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About Jorleif Crestefalla

Initiative +3
HP 10 (8+2) Current HP 10/10
AC 16(+3 Armor,+3 Dex) FF 13 T 13 [AC 19/16/13 on land]
Speed 35 [25 on land]
BAB +0 CMB +2 CMD 14
Fort +2 Ref +3 Will +2
Str 13 Dex 16 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 15

Languages Common, Skald, Aquan

Melee Heavy Mace +1 (1d8+1)
Range Shortbow +3 (1d6)


Class Skills: Acrobatics (Dex), Appraise (Int), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Heal (Wis), Knowledge (history) (Int), Knowledge (Nature) (Int), Knowledge (planes) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), Swim (Dex)

Acrobatics +6 (1+3CS+3Dex-1Armor) [+7 On Ship]
Craft (Rune) +4 (1+3CS+0Int)
Knowledge (Nature) +4 (1+3CS+0Int)
Perception +5 (1+3CS+0Wis+1Trait)
Spellcraft +4 (1+3CS+0Int)
Swim +4 (1+3CS+1Str-1Armor)

Traits and Feats:


Rugged Northerner Treat extreme cold conditions as severe cold, and severe cold as cold weather conditions. You are not impacted at all by normal cold weather conditions. In addition, you do not become fatigued by frostbite or hypothermia.

Born For The Longship [Regional – Land of the Linnorm Kings]
Benefit: You never get sea-sick. You gain a +1 trait bonus to acrobatics and Profession (Sailor) checks while aboard ship. Profession (Sailor) is always a class skill.

Veðrfölnir's Eyes

Like the fabled storm eagle of legend, your keen eyes miss little in the natural world.

Benefit: +1 trait bonus to sight based Perception checks. In natural light you can see twice as far as is normal. Perception is always a class skill.


Extra Revelation Fluid Travel
Runic Mastery Radio and Laukaz


Oracle Spells (Caster Level 1, Known 4/2, Cast Defensively +3, Ranged Touch +1, Cast Today 1st[1])

1 (4/day)(DC 13) cure light wounds, obscuring mist
0 (Will)(DC 12)light, mending, purify food and drink,stabilize

Racial and Class Traits:

Weapon Proficiency Jorleif is proficient with all simple weapons as well as the Pick Axe.

Armor Proficiency Jorleif is proficient with light armor, medium armor, and shields (except tower shields).

Stat Adjustment: +2 Strength

Medium: Jorleif is a Medium creature and has no bonus or penalty due to his size.

Normal Speed: Jorleif has a base speed of 30 feet.

Class Abilities:

Oracle of Waves 1st level

Oracle Curse

Tongues: In times of stress or unease, Jorleif speaks Aquan. Whenever he is in combat, he can only speak and understand the selected language. This does not interfere with spellcasting, but it does apply to spells that are language dependent. he gains the selected language as a bonus language. At 5th level, pick an additional language to speak in combat and add it to your list of known languages. At 10th level, he can understand any spoken language, as if under the effects of tongues, even during combat. At 15th level, he can speak and understand any language, but his speech is still restricted during combat.


Water Sight (Su): Jorleif can see through fog and mist without penalty as long as there is enough light to allow him to see normal. At 7th level, he can use any calm pool of water at least 1 foot in diameter as a scrying device, as if using the scry spell. At 15th level, this functions like greater scrying. He can use the scrying abilities for a number of rounds per day equal to his oracle level, but these rounds do not need to be consecutive.

Fluid Travel (Su): Jorleif can walk on liquid as if it were a solid surface. Walking on the liquid does not harm him; he can walk on acid or even lava (as if walking on a solid temporary crust), though he would still take fire damage from being near the lava. Agnar can move across this surface at his normal land speed. At 7th level, while this ability is in effect, he can instead go underwater, gaining a swim speed of 60 feet and the ability to breathe water. He can use this ability for 1 hour per day per oracle level. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be spent in 1-hour increments.

Runic Mastery:


Meaning: Travel

Mastery Bonus: Your speed increases by 5 ft.
and you always know which way is north.


Meaning: Water, the Sea; Njord

Mastery Bonus: You gain Aquan as a bonus
language. If you already know this language, you
get a +1 insight bonus to diplomacy with creatures
of elemental water.


Meaning: Day, Laying the Dead to Rest

Mastery Bonus: You always know exactly how long until the next sunset or sunrise.


Money 34 gp 1 sp 8 cp

Heavy Ice Pick (8gp)
2 Javelins (2gp)
Studded Leather (25gp)
Backpack (2gp)
Bedroll (1sp)
Crowbar (2gp)
Rope 100' (2gp)
Manacles (15gp)
Oil - 5 Flasks (5sp)
Trail Rations - 10 Days (5gp)
2 sacks (2sp)
Waterskin (1gp)
Whetstone (2cp)
Furs (12 gp)


Jorleif was born to a sailor out of Bildt. Jorleif would well out strange words when angry or hurt even before he could speak. As he was growing his father started to teach him life on a longship when he noticed water acting weird around him as if Jorleif had some control over it.

He took them to the local witch who verified that Jorleif had the calling of the Crestefalla(Crestfallen) . Against his father's wishes for his son, Jorleif was given to the enigmatic group that lived off of Aegos on a tiny island surrounded by dangerous rocks and fog.

Jorleif learned to control his divine abilities, such as walking on water and seeing through fog and mist. Most importantly was learning the runic ways which Jorleif had an easy time learning.

One day the leader of the Crestefalla named Jorleif one among them and was time to go out into the world. He had learned what he needed and was time to expand his powers and learn more runes. Walking across the sea to Aegos, Jorleif heard of the call for men.

About the Crestefalla:

Centuries ago, the Crestefalla were on every ship in the north. Valued for their control over water and runic mastery, any ship without one was surely at a disadvantage.

Hrolfgir Crestefalla was the greatest in the order's history leading the attack against the Chellish Army in 4402. It is said Hrolfgir called upon a fog so thick that two men standing beside each other could not see. Yet Hrolfgir led his ships to the Chelish Admiral's vessel destroying it in grand fashion. It is even said Hrolfgir became the water during the attack. Every Crestefalla aspires to his level of mastery.

But around 100 years ago something happened that caused most of the order to go insane all at the same time, attacking their own ships or even hanging themselves in the ship's rigging. The few who remained fled to a small remote island that could only be reached by a Crestefalla as the island is surrounded by deep fog and dangerous rocks. Only a Crestefalla can guide a ship through the obstacles.

Few Crestefalla leave the island anymore, but they can still find a spot on longships among the men of the north who rise above the mistrust and superstitions of land.

Smaller built than most in the region, Jorleif still carries himself as if he was bigger. Tattooed in various runes though most but not all are covered with heavy clothing.