PbP Gameday VII: PFS Scenario #8-22: Wrath of the Fleshwarped Queen [Tier 1-5] (Inactive)

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When members of the Shoanti Axe Clan saw fire shooting up into the sky over Varisia's Caliphak Mountains, they rushed to investigate. They found a pair of doors inscribed with runes from ancient Thassilon, along with clear signs that the doors had recently been opened. In recognition of the Axe Clan's expanding alliances, the Shoanti offered both the Society and a priest of Soralyon from Riddleport the opportunity to explore the ruin and neutralize its dangers. Now that the priest has vanished within the complex, the PCs must uncover the ruin's history before the Shoanti lose faith in them and take matters into their own hands.

Greetings Pathfinders!

Though this is my first attempt to GM a PFS game in play-by-post, this style of gaming is very familiar to me, as I've been running pbp games on another board for more than 20 years.

This game will begin on 8/13/18, and is a part of PbP Gameday VII, which boasts a great many games you might be interested in (besides this one, of course!)

As noted in the title, this game is geared for PFS characters between levels 1-5, and once I've got 12 folks that have signed up I will select six based on party balance as far as character level and classes. I will make the choice within a week or so after getting 12 applicants, so those that aren't selected can continue to look for games elsewhere before Gameday VII begins on 8/13.

When you apply, please post with the character profile you will be gaming with. I strongly prefer character sheets completely filled out at the time of application, but so long as I know character race, class and level I can allow further time to create the character sheet itself in the profile - so long as it's completed no later than July 31. Character profiles that have applied (and been accepted) without a complete character sheet by that date will be dropped from the adventure and I will seek replacement characters before the 8/13 start date.

I can, and usually will, post every day and would like to see the same from my players, since this is intended to be a fast-moving adventure. There will certainly be exceptions to this rule on my part, and I have no problem if the same happens on the part of my players as well, but please don't make it a habit. If you are unable to keep up with this place, I do ask that you apply to another adventure that better matches your own expectations and needs.

I do use maps, but I use a Roll20 map that players cannot manipulate themselves. Instead I'll have a grid set up, so that you can give me details as to how you move in combat situations by specifying which grid square you intend to move into - and preferably your route to get there, especially if you might be threatened by AoOs, or spell effects, or any other hazards such as difficult terrain and the the like. The less specific you are in your post, the harder it is for me to try and figure out your movement and though I'll try to do the best I can to do so, you might find yourself in a different square than that which you intended if I can't make your movement match up to what you posted. For that reason, be as specific as you can, please.

I'd also ask players to try and keep in mind where they act in the initiative order, and be proactive in determining how the combat situation might change prior to their character's action. Giving me alternative actions based on a potentially changing situation (i.e. I attack Goblin #2, but if he's down before my action, move 3 squares east and attack Golbin #4) would be very helpful to me when I construct my combat posts.

Other than the above, all I ask from my players is to be respectful of other players and to enjoy the game!

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Applying with this character - Kroone is a Level 1 Nagaji Paladin with only a single session so far.

Grand Lodge

I'd like to apply for this table. I have 3 characters in range available.

Ash - level 3 bouncer and pugilist (UnRogue Scout 1/Brawler 2)

Anibal - level 4 bounty hunter (Zen Archer Monk 3/Heretic Inquisitor 1)

Malik - level 5 herbalist and medicine man (Hydrokineticist 5)

So depending on the tier you'd be going with, assuming I get through the selection process.

I have more characters than sense and have several that would be in-tier for this.
Full disclosure: I've only done one PbP, but would like to join in the fun as this is one of the few scenarios I've seen come up I've not played or GM'd.

For low-tier, I'd offer:
"Chance" - halfling Pai-Zin Life Oracle 2
"Dapper" - elven cleric of Count Renalc 1 / Swashbuckler 1 (Cha Lvl 2)

For either tier, I'd offer:
"Heilsteinn" - Unbreakable Fighter 1 / Cleric of Immonhiel 2 (Cha Lvl 3.2)

For high-tier, I'd offer:
"Ashfeather" - Tengu Inquisitor of Pharasma 4

I'll update the profile for whichever works best for PbP with all of the current info for the char.

To be fair and give players a better chance to find other games, I've decided that only if there is heavy interest into next week will I only take the first 12 folks that have signed up and then select six as noted above. In this manner, I expect to hopefully have the decision made by Friday, June 29th so those that aren't selected can find other games. If the recruitment thread hasn't reached six players by that time, I will just take first come, first served and make the announcement that the adventure is full after six players have signed on.

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Pirate Rob here.

Rah'im is a 5th level Unchained Barbarian Skinwalker.

Character sheet is complete however I do plan on playing the character once in July which may lead to more purchases but won't level him.

Grand Lodge

"Gawds, this again?"
Galdur 'Fichead sadha' is interested. Dwarf Wizard/Summoner 1/1.

Preferred is Vornsk, tiefling Occultist (3rd-4th?), but I haven't made her profile yet.

Liberty's Edge

Roscoe would like to offer his services.

(Ninja 2)

Sovereign Court

Will apply with Zzorn here (tier 1-2 only)

Barbarian 1 / Fighter 1

The Exchange

Galdur XXII 'Fichead sadhà' wrote:

"Gawds, this again?"

Galdur 'Fichead sadha' is interested. Dwarf Wizard/Summoner 1/1.

Preferred is Vornsk, tiefling Occultist (3rd-4th?), but I haven't made her profile yet.

Confirmed: Vornsk is only second level, can likely be 3rd before August.

I will go ahead and set the table now, with the following players that match best as far as character levels and class mix go:

Kroone - Level 1 Nagaji Paladin

NotEspi (Ash) - UnRogue Scout 1/Brawler 2

TimD (Chance) - Halfling Pai-Zin Life Oracle 2

Galdur XXII (Vornsk) - Tiefling Occultist 3?

Roscoe Thorngage - Ninja 2

Zzorn - Barbarian 1 / Fighter 1

If any of the above players want to bring another character of the same level (or no higher than 3 at any rate) that works fine as well, the ones offered and chosen above just seems a good blend to me.

Rah'im, thanks for your interest, but the Level 5 seemed a bit too high tier for what the others had to offer. Good luck in your travels, Pirate Rob!

For the rest of you, feel free to use the Discussion tab to get to know each other. I'll be asking for more information from everyone soon, and let you know more about what to expect. Thanks for joining the adventure!

No worries, best of luck!

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