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Game Master Mark Sweetman

"Full sails ahead, ocean painted red when the soldiers of fortune hunt for pirates"
(Turisas - Hunting Pirates)

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As previously mentioned the pace right now is suiting me, still in the afterglow of the move but interwebbage won't be home and up until end of month (and work is crazy so snatching short posts when I can)

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I am totally slammed time wise until the end of the month, so my posting will be slow as well.

Yes, I'm fine with it slow too. Tons of pitches going on at work right now and then PaizoCon right in the middle of them all.

Minor Crab-beast

Slow I can do :P

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I will be hosting a 4th of July party today and attending PaizoCon this week(end), so my posting will be spotty.

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I'm cognizant of the fact that the last little bit hasn't been too engaging, but I've planned one more set piece before you head back northwards and back among the frosty denizens there.

Appreciate you bearing with me and look forward to the nithing poles and foul beasts yonder...

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Just under a little bit of a time crunch, that has affected my posting. Otherwise having fun.

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I am fine with people getting on Gylfir's case (it was kind of expected as I wrote that last bit), but I am also glad Roluo sees what he is doing before he had to explain it. But yes, Gylfir is applying his mind to this voyage and sees the possibility of cultivating these islands, exacting regular tribute on a seasonal basis, until some group gets too strong, then they get put down hard, but not so hard they abandon all hope and leave.

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There is no need to explain yourself. I am just acting in character. Kjell is not the smartest guy, and he would definitely view your recent actions as a sign of weakness, not having the benefit of forethought himself on the subject. I am also pretty sure that I will not be the only one with those feelings.

I'll post for Ulfarr once we're reunited, but he's going to look dimly on leaving pearls for the Varisians when they could dive for more.

Minor Crab-beast

Hmm - unclear DM was unclear. You're all still in the one room... but other events may impact now..

We sent Black Úlfarr and Sutr around the back to make sure no one tried to duck out. But, we're all reunited now.

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Paizo stopped working for me for a while so I wasn't able to get this updated yet. It is at the top of my list for fitting in today at work.

I think they had a pretty serious outage today. I had problems too. They didn't even have the maintenance goblins up.

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Truth-be-told, I think outsourcing your IT to Goblins is just asking for it. Might as well get overseas Gremlins and Jinxes and save some money while you are at it.

Ha, you're right about that. I know a few rum gremlins that would love to help out.

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If you've checked Ulfarr - Dibbets actually adopted one of the rummies Voodoo set on us ;)

Did it look like This :)

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As you've likely noticed I'm dealing with a bit of a time crunch between work and home - which has unfortunately adversely affected my ability to keep this campaign updated regularly.

So I'm going to put a short pause on the game for a few days - to let me get a headstart on material and such, and try and make sure that when I get it back up and running I'll be able to follow it well.

So watch this space for a little while - and I'll PM you when I'm ready to kick back off again.

No problem! We'll be here when you get some time. Its kinda crazy for everyone right now. FYI, I will be on a short vacation with the family before school starts (our first year to have to consider that) from Augg 22nd to Aug 27th. I will most likely have access to a device to post, but as always when traveling you just never know.

Works for me - we're entering a very busy phase in North Sea Ops, so just keep me posted DMVoV :)

Yeah, add me to that crazy list right now. A break will be fine. Cya in this one when you're ready.

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I will be taking a short vacation from the 16th to the 18th, and I do not know what my status of internet access will be during that time. Feel free to BOT me if necessary.

This is GenCon week, so I expect to be unable to post Wed-Sun. Please GM NPC as needed to keep things moving.

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This game has been dead a fair bit longer than originally intended, and the fact that I haven't been able to restart after a month is likely sign enough. With a very heavy heart I have to oficially label this as a dead duck and thank you for your time and apologize for my own failings here. All of your characters are well ensconced in the world that I intended to build - but unfortunately I've had to swallow a bitter pill and realise that I needed to cut back on my PbP DM commitments.

I truly enjoyed the time that I was able to spend as your DM and feel an absolute heel for pulling the rug out from under you like this - but it really is the only real way that I have to move forwards with some degree of confidence with being able to service the games that I will continue with.

Best of luck in your future gaming, and I'm sure I'll see you around the boards.

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