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Game Master Lupulus

Hi all, thanks for considering applying for my run of Live Exploration Extreme! as part of PbP Gameday VII, session I. This is my first GM run for organized play. I do GM an ongoing PbP that I run for some friends in real life on another board, and I've played about 10 SFS or PFS games here on Paizo boards or live. I have played this scenario before.

If you would like to apply, please post here with your desired character(s) and level(s), and links to the character profiles on this board. I'll announce a deadline at a later date (probably a little over a week so you don't have to wait too long), with at least 48 hours notice. The first 3 or 4 players will be selected at random. After that I'll be more subjective about picking people I know or setting up a balanced or better-leveled party. I'm aiming for the lower subtier, but not set in stone.

I like games on the quick side, so please be able to post at least once a day during the week, slower weekends are expected though.

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsbo)

I would love to join this with Ceolor here! It'd be a perfect continuation of his character arc! He has leveled up since his last game got out, but I haven't updated his sheet yet.


I would like to be considered for this adventure as well. I'm also pretty new to SFS and Starfinder in general. Levylissa is a level 1 lashunta envoy.

Liberty's Edge

Hey, I've got an android mechanic level 1 that would like to play. Are there any special tags for this scenario, like starship combat?

Will have him ready with a profile tag soon.

There are no faction tags, and there is NO starship combat.
This is a return to Salvation's End, so somewhat of a follow-on to #1-00 Claim to Salvation, but that is in no way required.


Ok, this is zer0darkfire's level 1 android mechanic Mythweavers sheet


Kallus Harridan is interested in this endeavor. Human Mystic (Overlord) 1.

Character Sheet


My mechanic here would love to participate as this scenario is the next one I want to run him through. He's currently in game but we should be finished by the time we start.

His Paizo character profile is up to date bar money/ xp/ fame/ boons/ purchases resulting from his current game.

He also has Claim to Salvation and First Mandate credit - both of which are relavant in this scenario.


Donovan Delecroix, human envoy, would like to join the mission.

OK 6 applicants so far, so I'm setting a deadline Sunday June 24 at noon Central US time. I'll pick then from whoever has applied.


Saeron Kasari, Lashunta Mystic, has logged her interest in the mission.

She has participated in First Mandate and may or may not have a score to settle.

Thanks in advance for considering her for the crew.

The following players were selected at lottery:
Ceolor Xusha
Code 34 Blue
Kallus Harridan
“Fixit” Fidorius Nyxit
Donovan Delacroix
Saeron Kasari

Dot in to gameplay when you'd like. I don't have the scenario yet for a proper introduction, but once the scenario support comes I'll post something more official there and PM you if I haven't seen you join. Still a ways before this game kicks off, so catch ya all later!

Levylissa Li Lilley I'll PM you first if anyone else can't make it.


Actually I have to remove myself. I'm already in a game of Live Exploration Extreme. Thanks and Game On!

Ok thanks for the note Don.
Levy, the spot is yours now if you want it!


Sure do


Hey there, I see that you're full, but in the event that anyone has to bow out before the game begins, let me know. Thanks!

Ok Gab, you are the waiting list


Also a late-comer, and a wait list of two is a long shot, but I will drop in my name as well. :)


If people are still on the waitlist, I'd be happy to drop my spot for them.

Ceolor Xusha never checked in and looks like he's signed up for another session 1 game, so I'm calling out to the waitlist via PM.

Blue you can definitely stay


Is this still open? My other slot with Gabbers hasn't started yet, so I can swap out if I can still get in here. Thanks!

Sorry Gab, I saw you were already joined up for another gameday session 1 slot so went to the forum to recruit, and now we have 6 checked in here already.

My bad, I should probably have PM'd you anyway but was looking to fill it and get things settled.

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