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Want to try RPGG? Here's an FAQ for you that I wrote for some people new to the site...

The best places to find games are the RPGG PbF Recruitment Forum (which is for recruitment of all types of RPGs) or the RPGG PFS Guild.

What's the deal with Avatars?
There are no alias's on here like there are on Paizo so you only get one. It requires you to spend 30 GeekGold (which is a site currency) to unlock this feature.

Where do I put my character info?
Without Alias's, this site works a little differently. Different GM's do this slightly differently but generally speaking it will be a list of all the game's character profiles in one place. There is a link to the list for this game in the first post. Please only post your character profile there. Most formating from Paizo is the same so a Copy & Paste from there will, with a little work, be sufficient.

How is RPGG different to Paizo?
Well, there are quite a few things actually....
1) You can always edit your post (there is no time limit where the edit function is removed).
2) You can change your posts font colour & size. This works great for speech. I encourage everyone to post their characters speech & thoughts in their chosen colour. This helps readability especially since there are no Alias's here.
3) You can insert pictures in your posts. This is not so relevant for characters but is especially useful for GM's as we can post handout & character portrait snapshots directly into the gameplay thread.
4) Rolling dice work differently. More on this shortly....

How do I format my posts on RPGG?
Remove the spaces from the tags below and you can do the following:
[ b][ /b] Bold
[ i] [ /i] Italics
[ u][ /u] Underlined
[ -] [ /-]Strikethrough
[ ooc] [ /ooc] Out of Character
[ size=x][ /size] Change your Font Size (Standard is Size 10)
[ COLOR=xxxxx][[ /COLOR] Change your Font Colour
[ url=xxxx][ /url] Link
[ q=xxxx][ /q] Quote
[ o][ /o]

These are all available via buttons when your are writing your posts - just highlight the appropriate text and push the button - Voila!

How do I get notifications of posts / How do I subscribe to this (or any other) thread (or forum)?
On the first post of any thread (or at the top of any forum), there will be a Subscribe button. This will add that thread (or any thread in the forum) to your subscriptions. These can be accessed by the Newspaper icon at the top left of your screen just to the right of the site logo. You can edit your subscriptions later if necessary by clicking on this icon and then choosing the "Manage my Subscriptions" option.

How do I roll dice on RPGG?
Short Version: With the GeekRoller. When you are writing a post, click on the "Roll" button. You will get a popup that will let you write out your dice expression (2d6+5 etc) and a description for it which is much like the [dice=xxxxx] section from Paizo. There is also this Wiki which goes into more detail if you get stuck. For those of you who come from the Paizo forums, another important difference is that you can't preview your post to see what the result is prior to posting.

RPGG PFS Conventions
For most PFS games on RPGG, players & GM's "thumb" a post to show that they have read it and will not be responding further to it. You can do this by clicking on the green thumb icon. You can unthumb the post but pushing it again. This is an easy way for all people participating to mark where everyone is at progress wise.

What else do I need to know?
It's not 100% necessary but I find the Quickbar to be very useful for navigation. If you are anything like me, you often read posts but don't have time right then to post / reply because you are on the move or for whatever other reason. If noone else then posts to that thread, then it will not reappear as a new post in your subscriptions. While you can still access everything you are subscribed to via the "Manage your Subscriptions" button I mentioned earlier, I find it very useful (and much faster) to link the Gameplay, Discussion and Character Listing threads directly in your Quickbar. The quickbar is basically a set of your own personal quick links that appears at the top of every page (although sometimes its on the left if you go exploring and are viewing content that is in the new format but all forums are still in the format where they are at the top). You can link directly to a specific post if you want to (best for linking directly to your characters profile). If you click on a post's date/time stamp then the url will change to one specific to that post. Similarly, for Gameplay & Discussion threads, you can link directly to the newest post in those thread by using the thread url and not the post url followed by "/new". At the top of the thread, there is a line that says Subject: "xxxxxx" where the XXXXX is linked. Click on that. The end of the page URL should be somewhat recognisable as the thread name. Copy and paste that into your quick link bar with /new on the end. ie https: // e-ic/new