra attack at your full BAB.

Extra Move Action: You may spend an AP to take an additional move action). This cannot be used to allow you to move and then take a full attack.

Boost Defense: You may spend an AP as a swift action at the end of your turn to boost your AC by +6.

Massive Damage Resistance: You may spend 2 APs at any time to reduce a round's total damage you have taken to 25% of your normal maximum Hit Points. For instance, if Astraden, who has a normal max HP of 100, has taken 150 damage from three enemies' full attacks, she may spend 2 APs on her turn to reduce the damage she has taken to 25 damage.

Cheat Death: Whenever a blow would otherwise kill you, you can spend half your normal maximum in Action Points to instead stabilize at negatives equal to your Con -1—basically, on the brink of death but alive.

Final Stand: Whenever knocked unconscious but not killed (or already unconscious from damage), you can spend however many APs you have left to remain conscious and fully-functional for up to double that number in rounds, after which point you die no matter what ("wounds beyond anyone's ability to heal", barring a heal spell or similar). Alternatively, you can spend 1 AP at any time to become conscious but unable to take any actions beyond speaking, which doesn't come with the "inevitable death" clause.

GM Notes:
Hey, stop reading, jerk.

1-2: yeah baby it's a nightshade
3-4: A group of friendly khayal genies
5-6: Darklands Oracles
7-8: the shadow dragon
9-10: gloom golem vigil
11-12: Sorrowsworn Graveyard
13-14: shadar-kai parade
15-16: Shadow Play
17-18: oh hey it's those guys again!
19-20: Silver Shard