Rise of the Runelords

Game Master Ted Blosser

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Hi all, first time Pathfinder GM here! For lack of a tabletop role-playing game group at the moment, I'm really excited to have a go at a pbp. There's a great community of gamers on these boards, and I hope to join in and contribute to the fun. Personally, I love creative writing, storytelling, and character development. Thus, I'm hoping to attract 4-6 players of a like mindset for a Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path game.

There are a few caveats to consider before expressing interest in this game...

1. As I said, I'm new to the ruleset (though I am a veteran player and GM of many other role-playing games, including some experience with D&D 3rd Edition). Therefore, expect some mistakes to be made. Further, I'm of the mindset that the rules should serve the story, not the other way around. Certain details may be handwaved occasionally, if I feel that the letter of the rules is a hindrance to the game's flow. Helpful reminders from players are welcome, but I am a firm believer that the GM is the final arbiter, not the rulebook.

2. The game should move at a steady, but modest, pace. Most days, I will post one or two times. I hope players will be able to do the same. There may be some days that I am unable to post at all, though this should be rare...and I will try to give advance notice when possible. Players who are accustomed to a furious multitude of posts per day may become frustrated.

3. I'm a fairly low-tech DM, though willing to try to learn new things. Nevertheless, I expect that often we will run combats with no tactical maps. There are two reasons for this. First, I fear that for me, mapmaking will become a huge time sink, which could hinder the game's progress. Second, I enjoy writing cinematic combat descriptions, and I hope my players will feel the same. I have found that it's easier to do this immersively when not counting out squares on a grid. I will discuss the handling of combat further with my players as we develop the campaign; for now, I just want to make sure prospective players know what to expect.

With all that being said...if interested, let's talk a bit. I'm not looking for characters right now, I'm looking for compatible role-players. I want to take my time and get this group right. So introduce yourself, tell me something about yourself, your family, your interests. How long have you been playing Pathfinder? Other role-playing games? What are some of your other hobbies? Movies, books, comics, video games? Are you involved in any other pbp games on these boards? What are you, as a player, looking for in a game?

Maybe this is an odd way to recruit for pbp, but I think it might pay dividends. Here, I'll start things off:

I'm Ted, 38 years old, married father of two young boys (4 and 5). We live in the Midwestern United States. I work in the healthcare field, which sometimes leads to odd/long hours...partly why I'm looking into pbp as a creative role-playing outlet. I collect a lot of comic books (I have about 8,000), mostly super-hero stuff. My wife and I watch a fair bit of TV together, especially The Amazing Race, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, and New Girl. I'm pretty into playing Skylanders with my boys right now (sometimes without them too...don't tell!) I got hooked on D&D upon laying eyes on the AD&D 1st edition Monster Manual in a hobby shop when I was in 2nd grade, and I've never looked back. I've tried my hand at playing probably two dozen different role-playing games over the years, and I still love the thrill of dreaming up new characters to play.

Recruiting is open until I say it's not. :) So then...who's up for a game?

Color my interest piqued. I'll fill out a bio as soon as I get home tonight from work.

Count me interested. Ethan was created for another RotRL campaign that ended after the first encounter.

He's all ready to go.

As far as me, personally:

I'm just shy of 40, married with two school-age kids. I have been playing RPGs since the second grade, when I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons through the Orange D&D Basic Set with the Erol Otus "Sorceress fighting Dragon Turtle" on the cover.

I am currently in three other PbPs here on the boards, but one of them is running pretty slow, maybe 2 or 3 posts a week, at best.

I am a consistent poster, and on the few ocassions when I have been unavailable, I have made it a point to leave an explanation and expectation of when I will be able to post again (usually no more than a couple of days).

Feel free to follow back through my primary alias "Cuchulainn" and check out my other game threads:

Kehlysch, the Gillman Aberrant-blooded Sorcerer in the Skulls and Shackles AP.

Xarafine, the human Bard/Monk in a low-magic Kingmaker AP

Broccan Dunchad, the human Fighter, in a fairly free-form Shackled City AP.

I hope this helps with your decision process. Thanks!

I'm interestet to participate in your campaign with this character.

to be honest I have started this mod several times and all of them have died not long after the intial encounters.

I started to DM this game but soon started to fall apart as the group started to have more of a life (in this case Jobs on shift work.)

I post frequentky when there is something going on but I don;t like to post just for the sake of posting (unless it is required to let people know I am still there.)

anyway I am in my 40's and have been palying D&D since the red boxed set (back when dwarf and elf were classes not races).

work in Nuclear power after several years in the Navy (submarine service) and also did a 3 year tour in the Army (pre-9/11)

most of my hobbies are gaming oriented I have a semi regular group where each week we rotate DM's -- find us on Facebook

Played every version except 4th just can't seem to get into that version for some reason.

lately I have been into Kung-Fu movies (loved the man with the Iron Fists. But will always enjoy House of Flying daggers) bet you can't guess my character idea? I am also a Dr Who fan started watching at the end of the Tom Baker era and have seen every episode available so far. (even the older ones from the 60's)

well enough for now hope this is what you are looking for.

Sounds good to me.....

I think we are on the same page....click on my name and read my rules for play by post.
I am pretty sure we are coming from the same place.

okay wouldn't let me edit previous post so... I'm almost 30, live south of St. Louis. Got into D&d when I found an old setup in my grandparents attic when I was in middle school. Discovered 3.5 in college (Mizzou). Started on pathfinder almost 2 years ago. Usually play gruff, serious, all business type characters, though I kinda have a hankering for a more light-hearted, happy-go-lucky personality this time.

My interests outside p&prpg's are

mostly older stoner rock like Kyuss, Nebula,& Sleep though some newer things like Clutch, High on Fire, Kamchatka, Black keys, Boy& Bear, etc.
video games:
mostly indie games like FTL, Botanicula, Darwinia lately but also Elder Scrolls Arena-Skyrim, warcraft, warhammer, GW, civ2 and civ 5, etc.
Football(college and pro, Mizzou and Bears fan from birth, also like Atlanta and San Fran), Baseball (Cardinals and Mariners), and Hockey (Blues and Canucks)
Green Lantern and Green Arrow primarily, a few others but nothing else is anywhere near as complete as those two
Primeval:New world, The Almighty Johnsons, Person of Interest. Big Bang Theory, Castle, and Elementary are what I'm watching currently

Any other questions just ask. I'm a very open person.

I recently posted about my inability to find a PbP AP that lasts. I have been in several RotRL, a couple of Carrion Crowns, at least one Kingmaker and a pair of Way of the Wicked. The WotW I left, but all the rest died.

I would dearly love to play RotRL, as its the game that launched Paizo and Pathfinder, and I really love Varisia.

As for me,

I'm 31, and have been gaming since 96, playing Vampire the Masquerade and other World of Darkness games, as well as Warcraft II and Heroes of Might and Magic 2

Since then I have played 3.x and absolutely love Pathfinder. I'm in several games here on the boards, the longest running being the Steel Wolves.

I too love comics, with a collection likely well past 10k, lots of art and singed comics. I go to conventions all the time, mostly New York Comic Con, though I have been to Wizard Philly several times as well as Baltimore Comic Con. I have thus met and even befriended lots of comic book people, many of them quite famous.

I have PC all ready for RotRL. I will post him next.

This is my submission. Even though he's never been in a game for very long, I have actually grown quite fond of him.

I also could see myself applying for this; I'm in a campaign for it right now, but it may well have died, as it's been going slowly for a while and nobody's posted in several days.

Right now my character for it is a dhampir inquisitor, although I'll probably rework him in a new game.

As for me as a player, I'm probably the youngest who's posted so far--in my teens, senior in high school. Been playing since I was about 9 or 10, started with 3rd edition and quickly changed to 3.5. I tried 4th, but didn't really get into it, and Pathfinder has become my RPG love--all the great things about 3.x, with most if not all the fixes that I felt were needed.


I have yet to play in a PbP game but I am 51, and actually played D&D from the booklets. I have the original copyright violation edition of 'Deities and Demigods'.

I read a lot, write fanfiction sometimes, garden, bake and game. I am married, we just had out 14th anniversary over Thanksgiving. We have five cats, hence the forum name.

I'm a huge fan of swing, musicals, jazz and dance music of any sort. My favourite movie is probably Casablanca, but that may change. My favourite books are anything by Jane Austen, George R R Martin and Lois Bujold. I'm currently reading the first of the Kingkiller books by Patrick Rothfuss.

A game we have fallen in love with is Flashpoint. What makes it great is that it is a cooperative game so everyone wins or everyone loses.

As for writing, this is a sample of my fanfic (D&D character stuck on Thedas (Dragon Age)).

Thanks for all of the responses so far! I'm really encouraged to see so many interesting folks take a shine to my ideas already. Lots of food for thought. As I peruse, are there any questions for me?

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

I'm also interested in this.

I'm a crazy 27 year old who tends to powergame to a rp ideal. For example the character I'll be wanting to play here is my spoof character of Indiana Jones. I've been itching to play this guy.

So.. what does Indiana Jones have have? his own theme music! And I've found away to get a few minutes of it. Though I need several books to do it.

Music wise, I stick to no genera. I pick songs. I love weird things. and the like.

Started in first edition D&D
Then second, dabbled in 3rd.......


Other lesser known games.....traveler, star wars, teenagers from outerspace,

Have a.comic collection,

Never got into video games, unless golden axe counts.....

Races and classes you are open to?

KenderKin wrote:


Races and classes you are open to?

Excellent question!

So, perhaps unsurprisingly, I tend to be a bit of a traditionalist here. I take a lot of my fantastic inspiration from Tolkien and those who followed in his steps. I have a romanticized attachment to the idea of a multi-racial 'fellowship' of heroes (dwarf, elf, hobbit, etc.) having come together to combat a great evil. :)

That said, I'm certainly open to character concepts which diverge from those traditions. The most important thing is that your PC should inspire you to breathe life into him/her as a three dimensional character. I suppose, therefore, that it might be more instructive to list a few things that I explicitly don't like. The following I will probably just flat out disallow:

-Evil aligned PCs (or really, any PC that can't play nicely with others...including the over-zealous LG Paladin perhaps?)

I'm also a little bit leery of Gunslingers and non-core races, but I can be persuaded to allow those choices with a terrific character concept. If anyone is interested in playing a non-core race, I think I would limit the possibilities to those listed here.

Most Archetypes should be okay too, if you're interested in selecting one of those.

My name is Matthew, I'm a second year medical student at St. George's University SOM in Grenada in the caribbean.

I'm 46 and was in advertising for 20 years. I like to do fun stuff with characters and so I write long backgrounds, make up cool spell cards and do fancy character sheets. You can see what kind of characters I make here under the pen and paper section.

Play by post

I'm playing two PbP games here on the boards, you can find their character sheets here for Esmerelda and here for Ghilanna.

What I bring to the group

I think I'm a very good writer although long-winded. I usually see things in creative or unusual ways and so rarely play in the classic mold. I also tend to see things cinematically in my head, so I'm usually wanting to describe custom spell effects or make characters that are very visually striking. This is more important to me than the crunch of the character, so I usually tend to be a little underpowered.


My hobbies are long hours at the library, taking 4 hour tests, stressing really bad before exams and freaking out until grades are released. It would be very convenient if I were a genius, but as I'm not, I just try to muddle through. I used to think I was the smartest person I know, now I've met the ones who really are and it can be pretty tough keeping up.


I've been married for 11 years. My wife and I met LARPing in Georgia. I have two dogs I'm crazy about and we are a very happy little family. I make good friends quickly and so have quite a few here at medical school and a lot more at home that I miss very much.

DnD Experience

I started playing when I was in 2nd grade. I saw five college students playing on the weekend at Florida State and they let me sit in for an hour. The 1st Player's Handbook came out a few weeks later and my mother got it for me for my birthday. I played heavily until college, becoming a Ravenloft fanatic in high school with the first module.

I stopped in college, then started again with AD&D. I played 3.0 and 3.5 fairly soon after it came out and switched to Pathfinder when they were dropped. I played one 4.0 game and had fun, but I'm the kind of person that has fun as long as I'm allowed to make a character I like, regardless of the ruleset.

I usually DM and am best known for my Ravenloft games which are brutally difficult. I run very personalized games with plots custom tailored for the particular PCs. While there is always a overarching story, I pretty much take the game in whatever direction they do. I use villains from their histories and have even made some of them the villains on occassion. I usually come up with my own PrCs for them, giving them 3 choices or letting them stick with their original class.

I had three sets of the original first and second DnD books and every book ever published for Ravenloft, even when they were republished for new rules systems. However, I either sold or gave away almost everything I owned when I started medical school, so there are some very happy gamers in Atlanta with some classic books.

What I like

I like to make characters with a lot of personality that kind of buck the trend of what everyone else is playing. I'm not much of a min/maxer and so my characters usually have a lot of unnecessary skills or underpowered spells/feats. I make a new character for every submission based on my mood at the time, ideas I get from other players and what the DM is looking for. I kind of stumble around until I get a germ of an idea, make the character, write the background and then go back and modify the character to match what I wrote.

I like to play casters and hybrids and almost never play melee characters. I've wanted to play RotRL for a while now and hope to make a crafter character out of Magnimar or a Cypher Mage out of Riddleport. I kind of want to play a golemancer, but I'm having trouble taking the plunge because you have to base your character around them and they are pretty weak. I also have a picture in my head of a cleric/paladin with spiritual weapons floating around his head, so maybe I'll go that way if I can figure out how to make it.

Other APs I want to play

I came to these boards to try to find games of either Rise of the Runelords and Carrion Crown but have since become interested with some of the others I've seen. I'd also like to try Second Darkness or Shattered Star. For the others, I look to see if a character comes to me and if it does, I apply.

I have a character in an almost dead RotR that I LOVE. I submitted him to another game that will have decisions made tomorrow. So I will wait and see what happens with that. If he is selected there I will dream up something new here.

Do you know when you are going to close recruitment?

Perhaps an orc Paladin?

I have done a half-orc paladin and have wanted to go full out orc....

The campaign trait would be foster child.

Maybe a bit on how I play a paladin is in order. Mostly I believe paladins talk too damn much.

Things you might hear my paladin say.....
"What is the meaning of this!"

"I do not answer to you."

I do not brow-beat others, act pushy, nor play lawful stupid.

Let me know if this idea interests you.

MiniGM wrote:
Do you know when you are going to close recruitment?

I'll most likely refrain from making any decisions until the weekend has passed. That said, I could see closing the process sooner if I find six prospective players that I just can't turn away. I'll tell you right now that there are already at least three very strong possibilities here.

Liberty's Edge

Howdy. Im interested and will throw my hat in the ring.

Im Mike. Im 53. Been playing D&D since 1975. Probably played every role playing game known to man at one time or another, though I have a fondness for Pathfinder now.

Im very very into the story aspect of the game. To me thats what draws me to PBP....It gives me a creative outlet.

I havent been in a PBP game in some time, though once was pretty avid. That being said, I can post pretty much every day.

Role playing style is more into the role and not the roll. Im not a power gamer nor a min maxer. but would rather create an interesting character that is fun to write for.

Other interests are war gaming, civ IV (though I-III were good too. V doesnt grab me though) I too read comics. top 5 are JLA, LSH, Avengers, FF, and Agents of Thunder...yeah Im a sucker for team books. I enjoy Heroclix, Mayfairs Rail Games, and Fantasy movies. I love nature and historical sites.

Im married and have a son, 13 who Im teaching to enjoy rpg's. It frustrating to me right now though that he only takes wierd races and character classes...

Last three characters he ran were a Kobold Summoner, An Oread Ninja, and an Undine Samurai...why because they are cool....his next character he wants to play is a Ratfolk Gunslinger *groan*

Me? I tend to run normal things and make them interesting in play.

well I wouldn't want to miss out. So here is my character that I adore. I am actually being rushed to get out the door to an xmas party so I will put some rushed bullet points about me below.

I am in my 30's a teacher and a performer. I played RPG's mostly Heroe's Unlimited up through High school, then learned that is was uncool to do that.

I quit playing for years until about 2 years ago when I was guided to the PFS society. Great time. Now I play that about 3 times a month. I am in several PbP campaigns, unfortunately several have had DM's drop on us. Though 2 seem to be going strong, one over 2500 posts the other steadily trucking though at a slower rate. I am also running two PbP campaigns. One is just around 1500 Gameplay posts and going strong the other is younger but still cruising along.

I usually am able to post several times a day without issue. I am more of a role player than roll player.

I'm feeling kindda shy about this, so I'll follow your lead.

I'm Rune, 27, college student (majoring in history), engaged. I'm from Brazil, actually, though mainly because of years of reading and videogames, I can read and write a fairly good English. I'm the main DM on the groups I play, and I play pbps to get that player experience I crave so much. I also collected Marvel comic books when growing up and recently begun anew due to my fiancée's sudden interest (The Avengers movie, man!). We also watch a couple shows together (Battlestar Galactica, Dexter, Game of Thrones and recently the dreadful Arrow).

I started on RPGs with White Wolf's Vampire the Masquerade which was a really big hit here in Brazil for some reason. From then I played AD&D 1st edition with a friend on high school. When 3rd edition hit the shelves I knew I tried my hand at GMing and haven't stopped since (my fondest memories were playing with some books translated into Portuguese and some in their original English). I began a Forgotten Realms campaigns which still goes on (extremely slowly, since the group now has jobs/families to care for).

I like the exotic options in their places (like a Skull and Shackles campaign, for instance). I like Runelords precisely because it starts in a small town with residents trying to protect it, and on the process turning into Big Damn Heroes. I've always meant to play a down-to-earth hunter or farmer with a house and family in town, who goes adventuring but always dreaming of returning home to his family.

I'm Lloyd, so yes, my name is my name, 25 year-old senior studying Food Science at BYU, a university in Utah. My love of role-playing games began with Tech readouts for Battletech, the Monstrous Compendium, and games like King's Bounty and Heroes of Might and Magic. Though I didn't know it at the time, I was destined to be a DM. Monsters are cool! With age came money, and throughout high-school I purchased many of 3rd edition books, mostly core and Scarred Lands related. The mission was my first real experience playing, a short-lived campaign that relied on very much on half-remembered rules and 'Sounds about right'. Also clandestine care packages containing flash drives followed by a very surprising ruling from the mission president.

Once reunited at university, a companion and I decided the time had come to really play the game, as it was meant to be played. And so, we assembled a team of innocent, but eager, players and plunged ourselves into Pathfinder. By dint of superior rules knowledge, I was chosen to DM, and so began our first campaign, Kingmaker! That campaign has continued, with interruptions for various school breaks, for about two years now and much fun is still being had by all. Since then, two other campaigns have begun, a modified Jade Regent and an odd CN rogue&sorcerer game that has been intersecting with the Kingmaker campaign at random times. I'm also running two solo PbP games here on the boards.

I have almost no experience as a player though, as shown above, a fair amount of experience with the game itself. Main hobbies are reading(Tolkien, Eddings, Bujold, Butcher), music, and hiking.(Viva la Camino de Santiago!) Though yoga is working it's way up there. Single currently, though working on changing that. Second of four children, both parents are teachers descended from teachers and it seems likely I will follow in their footsteps. Interesting tidbit about me is I spent the summer hiking(Way of Saint James and Hadrian's Wall)/bumming(London during games, Cologne, Brussels) around europe this summer.

Count me in.

Note my character is made to peak at level 3.

First, let me say that it's always nice to see new blood with respect to GM'ing here. I haven't been doing PbP long, but with the ratio of GM to player, it can be particularly tough to get into games that you truly find interesting.

Anyway, on the point of the post. My name's Chris, I'm 38, married with 4 kids all under the age of 10, live in Colorado, and have been playing DnD games since the late 80's. I inherited my brother's stuff (which included the red box as well as several early-edition 1st edition stuff) when he went off to college, and played throughout high school and college (moving through 2nd edition to 3rd in the process).

Since then, RPG activity hasn't been a big part of my life (except for a several-year stint playing Shadowrun 3rd and 4th edition)...that is, until I found PbP about a month and a half ago. I'm currently in 3 PbPs (a Carrion Crown AP, a PFS First Steps, and a homebrew), and think I could take on one or two more easily.

I would be extremely interested in joining a group of folks looking to do some serious RP. I enjoy getting into my characters, putting a lot of thought into backgrounds, motivations, etc., and like it when I have the opportunity to expose some of that to the group. I don't consider myself a writer, per se, but I do make an effort to make things easy to read (spelling, grammar, etc.).

Regardless, if/when you're looking for character concepts, I'd be very interested in submitting one.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Okay, here is my important questions.. I'm going to throw together a character. Human, Bard, Archeologist. Stats?

Is there any other race that gets the Humans' favored class racial for bard?

Scarab Sages

I am 40 years old and am in the Army. I recently returned to rpg and am involved in on play by post. I would live to be apart of this, the concept for Kyroden is young treasure hunter.

Hello Runelord Ascendant Wanted to let you know that I think your recruitment method is spot on. I recently (just last week) started a Serpent's Skull game and got over 30 great characters and had to get them down to 6 - not the easiest of tasks.

Want to wish you luck in your first endeavor and to tell you from where I sit you are starting off on the right foot.

Have fun everyone.

I think this is an awesome way to start a campaign on these boards.
Jenni, 30, on the US East Coast.
2nd generation gamer, so been playing roughly since birth. I believe I swallowed my first d10 before I could speak. First started playing dumbed down 1st ed with my dad DMing my friends around 8 or 9, graduated to WoD as teenagers (oh yes, nerd elitists we were) and came back to D&D in time for the millenial edition wars. First saw Pathfinder in beta (around 2007 or 8, I want to say?) and began playing it as my main game about 3 years ago. I still play dumbed down 1e sometimes. Soon it will be my kids turn to start
Lately, been really turned on to Savage Worlds to the point where I have to stop myself from evangelizing it.
Beyond gaming, I like hiking and kayaking and anything that gets me out into the woods. I was a pretty accomplished chef once, but having kids seems to have put an end to that.
I love my fantasy and my sci-fi, but even more I love horror and mystery type entertainment. I am traditional. I think vampires are sexy the way leeches are sexy, I like heroes better than anti-heroes, and I prefer to keep my evil races evil. My sense of humor is dark enough that I try to keep it out of the hands of children and strangers.
I'm taking you at your word and will only say this: if chosen, I will play a character of some sort that conforms to whatever guidelines you set.

Ævux wrote:

Okay, here is my important questions.. I'm going to throw together a character. Human, Bard, Archeologist. Stats?

Is there any other race that gets the Humans' favored class racial for bard?

Truthfully, I don't really want to get too far into character creation mode until I have selected a roster of players. I think the PC creation phase of the game will go better if everyone takes an interactive approach. You should know up front that I won't do much more than glance at any character sheet you put together at this time. With that said, if you still want to work on a PC sheet, I'd say use a 15 point ability score buy as a baseline. As for your second question, not to my knowledge.

EnWorld's HolyMan wrote:

Hello Runelord Ascendant Wanted to let you know that I think your recruitment method is spot on. I recently (just last week) started a Serpent's Skull game and got over 30 great characters and had to get them down to 6 - not the easiest of tasks.

Want to wish you luck in your first endeavor and to tell you from where I sit you are starting off on the right foot.

Have fun everyone.

Thank you for the well wishes! I appreciate the neighborly sentiment. :)

I'm going to revise my earlier estimate...at this rate, I can't see holding open the recruiting process for more than another day or so, tops. Several of you folks just look like such wonderful people to game with! We'll have a strong party of six in short order, methinks.

Question for Ethan Sower:

Are you interested in playing in the campaign only as Ethan? Would you have any desire to create a new player character from scratch to take part in the game, or would that be a deal breaker? Let me know your thoughts.

I'm also On the young end of things Junior in College. I've been playing for about a year and 1/2 now. I know compared to everyone else here I'm not very experienced time wise, but I like to think that I can add to a group. Most of what I have played are monks (they have some pretty OP prestige class)

As for me personally, I'm big into Anime. Particularly Bleach and Naruto Shippuuden. I also enjoy a good book: LOTR, Enders Game, ect. anything sci-fi.

Hey RA,

I like the way you are going about recruitment. It makes a lot of sense to me. Finding a compatible group of players is so important to a good quality game, though in here, the focus is often on finding a compatible group of well made characters.

About me, I'm mid thirties, married, two kids (3 and 1), and I live in Western Canada. I'm also in the healthcare industry, working in a hospital, so I can understand the schedule issues.

I started playing in the 3rd grade with TMNT and other strangeness, moved into heroes games, and made a push in my group to get us into a fantasy game, even though I was the only one who seemed interested in it. I eventually convinced them, and the genre has been my favourite ever since. I've played a wide array of systems, Palladium, 2nd Ed D&D, Gurps, Cyberpunk, L5R, 3.5, and now Pathfinder. I pretty much love Pathfinder now, and I haven't played anything else in a while. My other interests are a mix of regular geek stuff, computer games, board games, fantasy novels, TV shows, and some extra geeky stuff such as amateur bow making. I also have a big interest in martial arts, though I haven't trained in it much since my kids came along, I have quite a few years under my belt.

As far as the game goes, I tend to feel the story should be paramount, and come before the rules whenever the two conflict. I'm a bit of a romantic, and I love the classic story of a group of average country folk being thrown together by circumstances and fighting against impossible odds for ridiculous stakes, no matter how cliché the idea may have become, and I generally feel that it's usually the underpinning concept of all the truely epic feeling games I've participated in. I like us to be the heroes, and I like there to be no doubt that we're the good guys. My favourite concept is usually some aspect of the everyman, a regular guy of some sort, now fighting because he has to, and because it's the right thing to do.

I'm a reliable poster, you'll notice I have a decent number of posts behind me. In addition, I've never dropped or been booted from a game, and running two games myself, I've never let a game lapse thus far. I like what I see about your style, so I hope you'll enjoy my playing style as well.

Runelord Ascendant wrote:

1. As I said, I'm new to the ruleset (though I am a veteran player and GM of many other role-playing games, including some experience with D&D 3rd Edition). Therefore, expect some mistakes to be made. Further, I'm of the mindset that the rules should serve the story, not the other way around. Certain details may be handwaved occasionally, if I feel that the letter of the rules is a hindrance to the game's flow. Helpful reminders from players are welcome, but I am a firm believer that the GM is the final arbiter, not the rulebook.

Hello RA.

Interestingly enough my demographics aren't too different (though I am West Coast). I too grew up on playing 1e AD&D and I also own Deities and Demigods as well as the PHB with the guys prying the huge ruby out of the statue's eye. While I would love to find a dedicated group for playing, what caught my eye was your statement above. I always find it interesting how many DM's say that the story should come first. Despite growing up and loving 1e, a couple of years ago my good friend and rekindled our love of D&D and tried the 3.5 version (can't take 4e). I find the revamping of the rules incredibly liberating as both a player and a DM. I've come to realize that the rules are the framework for allowing the players to create their own story. IME, when DM's set aside the rules to impose the story, it ceases to become a game. As a player, it makes me feel like I'm no longer in control of my destiny. D&D and PFRPG, imho, are fun as is. And when played as written, the story writes itself.

That having been said, I completely agree with hand-waiving things that make the game really tedious, i.e. weight to the pound, wealth to the copper, etc.

Also agree with the above poster. It's far far far more important to find the right people rather than looking for the right applications.

In any event, thanks for sharing.

Read some of the player accompaniment for the path, I absolutely fell in love with the setting. It really paints the scene well and I think it paints a wonderful backdrop to rp against.

Then I will introduce myself too.

I'm Stephan, 32 years old and father of one son (3,5 years old). I'm living in south west Germany. I work as an commissioning technician and controller programmer for ventilation systems and air conditioning systems.
My hobbys are JuJutsu, LARP and Pen&Paper RPG (Pathfinder and Savage Worlds at the moment). I'm playing since the age of 14 and startet with a small german ruleset named DSA. Then we moved through several other rulesets (AD&D 2nd, Vampire, MERS, Shadowrun 2.0 - 4.0, D&D, Savage Worlds, Pathfinder).

The Exchange

French and Wolf are two nicknames I picked up along the way. Frenchie from a succession of badly accented French characters in a series of different Convention games here in the UK and Wolf from my football (soccer?) team and the t-shirts I always wore.

Father of two, and my 5 year old son, Archie, recently made his first true character, Mourngrym, the dwarf ranger (because he liked the picture in the Core Rulebook). We use the games to instil some stealth homework including paying for his castle - it cost 250p or about 4 dollars. But I have to be careful with the monsters he fights since his little sister is scared by certain undead figures. He has no such qualms.

My gaming centres around organising two mini-cons a year for a dozen or so friends in a local seafront pub. It is a weekend of various Pathfinder DMs running different adventures for everyone all in a setting I devised. That is the only tabletop gaming I can fit in but it does mean I have time to write. So far Raging Swan have published two that I was involved in, Henchmen and Hirelings and Villainous Pirates. I am currently drafting the next one a dwarven mountain village and side adventure. Hopefully RS will like it too.

For me the pacing of your game matters alot and once a day is about right. As a 46 year old house husband and part time private Maths tutor I tend to be online a couple of times a day. I'm in a few games but only one has consistent posting and that is a Carrion Crown game.

When not writing or reading around Dungeons and Dragons I follow Liverpool Football Club and the Green Bay Packers. The latter is doing much better than the former, although I have placed a side bet on Peyton Manning.

I do not mind one bit that you aren't aux fait with Pathfinder. I can help with that, it is something I have done for numerous friends at Cons and home, including even training up a fellow DM to run a successful Kingmaker. As for who is in charge, from first edition onwards there has only been one boss and that is the guy with the screen and the monsters.

However a few years back I was struck dumb by a Games Workshop manager who looked me in the eye and told me he was an "awesome DM!" Awesome is not a word that sits well with me, I prefer to strive to do better. Maybe that is the British nature but I doubt I will ever reach the heights of awesome - although my mates rib me about it all the time calling me the A word whenever they want to get a rise out of me. This is especially true when you mention map-making. My lack of ability in that direction is the one reason I haven't started a game on these boards recently. When I finally knuckle down and get to grips with the likes of Maptools maybe a pipedream.

Finally as for characters I tend to play whatever the party needs, most often that is the spellcaster. However I gravitate towards holy warriors and in my last two failed Rise of the Runelords games I played clerics of honour and duty.


Tough choices.....

Maybe keep everyone and run two groups ; )

KenderKin wrote:

Tough choices.....

Maybe keep everyone and run two groups ; )

Tough choices, indeed. Seeing how I'm already going to be faced with some difficult cuts, I think I'll go ahead and close the recruitment process now. I'll add that this is happening much sooner than anticipated, which is a testimony to how many terrific players have expressed interest (well above my cap of six PCs)!

Sorry, but I don't think there's any possibility of running two groups through this. I'm very cognizant of the danger of overextending myself, and I really want to focus on one group and running the game to my best ability.

So then...I'll need to select six players from the list of those who have already posted in this forum. Today is pretty busy, as I have an early family holiday get together for most of the day. I'll think on things tonight, and post my choices once I've made the difficult decision. It may be tonight, tomorrow, or Monday at the latest.

If any of you have any further questions for me, please don't hesitate. Thank you one and all!

Hello my name is Spencer, and I like roleplaying games. I am a 33 year old American expatriate living in the Canary Islands. I got married to a Spanish girl a year ago, which is what brought me here. I don't have a long history of playing roleplaying games. In fact the three pbp games I have gotten into here on the boards are the first I have ever played. I have had an interest in RPG since high school but never knew anyone that played or how to get involved in a group. I have mostly fed my craving for fantasy adventure through books and video games. Unfortunately when I moved here the video games stayed behind in the US and all the books available here are in Spanish (I do not speak Spanish). I am currently working on the last year of a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. I spent five years active duty in the Marines before starting school. My wife is not as into fantasy/science fiction and the rest of this stuff as I am but she is being understanding and I am hoping she will become more interested with enough exposure.
I don't know a lot about this genre of play. I own and have read the pathfinder core rules as well as some of the supplement material but I don't know the rules well.
I like to think that the character and the story are more important than the mechanics of the game. I try to build the character to match the character concept and background.
I am only playing in two games right now. I was in a RotRL game but it died shortly after the first fight, the GM vanished.

I am going to hope you are going to consider me for play since I was writing my post when you put up the post about closing the recruitment, and didn't see it until things refreshed when I submitted my post. If not thats cool. Thanks for providing this opportunity.

Liberty's Edge

Runelord Ascendant wrote:

Question for Ethan Sower:

** spoiler omitted **

Ethan, here, posting under my default alias.

Runelord Ascendant:

I can make another character, no problem. I am pretty easy-going.

If you need a different character type, I'm happy to fill-in any necessary role.

The Exchange

Runelord Ascendant wrote:
KenderKin wrote:

Tough choices.

If any of you have any further questions for me, please don't hesitate. Thank you one and all!

Runelord Ascendant could you tell me if you plan to stick close to the AP? Not that either of my characters have made it very far but it gives us a little more info on your style of GMing.


Good luck Runelord, and hope to hear from you soon. Choosing players is tough.

I missed the recruitment window!?! Oh the agony! I guess I really should have gotten on the ball last night. I ran across the thread and put off throwing in my hat until today.

I have a good feeling about this one, so I'll be spectating, if that's alright.

Good luck everyone!

Just reaffirming my interest. I know my post was rushed and bullet point like. Hope that doesn't ruin my chances.

I also know that I said I had submitted this character two places, but this is my top choice by FAR.

Good luck all, fingers crossed.

TheThousandfold wrote:
I missed the recruitment window!?! Oh the agony! I guess I really should have gotten on the ball last night. I ran across the thread and put off throwing in my hat until today.

Same here - didnt have time for a detailed write up of myself last night and I missed it already?

For the record, I think the response youve gotten shows this was the absolutely right way to have recruited. And if you run out of 40 year old, gaming since age 9, hadnt played in 10 yrs until this summer when an old DM got the band back together for a skype/d20pro game, just joined a pdp for the first time and am anxious to do more, old school gamer types......please look me up!

And above all, good luck to you and the group!

French Wolf wrote:

Runelord Ascendant could you tell me if you plan to stick close to the AP? Not that either of my characters have made it very far but it gives us a little more info on your style of GMing.


I do plan to stick closely to the plot as presented in the AP (though some details may change as to best fit the tendencies of the group). I've tried my hand at homebrew adventures, but I find that the professionals just do it so much better. Does that mean that we run the risk of the occasional railroad job? I suppose so, but I figure you all must be at least somewhat okay with that, else why apply for a game running an AP in the first place, hmm? ;)

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