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Yeah, this was fun. I think we ended up with a pretty good group, considering we all came in as unknowns (it'd been a while since I did an open recruitment). I actually really enjoyed doing the short-form game, with everything moving along quite snappily.

I do wish I'd realized the fire wasn't doing you any harm there at the end, but oh well.

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There has never been a game where the DM hasn't missed something and regretted it later, my man. Good work, by the way. I very much enjoyed your run in the 'big chair'.

That was indeed a most enjoyable game. Now that it's over, I can't help but imagine the further adventures of this party. They'll probably get up to all sorts of mischief after we stop looking over their shoulders...

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Thanks motteditor! 'Twas a fun and well run game! I'll be sad to leave this particular group of adventurers to their own...but parting is such sweet sorrow. :)

Thanks all for a great game!

Fun indeed! I liked getting to explore Big Al with you all...and to learn a bit about Mythic powers while we were at it. In a funny way, Al's shocking death was a highlight for me -- I liked the feel as we all worked to find a way to keep her alive once we realized that she had finally (ahem) bit off more than she could chew...and I haven't had a character die in PbP before (rarely at all, really) so I enjoyed getting to explore that shock and sadness as a party.

Thanks to all of you, and especially to Mott for running this. I'd be happy to game with you again some time.


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