Square Sails on the Horizon (Inactive)

Game Master Mark Sweetman

"Full sails ahead, ocean painted red when the soldiers of fortune hunt for pirates"
(Turisas - Hunting Pirates)

Current Characters


Male Elf Rogue Swashbuckler/4; HP: 27/27; AC:20; T: 16; FF: 15; F: 1/R: 8/W: 1; CMD: 20; Init: 6; Perc: 7; Sense Motive: 0
(963 posts)
Black Úlfarr

played by michaelane (154 posts)
DM - Voice of the Voiceless

Minor Crab-beast

played by Mark Sweetman (9,775 posts)
Priest of Asmodeus
GM Blood

played by David James Olsen (8,053 posts)
Baron Hannis Drelev
Gylfir Faegeancor

Male Human (Ulfen) Magus (Myrmidarch) 1

played by Meowzebub (116 posts)
Jorleif Crestefalla

played by David James Olsen (87 posts)
Villamar Koth
Kjell Carlufsen

Two Handed Fighter/4; AC: 21; HP: 47/47; F: +6, R: +4, W: +1; Init: +3; Perc: +1

played by Filios (542 posts)
Quinley Basdel
Roluo Krage

Male Ulfen Bard (Skald)/1

played by Balodek (106 posts)
Fire Giant
Torgeir Strømsvik

played by Black Dow (125 posts)

Previous Characters

Black Dow

Male Hairy Highlander Halfbreed Barbarian 9/King O' The North 5/Staffy Dad 7
(1,551 posts)