Storm of Sinners

Game Master BayouSnowman

Deathwatch campaign based on the Calixis Sector from Dark Heresy.

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Space Wolves Grey Hunter (Tactical Marine 7)

Ulrich chuckles deep in his chest, almost more of an amused growl, "Honored Brother, this will not be the first time that I will have learned things that must remain secret and hidden. I will take such an oath if it is required."

Blood Angels Assault Marine (6), Chaplain (1) [Wounds 23/23, TB 10, Armor 11/9/8, FP 5/5, Movement:7| 14| 21 | 42 (x2), WS:75| BS:35| ST:60+20(14)| TO:60(12)| AG:60| INT:40| PER:40+20| WP:50| FEL:42]

"You know already, that I will do anything necessary to complete this mission, ancient-one.
My word is only a feeble shadow of my souls determination in that matter, Emperor be my witness."

Brother Xing is last to arrive and greet the ancient one. His experience with Dreadnoughts very limited given the nature of his chapter. None the less, it was an honor to be in the presence of such a hero and vast pool of knowledge. He paid careful attention to his mood and disposition toward the kill team, unknowing his stance on a number of issues made him a wildcard and he listened intently to the wisdom regarding their the Necron threat.

What abilities do they have in manipulating the warp? Are there psykers among the machines or devices that can affect our librarians in combat?

Upon hearing the request of an oath of silence, Xing glances at the Salamander and wonders what secrets he may be keeping. Then vows before his brothers and the Ancient one to never share what is about to be said.

I would sooner die than betray my oath to keep secret whatever knowledge you have to share. I understand the price of knowledge all too well and the burden it carries. This is not the first we have heard of the dead cabal, it was also mentioned by the Necron we encountered and whom aided our escape from the Hollow Sun. I believe we are all owed an explanation if it the reason we have been assigned to this mission.

For Deleos, before others arrive.

I find it disappointing, your point of view... Your ignorance could be not only your undoing, but that of all mankind he says with growing anger in his voice as it rises. You do not fully comprehend what you are dealing with, we shall speak no more of this matter, I am ready to meet the others, I pray they have more sense on this matter, the Necron can not be allowed to gain a foothold or rise, they must be exterminated and offered no quarter or parlay. He then steps back, his armor and weight thundering down, gears turning, assuming a more neutral stance as he awaits the others entrance.

- 10 to future interaction tests from Deleos

Blood Angels Assault Marine (6), Chaplain (1) [Wounds 23/23, TB 10, Armor 11/9/8, FP 5/5, Movement:7| 14| 21 | 42 (x2), WS:75| BS:35| ST:60+20(14)| TO:60(12)| AG:60| INT:40| PER:40+20| WP:50| FEL:42]

Deleos takes the scolding straight faced before bowing and turning to get the others, his servo armour emitting a low growling like a wounded animal.
His mind still racing and pondering about what he learned and what was said by the ancient as he opens the adamantine door for the others to enter.
Unless otherwise note, my standard layout will be:
- Thunderhammer
- Angelus Bolter
- Crozium

WS 45 BS 50 S 50 (70)* T 60* Ag 45 Int 60* Per 40 Wp 50 Fel 30 | Wounds 23/23 | Fate Points 4/4 | Init +4 | Protection Left arm 29, others 30 | Iron Hands Techmarine/Forge Master/First Company Veteran/Techsorcist

Through the doorway emerges a looming figure, each footstep heralded by sound of great weight pressing upon the floor.

Stepping into what light is present, the figure is revealed to be an astartes, wearing a gloriously pristine suit of artificer armour, covered in the rust red of the Martian Priesthood except for the Crux Terminatus on a kneecap, the Iron Hand of his chapter on his shoulder, newer battle honours mostly earned against servants of the ruinous powers, and where ancient honours were clearly stripped away long ago and the areas deliberately not smoothed over.

As he draws closer, the perceptive will realise that even with the quality of his armour and its smoother functioning, there are soft whirring sounds from the astartes - from his body. The servo-arms and connector mechandendrite on his back harness are barely moving but clearly quite functional. A boltgun and an omnitool are maglocked to his right hip, and a power axe with the skull symbol of the Adeptus Mechanicus emblazoned on it is on his left. Oddly enough for a techmarine, a narthecium is present on his left fore-arm.

He steps to amidst the group, and stops. His clearly bionic hands reach up to his helmet and remove it, showing a face weathered by harsh environments. His skin is greying and shows signs of chemical burns and scarring, with once-black beard and harshly tied back ponytail now nearly white. And throughout, there are clear hints of mechanical augmentation built into his flesh, where the flesh has not been outright replaced such as inside his once-ruined eye-sockets. A pair of softly glowing red eyes peer out at the group, over a oft-broken nose and a tightly closed pair of lips.

When those lips part, his voice is still his flesh one, but there are hints of additional augmentation in his throat.

"Honoured brothers of the Deathwatch. I am Valens Kovac, tech-marine of the Iron Hands, Avernii-Clan Company. I have been raised to the ranks of Forge Master of the Deathwatch, Techsorcist of the Ordo Malleus, and Enginseer Prime of the Dark Tide. I have fought traitor marines and their heretek allies, and have considerable experience in the identification, understanding, and purging of corrupt technology and its users. I would know more of these necrons, so I may better assist in their purging also."

Male Salamander Astartes Tactical marine 4, Dead Station Vigilant 1, 1st Company vet 1

Pyros steps towards Brother Valens and salutes, his fist crashing against his chest.

"Brother Valens, you come at an opportune moment, we could do with a technical mind when we face such a technological enemy, xenos filth as it may be. I am Pyros V'estian of the Salamanders and soon to be Master at Arms of the Dark Tide. This is Honoured Brother Padris, Brother Chaplain Deleos, Brother Librarian Xing, Wolf Priest Ulrich and Brother Lucian. Brothers, this seems like an opportune moment, if you will allow me. As a group we lack for a stealthy option, a scout. Whilst Ulrich has been drilling the troops aboard, I have identified a likely candidate Maxim Ashvayne of the Shadowhawks chapter. I know little of his chapter, but he has a keen eye and a quiet tread. I believe he has already been identified as a possible Master of Ordinance for the Dark Tide and I would suggest he be invited in to this meeting. I have him standing by in case. What say you?"

Space Wolves Grey Hunter (Tactical Marine 7)

Ulrich stands quietly in his black power armor. One hand absently petting the shoulders of a massive, cybernetically enhanced wolf and what looks like a combination of Astartes helmet and huge wolf skull is tucked under the other.

The Crozius Arcanum of a Chaplain rests at his side, and the two ends of a power sword are visible behind his lower back. A storm bolter is worked into an arm mounting on his left arm, and an exquisite but oddly patterned assault shotgun rests at his other side.

He nods gravely to the newcomer when Pyros mentions him, murmuring "Welcome, Brother," in a low voice.

WS 45 BS 50 S 50 (70)* T 60* Ag 45 Int 60* Per 40 Wp 50 Fel 30 | Wounds 23/23 | Fate Points 4/4 | Init +4 | Protection Left arm 29, others 30 | Iron Hands Techmarine/Forge Master/First Company Veteran/Techsorcist

Valens moves his gaze from astartes to astartes as Pyros introduces them, assessing available sensory data on them and their wargear. While respectful of the clearly capable brethren around him, his gaze lingers longer on Brother Pardis.

In response to Pyros, he says:

"It is logical to have available experts in many forms of warfare. This brother Maxim sounds a worthy addition to the circle here. I am more familiar with utilising armoured vehicles. I am proud to have taken part in the extinction of a particularly vile xenos species which made use of warp-infused technology. An abomination in databanks alone now."

Space Wolves Grey Hunter (Tactical Marine 7)

Lore(Astartes) vs 45: 1d100 ⇒ 7.

Ulrich nods in agreement, "I know of the Shadowhawks, and of Brother Ashvayne in particular. He would make a fine addition."

Blood Angels Assault Marine (6), Chaplain (1) [Wounds 23/23, TB 10, Armor 11/9/8, FP 5/5, Movement:7| 14| 21 | 42 (x2), WS:75| BS:35| ST:60+20(14)| TO:60(12)| AG:60| INT:40| PER:40+20| WP:50| FEL:42]

Brother Chaplain Deleos seems deep in though as he opens his brothers the door to let them in for their meeting with the ancient.
He nods at the newcomer and welcomes him with a brief warrior grip.
At Pyros introduction of another new member, he asks a short question, that is actually more a statement than a real question, as if he knew the answer already.
"Shadowhawks you say, Brother ...
They are Sons of the Raven, yes?"

Welcome Astartes... The bridge officers are the only cleared for the following knowledge, what I am about to reveal can hardly be confirmed by only a handful within all the Ordos. The study of the dark pattern is centuries old and in recent times, before any of your lives began, the burden was carried by a cabal of Astartes led by an Inquisitor. I have been awakened in the past to escort and assist the dead cabal when the need arises, usually in the direst of circumstances... It is paramount to the crusades effort and stability of man that the knowledge we hold remains restricted. We must also tread carefully and try not to awaken too many Necron at once. We have dozens of stations orbiting dead worlds and other places of interest pertaining to the dark pattern. Once you have mastered your ship Roles and responsibilities we will learn the art of combating the Necron threat... Brother Pyros and I are uniquely qualified in this regard and you should heed our advice and tactics if wish to survive any encounter with the Necron. We will spend time with each of you individually and then practice some squad tactics.

had more, but this is what I can do now, more to follow after my classes in a few hours.

Ultramarine Devastator (Rank 7), Deathwatch Keeper

"Pleased to meet you Brother Kovac," says Lucian, gripping the newcomer by the wrist to shake hands in the traditional greeting of the Ultramarines. "I know nothing of the Shadowhawks, but if others of our company recommend the Chapter and their honoured brother then I am satisfied."

Lucian listens intently to Pardis before responding. "If the threat of the Necrons is as grave as you say honoured one, then your experience will be invaluable and we are fortunate indeed to be able to benefit from it."

WS 40 BS 42 S 41 T 40 Ag 43 Int 50 Per 30 WP 38 Fel 32 Infl 30 AP ?? Wnds 15/15 FP 4/4

A cold eerie whisper of a voice comes from amidst the assembled squad, "That a threat be so grave that knowledge of it is tightly restricted even amongst those who have taken the oaths of the Long Watch, presents it as a dire matter indeed. I am honored to be asked to receive your hallowed tutelage in fighting such a threat."

The marine had gone unnoticed until his haunting voice echoed out of his helm. His power armour is the same jet black of the Deathwatch, and its smaller, tight lines denote is as mk VI Corvus pattern, though his chest carries the skulled aquila of mk VII pattern. His helm is of particular note as he removes it, adorned with ocular enhancements on the right eye an up-pitched angular beak that looks like a cross between a standard corvus helm and shielded plates of an Aegis pattern helm. His right shoulder pad is edged in charcoal, with a deep crimson shield adorned with a dark silhouette of a diving hawk, no doubt the mark of his chapter. His helmet removed, the marine's face is angular and ash white, with jet black long hair. For any with questions regarding the Shadow Hawk chapter, their lineage as successors of Corvus Corax could is plainly clear.

As he opens his mouth to once again speak, the haunting aspect of his voice is established as not a factor of his helm, but rather its natural tone. "I am talon-brother Maxim Ashvayne of the Shadow Hawks, sworn to serve the Ordo Xenos in the Death Watch. Brother Pyros signaled that I should come."

For those taking further note of the newly arrived battle brother, he seems... small... for a space marine. Still massive compared to the average man, but his armour is noticeably shorter than then rest of the kill-team. The handle of a power sword rises over his shoulder, and a unique, long-barreled bolter with a custom scope hangs on his right hip.

I would like to know how each of you act in battle, to finer tune my guidance in our limited time span... In the heat of battle, which of the following describes you best, then explain your answer.

What would you rely on most in a xenos encounter? Answer honestly, think of your strengths and weaknesses, help me understand you now so that we may train you better. First, would you rely on your marksmanship to carefully take aim and kill the threat? Or, Would you rely on your understanding of their body and weaknesses? Or, would you trust in your knowledge of the xenos and its ways to provide you and your squad an advantage?Or, lastly, would consider more deeply the terrain and environment as a means to guide your squad to your objective?... There is no correct choice, think carefully and share why your answer best describes you.

WS 40 BS 42 S 41 T 40 Ag 43 Int 50 Per 30 WP 38 Fel 32 Infl 30 AP ?? Wnds 15/15 FP 4/4

Maxim takes in the Dreadnought's words carefully. After a time, he offers his response. "The battle canon of the Leman Russ is a mighty weapon capable of massive destruction, but a single shot from a laspistol can alter the outcome of a battle far more if placed correctly. So too is a marine most effective, when used to optimize his strengths. A Shadow Hawk is a hunter taught to take every advantage in seeking its prey, from the gift of terrain to the natural or learned weaknesses of a target, all leading to an exacting strike. In the end, it is my skill as a marksman that delivers failure or success. One shot, one kill. That is my goal. How best might I accomplish this against so dire a foe?"

Male Salamander Astartes Tactical marine 4, Dead Station Vigilant 1, 1st Company vet 1

"Our newest member speaks first, I would say that is a good start as you will be leading the way, when we go dirtside. For me, well I am a Salamander, and as such I favour the implacable advance, enduring until I am within range to cleanse the enemy with flame or hammer. That being said however, I am much older now, old even for one of the Emperor's warriors. I find that I am a smith now, guiding the flame and metal of my squad mates, using my knowledge to harden them against the foe. In return as the smith becomes strengthened by the heat of the forge and the working of the metal, so I find that my squad mates harden and strengthen me too. As such, I would know more of the enemy, their types, their ways and their tactics, for it is more knowledge that I rely on now."

A mind can bear only so much knowledge, the weaker willed tempted by heretical thoughts and overcome easily by xenos influence... Understanding the enemies weaknesses has its advantages, but knowing where to strike with a force sword matters less to me than before...However, these machines are unlike any xenos I've ever encountered... They are more machine and less soul from our initial encounters... I would know more of their anatomy and physical abilities, so that I may slay them faster and more precisely to counter their regeneration.

Male Salamander Astartes Tactical marine 4, Dead Station Vigilant 1, 1st Company vet 1

"Brother Xing, I know we disagreed over my handling of our encounter with the xenos blade, but if you question my thoughts and will I would have you speak plainly. We are brothers after all and I would not have us leave unfinished business. I agree knowledge can be dangerous, but I will take such risks upon me if needed, so that others do not have to."

I hope that doesn't come out too confrontational, just Xing's comments about knowledge on the heels of Pyros' made me think he would want to clear up any issues.

Blood Angels Assault Marine (6), Chaplain (1) [Wounds 23/23, TB 10, Armor 11/9/8, FP 5/5, Movement:7| 14| 21 | 42 (x2), WS:75| BS:35| ST:60+20(14)| TO:60(12)| AG:60| INT:40| PER:40+20| WP:50| FEL:42]

"I will strike them down with my blesses hammer and Sanguinius fury, carried on wings of fire into their ranks where they do not suspect it and bolster my brothers with words of courage and fury should they ever falter.
This is my task as a Chaplain.
In addition, I am currently undergoing extended piloting training, building upon my knowledge of jump pack usage.
I will soon be able to operate several kinds of Dropships, like the blessed Thunderhawk gunship, to bring our troops to wherever they are needed most - be it on a planet or in the void - and provide close air support during bigger engagements."

This is hardly the time or place to discuss your mistake, I believe you know where Brother Deleos and I stand, we will not forget your willingness to protect any Necron that could have been destroyed by further analysis of their weapon...

Space Wolves Grey Hunter (Tactical Marine 7)

Ulrich ponders the Ancient's question for a time before responding, "I would normally have answered that precise application of overwhelming firepower would be the best response to the presence of any xenos. While that approach is often effective, I have come to understand that with an enemy as obscure as the Necrons, knowing more of the enemy, their strengths and weaknesses, is cruicial in understanding where best to apply the overwhelming firepower."

WS 45 BS 50 S 50 (70)* T 60* Ag 45 Int 60* Per 40 Wp 50 Fel 30 | Wounds 23/23 | Fate Points 4/4 | Init +4 | Protection Left arm 29, others 30 | Iron Hands Techmarine/Forge Master/First Company Veteran/Techsorcist

When Maxim speaks, Valens turns as if to assess him, just as he did for every other astartes present.

"Honoured brother Maxim. Your skills will be put to good use."

Valens falls silent for a time while the others speak of their battle tactics, then replies to Pardis.

"Venerable Pardis, knowledge of the enemy is key to efficient and effective annihilation of the enemy. Like most sons of Ferrus Manus, I believe in identifying the weaknesses that all enemies must possess and striking them with vast and clinically applied firepower. But I seek a broader understanding of foes than most of my brethren. I believe this to ultimately provide even deeper understanding and reveal less obvious weaknesses. In short, I would study the foe to allow the Deathwatch and the Ordos to slay them with greater ease in future."

WS 45 BS 50 S 50 (70)* T 60* Ag 45 Int 60* Per 40 Wp 50 Fel 30 | Wounds 23/23 | Fate Points 4/4 | Init +4 | Protection Left arm 29, others 30 | Iron Hands Techmarine/Forge Master/First Company Veteran/Techsorcist

Valens listens to the exchange between the brothers with interest, though he does not refer to it directly as he continues.

"All weapons must be considered for destroying the xenos. Including their own, weighed against strength of will and the corrupting forces of the inhuman. I personally favour energy weapons such as plasma cannons, to punch through defenses and burn through alien flesh. If vehicles or artillery support is available, that would be a boon to control the battlefield but not usually a necessity given astartes power in battle."

Male Salamander Astartes Tactical marine 4, Dead Station Vigilant 1, 1st Company vet 1

Pyros' eyes glow the brighter red of an ember flaring under the air of the bellows, the only outward sign of the anger inside.
"Brother, in this instance you are right, this isn't the place to discuss this, but clearly there is an issue between us that must be resolved before we go into battle together. If we do not, then we do to ourselves what I was trying to achieve amongst our enemy, namely dividing forces and spreading distrust. Divide and conquer may be an ancient tactic, but it is still a valid one"

Ultramarine Devastator (Rank 7), Deathwatch Keeper

Ignoring the frisson of tension building between Pyros and Xing, Lucian tuns his attention to Pardis' question.

"What would I rel ony? What we should all rely on - the Codex Astartes. Within its covers lies all the knowledge we require" Vartas says, tapping the compartment in his breastplate which stores his personal copy of the book that governs his life. "Strategy, tactics, intelligence, philosophy - all are contained within, and by following the guidance laid down by Lord Guilliman, and refined over centuries by the greatest minds of the Adeptus Astartes, there is no foe that cannot be overcome."

As Pardis listens you can't see a face to read his emotions while he's encased in his sarcophagus, nor does he speak or give any hints to his own opinions at the squads replies or quarrel. When everyone finishes their response he finally speaks.

I see more clearly where each of your strengths are and how we can begin your training. Brother Pyros and I will divide you up for individual or group training, specifically to combat the Necron threat...Hmm....Brother Pyros will train with Deleos and Xing, helping to place their mighty weapons at the weak points of the Necron, while also working out their personal differences. I will work with Brother Maxim on his marksmanship, and have some knowledge sessions with Ulrich and Valens on the background of the Necrons. Lastly, Vartas should spend some time with myself and brother Pyros and learn what he can of our past encounters, what worked and what didn't.

Sharpening the Mind's eye:

The kill team will gain access to the following bonuses when they are deployed on a mission from the Dark Tide. You'll spend your time training for this and your ship roles, after you're aboard the Dark Tide, this learning will continue. These are from the "Outer Reach" book and belong to the Advanced specialty "Dead Station Vigilant" Pryos has full access to any of these currently and with a choice of Xenos to apply the bonuses too. You all will have the following single choice and only applied to Necron foes, not other xenos. (it's mostly cut and paste, not my writing)

MAXIM,Keen Marksmanship: The marine spends
his time studying the weak points of his enemies and how his
weapon functions against them, gaining insight into its use
against a certain foe. He may use his Intelligence characteristic instead
of his Ballistic Skill when making ranged attacks against this
chosen foe. In addition, the Battle-Brother adds his Intelligence
Bonus to all ranged attack Damage against.

DELEOS and XING: Xenos Anatomy: Examining the vulnerable parts of an
alien’s anatomy, the Marine notes where his
blows will inflict the most harm and where the easiest killing
strikes can be landed. For the duration of the mission, may use his Intelligence characteristic instead of his Weapon Skill when making melee attacks against this chosen foe. In addition the Battle-Brother adds his Intelligence Bonus to all melee attack Damage against this type of xenos.

VARTAS, Battle Awareness: An understanding of the battlefield is
as important as the battle itself, and the keen-minded can
use this knowledge to their advantage. The Battle-Brother
has a unique awareness of the terrain the mission takes place
n, having turned his mind to its study before entering the
fray, and can use it more effectively. For the duration of the
mission the Battle-Brother may add his Intelligence Bonus to
the Armour Points of any cover he uses (or the cover of his
Kill-team while they remain within Support Range of him).

ULRICH and VALENS, Heightened Knowledge: Secrets and lore are at the core of the Dead Cabal, and these are the very essence of understanding
the Dark Pattern and combating the enemies which seek to use it
against the Imperium. A marine must be as adept
at using this kind of knowledge as he is with his boltgun or
chainsword, and as ready to employ the former as he is the latter.
The Battle-Brother has set his focus on the obscure secrets of
the Dead Cabal and for the duration of the mission gains a +10
bonus to all Lore: Forbidden and Lore: Scholastic Skill Tests.

After assignments are given and any remaining questions are answered, Pardis dismisses you all and trust that you will be diligent in your training and studies.

This will be all before we encounter the Dark Tide rendezvous, if theres anything that needs to be cleared up or role played out, nows the time to do it, before we transition. Once everything is complete or if you don't have matters you need to post about, then just post you are complete and awaiting arrival, so I'll know when we can move on.

WS 45 BS 50 S 50 (70)* T 60* Ag 45 Int 60* Per 40 Wp 50 Fel 30 | Wounds 23/23 | Fate Points 4/4 | Init +4 | Protection Left arm 29, others 30 | Iron Hands Techmarine/Forge Master/First Company Veteran/Techsorcist

It becomes rapidly apparent that Valens' appetite for knowledge appears boundless, even though he already possesses a great deal of lore on technology, sanctified, corrupt, and xenos alike. There is no such thing for him as too much detail on the topic of the Necron xenos, and there is much to suggest that he thinks similarly on the matter of the traitor and the tech-heretic.

It is also apparent that he is looking forward to using this knowledge to bring total ruin to the Necrons and any would who aid them, consciously or no.

Blood Angels Assault Marine (6), Chaplain (1) [Wounds 23/23, TB 10, Armor 11/9/8, FP 5/5, Movement:7| 14| 21 | 42 (x2), WS:75| BS:35| ST:60+20(14)| TO:60(12)| AG:60| INT:40| PER:40+20| WP:50| FEL:42]

During days of sparring and fighting specially created Servitors in the resemblance of different Necron warrior types, Deleos searches the company of both his comrade in arms.

His posture and voice both speak of tension and a forced-calm.


"Hail, Brother of the Void.
We two were opposed to our Veteran-Sergeant handling of things the most, so I figured, that we should talk it over together.
I meditated long nights over this matter and had strange dreams during my recuperation periods that trouble my mind to this day.
Dreams of a blasted, lifeless universe, where the last sparks of civilization are picked apart by lifeless machines, neverborn-chaos-spawn and the endless, mindless masses of the great devourer.

I fear, that this might be the future if we act too short-sighted or rash, failing our beloved father's great plan for humanity.
I begin to think, that Pyrus did the right thing in destroying the blade and keeping this oath of his.
After all, what could one sword accomplish in the long war? Even the blade of the Emperor can only win a battle at a time, but not a war fought on a thousand-thousand worlds at each point of time.

If it is indeed possibly to have the Necron infight themselves instead, we can focus on other dangers for a possibly very long time and have those with vast knowledge, like yourself Brother Librarian, search for means to annihilate this new threat in the meantime."


During a long and arduous sparring session, Delos approaches the topic between parries and thrusts of their sibling-warhammers.

"I meditated long and dreamed bad, Brother.
On dream in particular troubles me ever since.
A blasted galaxy.
The last scraps of civilization …
Being picked apart by lifeless machines …
Neverborn-chaos-spawn …
And the endless, mindless masses of the great devourer.

I believe …
This is the future, if we act rash and short-sighted...
Like I would have, if I had the command during the last mission.
I now think, you were right in your actions.
Blessed with foresight and great strategic insight.
I am a tactician but not a strategist like Chapter-Master Dante.
I saw the possibility for a tactical advantage against this new foe …
But not the strategic possibility for causing infighting in their ranks.
You did.
And I have come to see …
That you did this not for personal honor...
But because you saw the greater image...
Like a true commander should always do.
Don't worry, Brother.
I stand beside you – and always did.
But you should know...
That our ancient Brother will not like that way...
He thinks, that these foes should not be granted any ground...
That cooperation should never happen...
And …
He damns my chapter for having done just that before.
I don't know details, but he asked for my opinion on that...
And I told him...
That for the benefit of whole mankind...
I would cooperate with the Xenos as well...
If the circumstances are right...
And he damned me as well for that."

Male Salamander Astartes Tactical marine 4, Dead Station Vigilant 1, 1st Company vet 1

Bowing to Brother Pardis' wisdom, Pyros salutes and leaves the meeting, his mind seething with white hot rage. As he goes he speaks briefly to Brothers Deleos and Xing. " Let us start tomorrow in Sparring room A5." Heading off to the forge, Pyros forges his anger, shaping it and moulding it to be useful in the future. The calm of the forge despite the loud noises, helps Pyros to focus his mind and he is ready the following morning at the sparring room.
Again not referencing the incident he works through his prepared lesson, pointing out the weak points in the Necron types he is aware of, before giving them a chance to spar against each other. As Deleos and Xing start, he automatically notes strengths and weaknesses, storing them away to work on later.
Stepping in, he takes a turn against Deleos. As Deleos confesses his thoughts,, Pyros listens carefully before replying when Deleos has finished. " Brother that dream is not something I have seen and yet, some of what you say is the potential nightmare future that could come to pass. You do me much undeserved honour with what you say, for I have my doubts and it was not all forethought and long term planning. My previous service gives me an understanding about what the enemy we face, but it is merely the tip of the iceberg and I know not what waits below. I can not predict the future and I may well be wrong to have given up the blade, but I have learnt over many years that often one's first instinct is the right one. If we meet more of the necrons with such blades and brothers fall beneath them I will carry them with me, but it will be on me alone. I thank you for your support though. As for Brother Pardis, within every organisation there are different approaches. If he does not agree with my approach well he may be right, but I figured any opportunity to divide them is worth the risk. I will say as much to him, if it comes up. If it helps I am with you, I may hate and whish to purge the xenos, but I will do what is necessary to keep the Imperium safe. Now I had better confront Brother Xing and resolve this." Disengaging from the fight with Deleos, Pyros engages Xing. The clear tension leads to a sparring session that increases quickly in intensity. Pyros' defence barely holds against the lightning fast and almost precognitive attacks from Xing, and yet when he lands blows, they equally strain Xing's defence with their power. Eventually at an obvious break as the two warriors step back to catch their breath, Pyros speaks. "Brother, your words hurt my pride yesterday as you lashed out at me with insult. I have now buried my pride for that is one of the many openings for corruption. I admit, I may have been wrong about the blade. However I stand by my decision and would do it again. I still believe that the opportunity to divide the enemy and thereby weaken them, is more important than the knowledge we would have gained from the weapon itself. This is why we must find common ground, for divided we are no better, and division between us is the chink in the armour that could let us all fail. I bear the responsibility for any brothers that fall to those weapons in the future and I alone, it was not an easy choice and they may haunt me, but it is made. Should something similar happen again and I am in the position of squad leader, then next time I will ask the squad's views, but equally, next time we will all know more about the enemy we face. Is that fair? Does that explain my motivation? Does that help put us somewhere that we can move on from? If not, then I guess we had better go for another round" Stepping back, Pyros drops into a balanced stance, but with his hands open in a friendly gesture.

I hope that fits and doesn't overstep Deleos and Xing

Xing's sparring session with Deleos is silent, still listening and processing his own thoughts and feelings on the matter. However, when he faces off with Pyros, the tension resurfaces and the battle fierce. After hearing Pyros' words, the librarian responds.

My response to Brother Pardis yesterday was not aimed at you. The thoughts of your actions were not on my mind at the time, I had believed I worked past it and respected your decision as leader of the mission. While I disagree and believe the decision to be greater than a single person could make, it did get us back to our ship and allowed us to fight again another day, armed with knowledge that has eventually brought us here....My anger comes from your belief that I would not "speak plainly" and come to you with any disagreements. Believe me Brother, I would not hide meaning behind words, especially as serious, as those which I spoke. Trust that if I ever believed any Brother to be a traitor, it would not be my words you hear...We must all respect the chain of command and keep our personal differences aside. The risks are too great and we are heading into unfamiliar space... After dropping his own stance and easing his grip, making it clear the sparring was over, Xing shares one last thought...All of our greatest enemies know fear, even the Necron machines, or atleast the ones that can think for themselves...Whatever they were afraid of had to do with those other machines and that weapon was our key to understanding...We may never have another chance, but I pray we do. After time for Deleos and Pryos to respond, Xing takes his leave and returns to his chores, but not before messaging Ulrich and Valen:

Brothers, please try to learn more of the other machines our team encountered, the ones that the Tech-priest fought and described, their red flashes, like the ones before we recovered brother Tyreon.

Later one, before the arriving at their destination, Xing takes time to familiarize himself with the heavy weapon he requisitioned. Finding time to work with Vartas on the finer points of wielding such a large weapon and getting some practice in, so he would be better prepared when the time comes.

Nice choices GM, wish I could shoot with my Int and not my BS..which is terrible

WS 40 BS 42 S 41 T 40 Ag 43 Int 50 Per 30 WP 38 Fel 32 Infl 30 AP ?? Wnds 15/15 FP 4/4

Maxim had been about to respond to the harsh words between the librarian and the salamander, when the practiced rhetoric of the Ultramarine gave him pause. Warily, he took stock of the Marines. They were far more diverse then the other kill teams he had served on. It would take some getting used to.


Maxim commits himself wholeheartedly to the tutelage offered by brother Pardis. While Pardis's instruction does include practical time on the vessel's range for Maxim, far more of it is spent in lecture and discussion. Maxim listens intently, both with a thirst to know his enemy, and with a reverence for the ancient marine bound within the dreadnought. When brother Pardis had first mentioned working on Maxim's marksmanship, Maxim was curious if the venerable warrior thought his skill to be lacking. What he comes to realize is that Pardis has a wealth of lore regarding the necrons, lore that will help Maxim identify and capitalize on the few weaknesses the Necron possess, though minor they be. As their days of training draw to a close, Maxim looks up to Brother Pardis, "I am honored to have received your instruction, and humbled to be tasked with putting this knowledge to use against the enemies of the Imperium. Given the... tension between my new comrades, where does your inner circle stand on the xenotech of these necrons?"

Ultramarine Devastator (Rank 7), Deathwatch Keeper

Lucian spends much of his spare time in the following days with Honoured Brother Pardis, learning of his previous encounters with the Necrons. His experience is invaluable, as prior to the Kill-Team's recent encounter Lucian had no knowledge of this hidden threat, nor the great danger they pose to the galaxy.

WS 45 BS 50 S 50 (70)* T 60* Ag 45 Int 60* Per 40 Wp 50 Fel 30 | Wounds 23/23 | Fate Points 4/4 | Init +4 | Protection Left arm 29, others 30 | Iron Hands Techmarine/Forge Master/First Company Veteran/Techsorcist


With his knowledge of the Deathwatch and Inquisition, does Valens know anything unusual about Brother Pardis, the Dark Pattern, or the Dark Tide?

60 Int + 10 from Unnatural Intelligence + 10 from mission ability

Infused Knowledge for common lores

I had not included the +30 total for interfacing with databanks but if he can access such, he will. (+20 artificer bionics miu and +10 from electro-graft use)

Forbidden Lore Deathwatch +10: 90: 1d100 ⇒ 17

Forbidden Lore Inquisition: 80: 1d100 ⇒ 91

Forbidden Lore Ordo Malleus: 80: 1d100 ⇒ 6

Common Lore Adeptus Astartes: 80: 1d100 ⇒ 72

Forbidden Lore Adeptus Mechanicus +20: 100: 1d100 ⇒ 55

Male Salamander Astartes Tactical marine 4, Dead Station Vigilant 1, 1st Company vet 1

Although stubborn like most of his chapter, his connection with the people of Vulcan has kept Pyros' sense of humour and at Xing's words his anger dissipates and a deep chuckle erupts instead. "I must be getting more prickly than I thought in my old age, if I saw offence where there was none and then gave offence when I didn't really mean it either. I guess doubts still reside over whether I did the right thing. Still it is done and I won't lose a comrade over it, for that my heart is now glad. You are right fear is a useful weapon, and that was a keen observation, for now though we will just have to make them fear us and the weapons that we wield!"

Space Wolves Grey Hunter (Tactical Marine 7)

Side by side with Valens, Ulrich soaks up knowledge of the Necron. He has not forgotten the deception of the Chaos sorcerer, and is keen to understand the ways in which the necrons can practice similar deceptions. The records and details of Brother Pardis' previous encounters with this new, old enemy Ulrich pores over at length.

When a break happens between sessions with Pardis, Ulrich often spends it having some of the practice cages updated to mimic the fighting styles of the necron foes and practicing against them.

Everyone finds themselves on the bridge as the navigator indicates they'll transitioning back to reals pace soon. The captain indicates to the Marines and Vartas to take over. [b] This is what you have been training for, it's your lead[\b]

The ship appears at the edge of the system, but initial passive scans show no ships. Everything appears normal. Everyone awaiting further orders.

Your rendezvous is in an empty system, no known habital worlds or recent Intel on xenos or criminal encounters. It's quiet, initial passive scans, if you run them, indicate nothing. The main star has 4 planets in orbit and a number of moons on each. No Vox traffic of any sorts.

Male Salamander Astartes Tactical marine 4, Dead Station Vigilant 1, 1st Company vet 1

Tactics(Void combat) 60: 1d100 ⇒ 63

"Well Brother Vartas, it would seem we are the first here, although from what I remember from the Dark Tide's specification, it had some advanced stealth modifications. I would imagine anyone already here would have seen us arrive, should we broadcast out and then move to hide in the shadow of one of the planets? In the meantime whilst we are vulnerable, and obviously with your permission, I will stand the ship's armsmen to their posts."

It is also a much faster ship and should have arrived before us... perhaps an astrotelepathic message from our Choir could more quietly announce our arrival? There is no telling what could be lurking in this empty system...Then again its entirely possible the Dark Tide was delayed and we have arrived first...

Blood Angels Assault Marine (6), Chaplain (1) [Wounds 23/23, TB 10, Armor 11/9/8, FP 5/5, Movement:7| 14| 21 | 42 (x2), WS:75| BS:35| ST:60+20(14)| TO:60(12)| AG:60| INT:40| PER:40+20| WP:50| FEL:42]

Taking position from the frail-looking Helmsman, Deleos customizes himself (again) with the myriad of controls and recalling the names of the crewmen under his direct command from his eidetic memory.
Adding another usual approach to the presented options, Deleos notes:
"We can send out a couple fighter squadrons for deep space reconnaissance, increasing our detection area."

Space Wolves Grey Hunter (Tactical Marine 7)

Ulrich quietly gives the command for maximum passive scans, then turns to Vartas, "Sensors are clear. We are running passive scans only. Active sensors are standing by your command."

Perception vs 90: 1d100 ⇒ 64, 4 DoS.
Not sure what, if any, bonuses or penalties might apply...

You rolled for passive or active/focused scan? Remember you don't get power suit bonuses, just yourself and I'll account for the ship stats and detection bonus etc

You have +30 awareness and +10 wolf senses as bonuses?

Space Wolves Grey Hunter (Tactical Marine 7)
BayouSnowman wrote:

You rolled for passive or active/focused scan? Remember you don't get power suit bonuses, just yourself and I'll account for the ship stats and detection bonus etc

You have +30 awareness and +10 wolf senses as bonuses?

Correct. Passive scans, +30 awareness, +10 for wolf senses. And now +20 when I have my armor's auto-senses to lean on. And unnatural Perception x2. And +10 if it is sight, smell, or hearing.

WS 45 BS 50 S 50 (70)* T 60* Ag 45 Int 60* Per 40 Wp 50 Fel 30 | Wounds 23/23 | Fate Points 4/4 | Init +4 | Protection Left arm 29, others 30 | Iron Hands Techmarine/Forge Master/First Company Veteran/Techsorcist

Valens appraises the situation and then flatly says:

"I will entreat the machine spirits to provide greater precision."

With that, he immediately gets to work organising optimisation of the augur arrays and the cogitators processing the raw data.

Valens will perform the Aid the Machine Spirit ship action, to impove the ship's detection rating.

Aid the Machine Spirit:

The character must make a Challenging (+0) Tech-Use Test to commune with the craft’s machine spirit and aid it in its calculations. On a success, the character may add +5 to the ship’s Manoeuvrability or Detection for the remainder of the turn. For every two additional degrees of success, the character may add an additional +5 to the same system.

Tech-Use Skill (130/150) 100 +10 unnatural intelligence +20 omnitool (and/or +20 artificer bionics MIU) +/- ship component/background bonuses: 1d100 ⇒ 64

Unless there is some unusual bonus or penalty to tech-use on this ships' systems, that looks like either 6 or 8 DoS, which translates to a +20 or +25 bonus to detection for this 'turn'

Ultramarine Devastator (Rank 7), Deathwatch Keeper

Lucian takes up his position at the command lectern, the data from hololith projector much more familiar to him than it was when he first came aboard. He takes in his Brothers' information and suggestions, assimilating their words before assessing his own thoughts and formulating a plan of action.

Tactics (Void Combat) 50: 1d100 ⇒ 37
Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes) 60: 1d100 ⇒ 30

"Active auguries please Ulrich. Either the Dark Tide is out there for us to find, or she is not and there may be threats waiting for her. I would rather not be surprised by either."

Space Wolves Grey Hunter (Tactical Marine 7)

Ulrich salutes and turns to his sensor teams, "Full power to all Augur arrays. By the Allfather, we shall see who is out there."

Awareness vs 110: 1d100 ⇒ 46, 8 DoS.

WS 40 BS 42 S 41 T 40 Ag 43 Int 50 Per 30 WP 38 Fel 32 Infl 30 AP ?? Wnds 15/15 FP 4/4

Silently following the others onto the command deck, Maxim moves in amongst the servitors slaved to the weapons arrays and calmly sits down at the ordnance command station. He runs up through the system, ensuring that all weapons platforms are armed and ready for service, should any threat arise. "Brother Vartas, while no contacts have been detected, I have taken the liberty of bringing all weapons systems to the ready, should any aggressive contact be lying in wait."

Ultramarine Devastator (Rank 7), Deathwatch Keeper

"My thanks for your foresight Brother," Lucian replies to Maxim, glad that one of the newer members of the Kill Team was already proving his worth. "If the Dark Tide has been destroyed then we'll need our weapons before long."

Space Wolves Grey Hunter (Tactical Marine 7)
Brother Ulrich Hammern wrote:

Ulrich salutes and turns to his sensor teams, "Full power to all Augur arrays. By the Allfather, we shall see who is out there."

Awareness vs 110: 1d100, 8 DoS.

So, based on the ship actions from rogue trader, this should have been a Scrutiny (+0) test. For me that drops the 110 to 90, but Unnatural Perception raises the difficulty by one step so it should have been Scrutiny(+10) so the final target number would have been 100 for 7 DoS.

Modify that by the ship's detection value (I don't know what that is).

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