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Hi, folks!

I am in need of at least two players for a table of 7-01: Between the Lines. We currently have:

- pacifist diplomancer sorcerer 5
- conjuration arcanist 4
- spear-wielding shaman 3

With that said, we are in need of a few martials, preferably at least one frontliner. I did message a player that was with us in the previous scenario, but they didn't get back to me so far. They would be a barb 2.

So we have spells, we have heals, we have a hex or two, we have summons, and we have a boatload of diplomacy.

What we lack is a frontline and ranged attacks.

PM me if you're in the 3-5 range and interested. Thanks!

Well, that was fast. Filled, thanks!

I might make another post over the weekend to grab one more player, if the barbarian doesn't get back to me.

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Folks, I edited the titles of my two Clash in Kaimuko Wood threads, and it broke the links in the scenario listing. Sessions 19 and 64. Not sure if it is necessary at this point, since both tables are full, but if need be, the current links to the threads can be found here:

19 -

64 -

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I'd like to apply for this table. I have 3 characters in range available.

Ash - level 3 bouncer and pugilist (UnRogue Scout 1/Brawler 2)

Anibal - level 4 bounty hunter (Zen Archer Monk 3/Heretic Inquisitor 1)

Malik - level 5 herbalist and medicine man (Hydrokineticist 5)

So depending on the tier you'd be going with, assuming I get through the selection process.

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Session #19 (9-19: Clash in Kaimuko Wood [5-9]) is filled up.

I had a bunch of extra applicants after the lottery, so I opened another table for the same scenario (#64) that I marked as already filled up. Just to make sure 19 and 64 don't get confused. Effectively, both are filled up, but 19 needs to be marked as such.


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Opening a Gameday table for 6 people for a 5-9 scenario Clash in Kaimuko Wood (#9-19).

Recruitment can be found HERE.

Good luck!

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Archibald Peck wrote:

Hello, great and wonderful Flaxseed Lodgers!

We seem to have been abandoned by our GM over at our table of Lion's Justice!

We are just entering Vernisant's home to try and case the place so we still have....MOST of the scenario to go I would wager.

Its been 2 weeks since we have heard from Baerlie and Redelia suggested I post here asking for help.

How far in are you? I might take over but I am leaving mid-May and that would just leave you out in the woods again.

Barlie is in one of my own games (as a player), and they were awfully quiet recently. I thought something was up.

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I'm talking about stuff like special edition 1E AP releases before the new edition hits.

Leather hadrcovers of a few selected AP's and so on? Maybe even a last print of the CRB or so? While I will check out 2E, I plan on playing 1E for at least a few more years. The Starfinder CRB limited ed is simply amazing to look at, and I would not at all mind adding similar-looking releases to my shelf.


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UnArcaneElection wrote:
The Witch sub-guide says that Cartomancer can enchant their Harrow Deck, but I can't find anything in the archetype text that says you can do this without Create Wondrous Item (it isn't like a Wizard's Bonded Item, unless PFS adds this independently of what the archetype text says).

It doesn't, but you can always purchase it as a service, as if buying a +x weapon. That's what it means, anyway. Deadly Dealer and Arcane Strike don't seem to allow such an enhancement other than the +1/5 CL damage enhancement (as a swift).

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Ladies and Gentlemen!

Would you like to live the dream of exploring a snowy peak of a mountain in order to find bones of an ancient dragon? Well, I have just the opportunity for you! Go and play Skyrim!

For those who wish to do this NOT in virtual reality, we still have 1 slot open for my To Scale the Dragon outpost game. Tier 5-9, current APL is precisely 5, as we have all level 5 characters in the game so far.


Come do it for science!

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I thought as much, just wanted to confirm. Cheers, folks.

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Hi folks. We had an issue yesterday in one of our PbP games, wherein the antagonist has an illusion set up in the location of the encounter to buff. What we also have in the group is a pacifist character whose player made a decision to never inflict direct damage on anyone. With this in mind, the character casted a Charm Person spell on the illusion. Naturally, this did not do anything, but - an interesting question popped up afterwards.

Since it is an invalid target for the spell (Charm person target is specified as a one humanoid creature), can the spell even be used/expended in this way?

As per the CRB text on page 208, I ruled that the spell slot was expended for that day and the spell is wasted:


Spell Failure

If you ever try to cast a spell in conditions where the characteristics of the spell cannot be made to conform, the casting fails and the spell is wasted.

I checked for an official ruling on enchantment spells and/or abilities on illusion effects, but was not able to find anything.

Character in question is a spontaneous caster (sorcerer), so keeping the spell slot would be useful, but can they?

TL;DR: Spontaneous caster casts an enchantment spell on an illusion of a creature. Is the spell slot used up for the day?


PS: This is in a PFS game. In any other case, it would be a non-issue and a house ruling would have been made. Unfortunately, I can't do that in this case.

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I did make one occultist build so far. If anyone has an awesome idea or a concept, I made a copy of the document HERE, so feel free to contribute. remember to put your name into the build so I can credit where it's due. Another concept I had was focusing on summoning aids with the conjuration school and the servitor power + bow attacks from range.

Other than that I have nothing so far. Perhaps a blaster, but I would have to build a 6 level spellcasting class to focus on spells, which is honestly not my cup of tea. A diviner is nice, but it's nothing I'd probably use in PFS games due to their restrictive nature.


Added this to the Elementalist witch build:

[Additional note - due to recent (2017) changes to Snowball as a spell, you need to beat spell resistance when applied. It is still a solid spell to use, however. In its previous state it was just stupidly good to not abuse. Spell penetration feats and piercing spell metamagic feat are your friends!]

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Alright then. Not gonna lie, I had a super-lazy Saturday and was running a rather sudden oneshot on Sunday, so I apologise for the delay.

In any case - the lottery as promised. Highest and lowest number will get an invite. If they refuse. I will go for the second highest/lowest.

Good luck!


DebugAMP: 1d1000 ⇒ 198
Zin Z'arin: 1d1000 ⇒ 958
grimdog73: 1d1000 ⇒ 951
andreww: 1d1000 ⇒ 489
Emmjay: 1d1000 ⇒ 179
Luthor Volandis: 1d1000 ⇒ 809
Banesama: 1d1000 ⇒ 712
Twistlok: 1d1000 ⇒ 800
Escharid Blackrose: 1d1000 ⇒ 801

Well, a few close calls there. But winners are winners. Right - with that out of the way, Emmjay and Zin Z'arin, I cordially invite you to join us HERE.

As for the remaining participants, thank you for the interest. I will keep you in mind for my future games. Thanks again!

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On the Dalsine Affair - thank you for the interest. I will run the lottery later today (weekend, amirite?) and let you know via a post here.

Escharid Blackrose wrote:

I got a bard 4, a cleric 3 and an investigator 3.

Which one (if any!^^) would be the most useful ?

I didn't check the forums since you asked that, so I will put your name in the lottery anyway, and we'll carry on from there.

Mason the Wall of Kortos wrote:
NotEspi wrote:

TL;DR: Looking for 2 players for a Tier 2 "The Dalsine Affair" game. Signup form HERE

Good luck to all!

Signed up with my lvl 7 bodyguard.

Edit: I assumed you were in tier 6-7. I'm getting the impression you are not. If you are not, ignore my sign-up.

It is a tier 2, so a 7 is a but high. Would you like to submit a different character for this game?

So anyway - that makes 10 candidates. Lottery later today, and the form is closed. Thanks again.

Grand Lodge

No, feel free to apply. Even if both newcomers are level 3 the APL is 7/3 so we're in the appropriate subtier. I'll keep this in mind when running the lottery.

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Hey there, you fine folk! A group of players dropped two players after playing a few scenarios. Since we agreed to continue running scenarios after our initial 3, we are moving on to 4th at the moment. Two people can't make it, however - hence the recruitment.

We are currently gearing for a tier 2 The Dalsine Affair

Please find the recruitment form HERE

If the above link is bad (forum editing links, rabble rabble):


I will leave the form open for 24 hours and then run a lottery. Looking for level ranges


TL;DR: Looking for 2 players for a Tier 2 "The Dalsine Affair" game. Signup form HERE

Good luck to all!

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Ah, if we're running two tables, just distribute yourselves as you wish. I will have characters ready for both tiers so I can fill the gap in the table with a lacking player.

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Fair enough. Guess we're going with low-tier. I'll probably run a battle host occultist 2, then.

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1 person marked this as a favorite.

*sniff sniff*

Hmmm - Smells of nepotism here.

In all seriousness, though - Welcome to PBP! I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience.

*returns to pondering on which character to bring*

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That's not an issue. I'll just give credit to another character if we do high-tier.

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Ladies, Gentlemen... Hi!

I'm sure I've played with everyone who made a post so far (except Ladile, but looking forward). And Red did run a game for me at some point. At the moment I only have 2 characters available. One is a 5.2 swashpallaracle, and the other is a 1.2 unplayed character. I am finishing a GM run of the Consortium Compact in a day or two, so that 1.2 will be a level 2 straight from the factory (with all of the options open), or the pally might be a 6. The pally doesn't do much damage, but she can take a beating. The other character would be a fresh one, so I can decide on the class and whatnot on the way. Just give me like 2 days (maybe less, depending on the players' posting rate) time to finish and report that scenario and I'm good to go with either of those.

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Some of the links are a bit wonky, Emmjay. Maybe discussion wasn't activated for some threads (or the name was different, etc). If you don't mind, a little correction:

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

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Finally found some spare time to start working on the occultist guide. Class breakdown and first build are both finished. I'll submit once I have 3 or 4.

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Signed up with a level 5. If the rest of the signups is too high level, I'll free the slot.

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Working as intended. A+

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Can confirm. Sharing is set to view only.

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Ah. Okay then. Same thing with Cypher, then. My bad. I'll remake them tomorrow.

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GM kuey wrote:
F. Castor wrote:
Long story short, this is me sorta kinda introducing myself, greeting you all and dotting. :-)

(Well, don't know if this is your lucky day... Or unlucky depending on how the game turns out. )

I had my first Starfinder game last week, and I'm really excited. So have decided to try my hand at GMing Starfinder as well. Have chosen the SFS Quest, Into the Unknown. This can be played with a level 1 pregen or a player created character.

Have registered at the GD6 website, and the sign-up link is here. As usual, if you've already signed up for a number of SFS games, please give the chance to others. Although I've registered this to start on 25 Aug, it might be delayed by a few days depending on how long I take to get ready. And I beg your patience if I get some rules messed up - we'll be learning the system together!

Signed up. I consider myself a PF vet, but the SF book didn't arrive just yet. I might need to get the PDF from the shop if it's not here in a few days.

Grand Lodge

Fair enough. If it's not in downloads on 17th, I'll just grab it from the shop.

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Anyone would happen to know whether the limited ed core rulebook comes with a pdf in downloads? I couldn't find the answer to this in the product discussion.

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Indeed. I'd love to have a Vanara character option. And a Ratfolk. And a few others.

Edit: Though from the context of the discussion it seems it was handed out in the latest special.

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Vina Sitha wrote:
Jamiroquai Bangobi wrote:
I'd love to play at an all-monkey table.
I feel a trend emerging here... is there a scenario out there that's monkey related too? if so, we should have GM Fez or DM Beckett runz it for usssssssssss! (just sayin'! ;) )

Mists of Mwangi and Segang Expedition come to mind.

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Adnan Brumbie wrote:
Alic wrote:
Hello, My name is Alic Darkwater and im new here. Looking to adventure a d would like to do the confirmation. Im a LVL 1 Ranger Beastmaster. Appreciate any help you folk can provide. Good day to you

Is Beast master a PFS legal archetype?

-Posted with Wayfinder

The Archives state as much. In regards to PFS availability, I would trust the site with my ... erm - Pinky. Yeah, a pinky will do.

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With a coordinated effort, you manage to find a barely visible trail in the undergrowth. You move on forward, making good time.

After a few hours of travel, the dense forest opens to a wide clearing at the base of a sheer cliff. Thick vines cover the surface of the cliff stretching 30 feet overhead.

"Here! The cave entrance is behind those vines," Janira says with a broad smile as she walks to the cliff’s face. She pulls back several layers of vegetation to reveal a narrow crack in the cliff’s surface. "This is where I saw the gillmen enter." As she motions toward the aperture, the surrounding woods come alive with the sound of small animals fleeing some unseen danger and a large creature crashing through the undergrowth.

The halfling worriedly remarks, "Quick, take cover before whatever it is spots us!" As if she’d summoned the creature with her words, a massive horned monstrosity emerges from the trees. Standing eight feet tall on a pair of cloven hooves and wielding a tremendous axe, the bull-headed creature roars with unbridled anger when it spots the group. Wisely assessing that a minotaur is beyond her charges’ capabilities, Janira screams, "A minotaur! There’s little chance we can stand against it. Take this bag," she continues, pulling off her backpack, "and head deeper into the caves. Finish your mission. I’ll lead it away from the caves, lose it in the forest, and join you as soon as I can. Now go! GO!"

She heaves her backpack into the cave, casts a spell, and darts off toward the minotaur before turning to lure it away.

Spellcraft DC 16:
Janira casts expeditious retreat

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Shifty wrote:
I'm to the point of setting Core on fire and never touching it again. Seriously, it is getting right on my hump.

This is pretty much why I do not do core games at all. With the amount of books available (in digital form, nonetheless), I would very likely miss non-CRB feat or class option on a character. I understand some people prefer core only rules for sake of simplicity, but:

1 - I like to have options and not limit myself when creating characters
2 - at this point, it is easier for me to look for options and NOT filter non-CRB stuff

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Hey there. Made a ninja dot earlier. Right now I'm waiting for the party to show up so I can see the composition. I'd make a fresh character for this, since all my other ones are locked in other games. As an alternative, if you are absolutely sure we will finish before the next gameday, I might bring a level 3 in, which is reserved for a game there.

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GM NotEspi wrote:

Alright folks! For the newcomer players (or the inner altoholic in you), yours truly is setting up a table (or two) of evergreen scenarios - Confirmation, Wounded Wisp, and Master of the Fallen Fortress. As an alternative, we can swap one of them with Consortium Compact. No biggie.

Signup link here

And, if for some reason, that link is not working as intended:

For those who are not familiar with them, the scenarios are newbie friendly and I invite any players new to PFS to join in on the fun. Finishing all three scenarios lends you enough XP to level up your newly started character, not to mention MONTHS of play-by-post entertainment. Yes, months. We will be doing 3 scenarios, so it will probably take a while. Keep in mind, that once you start a scenario, the character will be locked in it (ie you can't play the character at a convention, etc) - plan accordingly!

So come one, come all! Leave your fear at the doorstep, and ask if you have question. I consider myself approachable when it comes to helping out new folks.

Alright, then! It seems we have 7 candidates at the time of me posting this. I'll keep the form open for 24 more hours, in case of some prowlers see it and decide to join in. If we can't fill 12 slots, I'll run a lottery tomorrow and we can have a discussion on the scenarios we'd run.

Just letting you folks know what's up.

Grand Lodge

Hello again!

I had a hunch something foul was afoot when you weren't posting. Glad it got resolved (hopefully, that is). In any case, glad to have you back with us!

Now with that said, I can't join in with Malik, since I signed him up for a game starting on Aug 25th. However, the current multi should be ending in a few days (Jul 21st), and I have a level 3 Monquisitor sitting in that campaign. I might join with him instead if you don't mind waiting until the end of the week.

Grand Lodge

I might give occultist a go, then.

Grand Lodge

Just gave UM a read. Both archetypes replace poison use from the get to. Secret Wizard - you tease, you!

PhD. Okkam wrote:
And on the hunter and occultist will guide, or the guide is already abandoned?

It's not abandoned, but it's a slow process. A lot of people are contributing. I'm not sure what classes are not being worked on, though. I'd probably help out otherwise. Favourite a post and check in once in a while. If you want to help, ask Wizard or Rosc for what's free. I assume at least one of them would know.

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Viviana Masters wrote:
I was just browsing the guide (which was a wonderful read), and noticed that the Alchemist Blaster Summoner runs both Mindchemist and Preservationist archetypes together, but both appear to replace Poison Use. Do they still stack / am I missing something rly obvious :/

You're not missing anything. Both archetypes outright replace Poison Use.

I can't access the errata PDF right now (at work), but maybe one of them was changed?

Grand Lodge

Alrighty! You folks enjoy yourselves!

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Merchant's Wake (part one at least)

There's an interesting mini-game within the scenario with multiple NPCs having interdependent attitudes towards each other. That game was something else in terms of RP. Could be due to the fact that we had a Bard, Bloodrager, Cleric, Oracle, and a Paladin in this one. The Monk wasn't slacking either, given that it was a Monk. Fun times.

Mind the boss encounter, though. It could be trouble.

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Awenydd83 wrote:

Hiyami has the right of it there, EbonFist. There is not very much time (Speaking in PbP time) between now and Aug. 25. A typical PbP scenario takes around 3 months to complete, with a module going from 3-5 months, depending on the GM and the group. I have seen scenarios complete in a month or so, but really this is the exception to the rule. My personal advice would be to hold out on joining anything else if you are really dedicated to your 1 PbP character rule.

Especially now, with many people preoccupied with the multi.

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1. Player Name: NotEspi

2. Are you new to PBP, Organized Play, or both? I wouldn't say as much. Been messing with PFS via play-by-post for a few years, although I do play less than I would like to.

3. What excites you most about playing in this game? You mean besides meeting a bunch of strangers and having an extended session of play-pretend? Mystery! Investigation! Doomsday prophecy! New people whom I can help out if needed! Where do I sign?

Other than that, we are running RotRL in my live gaming group and I am interested in Zeeva's character, since she was only briefly mentioned in the AP (so far, at least). And the rest of the Foxgloves had rather juicy fates associated with them.

4. Tell me a little about yourself! What other games have you played? What are your hobbies? Assuming you mean in PF, I have done numerous scenarios both as GM and player. Too much to list, really. We meet up every other week and run a oneshot, or continue in one of our current APs, depends on the attendance. I also run a homebrew game for a smaller group in the PF universe. I do love me a good story: books, movies, tabletop are high on the list. Naturally, PC gaming is there as well. Weekend hikes (Walking bare-footed on moss is the sh- erm... stuff. Yeah, let's go with stuff.) and non-malicious messing about in general.

5. Are you able to post at least once a day? Multiple times if necessary. Unless I am somehow super busy, but I'd let you know in advance if something of the sort is in the pipeline. Even then I visit the boards at least once a day if possible.

6. In order to keep the game moving along, sometimes I will bot players if a certain amount of time has passed since their last post. Do you give permission for me or the party to 'bot' your character as needed in combat or another situation? Of course! Although I don't have any plans for the near future that would prevent me from posting, so it probably won't be necessary. I have all the necessary numbers in the character profiles if needed.

7. Do you promise to tell me about upcoming vacations, busy times at work, conventions or other absences so we can bot you? Naturally. Making 6 other people wait without telling them why, and without a warning, is just lack of basic manners. Unless some sort of unfortunate situation is the cause, that is.

PS: Drop me a message if you wish to know something else or need help.

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Secret Wizard wrote:
got it


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UnArcaneElection wrote:

Just noticed that the main guide document still links to an outdated version of the Witch sub-guide (that is, NOT the one that you linked a few posts above).

I can't edit the main doc, so Rosc needs to get in on that one. Or Secret Wizard.

Here you go, folks!

After the discussion on favoured class bonuses, I changed those to suggest getting hit points instead. With the exception of LLG, of course.

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Not that I have problems with sharig the account name, but... And given the type of game we play here, this is a big but - You can't do dice on hangouts. Don't we have a discord for this? It is quite simple to set up a dice bot there.

Or can you do dice on hangouts?

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I suppose you make a point. Especially since PFS ends at 12. But another thing comes to mind. I'm honestly not well versed in retraining costs in society play. How much is the PP and GP cost to retrain to max HP in society?

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No gameplay thread? How am I supposed to dot in?

Waiting for a setting guide, I assume.

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