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This will be part of Gameday VII, Session 1

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Please take a look at my GM profile before signing up, to ensure that we are on the same page with expectations regarding pace of play. Thanks!

My recruitment works this way:
The table will be open for a minimum of 48 hours. After 48 hours if the table is full, seats are selected by lottery. If the table isn't full after 48 hours, it will convert to a "first come, first serve" table.

I also reserve 2 spots for new PBP (first 1-2 games on pbp), so please do not sign up for those spots if you are a PBP veteran. If more than 2 first time players sign up, the two spots will be lottery, and the remaining ones will be added to the main lottery with the others on the waiting list.

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Hi there! Just letting you know I applied for this game on the spreadsheet with either my level 3 Taldane/Ulfen occultist OR my level 2 dwarven fighter. I'd prefer to bring my occultist since this scenario is right up her alley, but if that would mess up your tier selection I'll bring my level 2 fighter instead. (If selected, of course. Haha).


Is this for core or regular ?

@meloriel Perfectly fine by me, I’ll keep that in mind

@Helikon This is for a standard game

I would like to play. I've never played PFS or PBP before. I'm reasonably familiar with Pathfinder from reading the rulebooks for years but am inexperienced in playing. I am signed up to play one other gameday game. I would prefer to use a lvl 1 pregen Kyra for now

Eternal_Twilight- That's just fine by me! Make sure you get yourself a shinny new PFS number. If you need help with that, let me know and I will point you in the right direction!

Edit; Nevermind, I see you have a number now. Excellent!

Library of the Lion was my first PFS scenario too. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Yay I hope I get in

Silver Crusade

Signed up!

Would Kyra, Amarsia Frostbite , Lovissa Halenbane, Solemnia, Etna Luul and Alrik all report to the office of Venture-Captain Muesello in Oppara at your earliest convenience!

Feel free to check in on the discussion thread and dot into gameplay. We still have some time to start, so don't worry about whether or not the character is free/finished at this point.

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