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Game Master Nightskies

The Free City of Salzbach is under siege.

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Starting to gather the list of all applicants and a brief review. Feel free to correct these in the recruitment thread or by PM. This list is only for my (and possibly your) convenience.

Hadrian Equinox (aka Doomed Hero): Human Paladin of The Goddess of Magic and Night, a dark knight seeking justice in Salzbach. Front line melee & spot healer. 15 point buy.

Khita Viscenar (aka Oceanshieldwolf): Slyph Skysoul Witch of Lada (Isis-Astarte-Hathor), a faithful traveler from far to the south in the land of Ishadia, across land and sea, the land where the aasimar live. Melee skirmisher & support caster. 15 point buy.

Kelvanthus Darshantion (aka Shadoven): Elfmarked Trapper/Falconer Ranger, a defeated paladin from another world. Ranged damage dealer. 15 point buy.

Kyall Kolziddotter (aka Psychopomp): Oread Tactician Fighter of the Metal Arts Guild, weapons specialist field tester from the dwarven canton of Hammerfell, from the opposite side of the Iron Craigs, on the road east of Salzbach. Front line melee. 32 effective point buy. Note: Intelligent for a fighter.

Tessara Sheoloss (aka dunebugg): Elf Illusionist of the Duchess of the Heavens, from *** come to convert people to her faith. Combat & support caster. 15 point buy. Note: Charismatic for a wizard.

Kosan Earthen-Hide (aka Awakeninfinity): Oread fighter, tank.
sistra swan (aka little uke): Gearforged Aegis/Soulknife.
Wildebob: Possibly a Red Tower Protectorate fighter.
CCCXLII: Possibly a Slyph Geisha Bard.
Dark Netwerk: Possibly a Summoner (with a demon)
Darkwolf: Possibly a summoner or magus.
scranford: Possibly a cleric.

scranford and sistra swan have no background yet, but do have statblocks...

Now complete enough for selection:

Ellismus Rayne with Dendrrah (aka Dark Netwerk): Human Summoner, in employ of the Loremaster's Association. A local who has just discovered the power of Dendrrah. Battlefield control/Skirmisher. 15 point buy.

Kosan Earthen-Hide (aka Awakeninfinity): Oread Fighter. A relative of Kyall, also from Hammerfell. Fled to Salzbach with Kyall to escape the clutches of his immediate family with ties to a thieves' guild. Front line switch hitter. 15 point buy.

Roles taken-
Front line: Hadrain, Kyall, Kosan.
Melee skirmisher: Khita, Ellismus.
Ranged: Kelvanthus, Kosan.
Primary caster: Tessara.
Healer: Khita, Hadrain.
Support caster: Ellismus, Khita.
Party face: Hadrain (diplomacy), Tessara (bluff).
Scout: Kelvanthus.

Female Elf Illusionist

Can I get a "what what" up to the Queen of Night and Magic? 2/6 starting isn't bad... Kelvanthus will unwittingly join soon enough though.

Female HP: xx/xx; AC:xx (xx), T:xx, FFxx (xx);; FORT +x, REF +x, WILL +x; INIT +x; PER: +x; CMB: xx; CMD +1x Skysoul Witch 1

Khita just has to spend her coin on equipment DM Nightskies...

Welcome to all chosen! (Can't believe I'm a deity-faithful, good, martial flavored witch. Loving the genre-busting, but a good god-botherer? At least it's a triple aspect goddess!!!)

Hey there GM, thanks so much for picking Ariso for your campaign :)

I'm looking at traits, we don't have a rogue, do we? I'm thinking at taking Vagabond Child and Child of the Streets to pick up Disable Device and Sleight of Hand as class skills - I only get 4 skill ranks a level even if I continue to use my Favoured Class bonus for a skill rank, but it might give the party access to those options. What do you think?

(Also I only made Ariso lvl 1 - failed my Reading Instructions check! I've nearly levelled him up.)

Not to worry about traps, as Kelvanthus has trapfinding as a trapper ranger. The essential skills are covered, so spend where you like. Just be sure to have bluff!

Male Half-orc archaeologist 1 | HP 11/11 {effects: none} | AC 18 Tch 15 FF 13 | F +4, R +7, W +4 | Init +5 | Perc +6, darkvision, low-light vision

Checking in. I just need to put in the finishing touches (specifically a second trait, I'll probably just go with the concentration one) and I might swap out a spell for Rejuvinate Eidolon (or perhaps Infernal Healing), to reduce the impact on the healers D'endrrah will have.

Male Half-Elven Ranger-Falconer/Trapper 2

Glad to be chosen! I have traps, outdoor skills, and ranged covered. let the adventures begin!

Female Elf Illusionist

I still need to do equipment, and spellbook mostly.

Tessara focuses mostly on Illusion + Enchantment, and has banned necromancy + transmutation. Avoiding battle is her specialty, but I'll likely pick up Craft Wand sometime soon to help out with her flexibility.

I have gear and companion to finish, as well as some backstory.

Male Half-Elven Ranger-Falconer/Trapper 2

When do we find out the reward for 15 point buy? And Tessara, should wd finish our bit of roleplay now, or wait in game?

They're yet to be determined, as that depends in part on what you do in game. I'm expecting someone to get their hands on a mythic tier before the 3rd combat. The plan is only to go to level 5; so you don't have to map out your character's progression. You will get the bonus before the first boss. Admittedly, I didn't expect 5/6 of the PCs to go 15 pt buy, but that's fine.

Male Half-Elven Ranger-Falconer/Trapper 2

Sounds good. I cant wait to start!

Female Elf Illusionist

What is this "combat" you speak of? Tessara doesn't fight, psht.

Kelvanthus has sacrificed a magic item under the light of the moon (as directed by a mysterious figure in his dreams promising a way home), and when we start playing we can RP the rest ;)

Male Half-Elven Ranger-Falconer/Trapper 2


Male Half-Elven Ranger-Falconer/Trapper 2

Background, Personality, and Gear is up. If anyone has any comments or advice, feel free to offer! It is all still a work in progress.

Reporting in.

GM, can we get the gameplay thread open to dot so it will attach to our campaigns tab?

Kelvanthus Darshantion wrote:
Background, Personality, and Gear is up. If anyone has any comments or advice, feel free to offer! It is all still a work in progress.

Crazy backstory - I like it a lot! I might make myself a regular of the tavern you mention - our PCs may not be any more than familiar faces in a bar, but it would be some connection.

@ Ellismus: Hey there, if you check out my (rambling) backstory, you'll notice some stuff in there about Lorekeepers. I've included an old friend that also worships Loki - you're LN, which makes that not you, but if you'd like us to use that connection, I could either a) change my backstory so that my old friend (you) didn't worship Loki, or b) make my old friend a common pal that has introduced us.

Keen to explore any of those ideas?

Ariso, that would be fine. Its a very dwarven themed bar, made to resemble a forge and cave. The Owner and clise friend of Kelvanthus is Draygor, a dwarf. Ill have a full description of him and the bar before we start

Male Half-orc archaeologist 1 | HP 11/11 {effects: none} | AC 18 Tch 15 FF 13 | F +4, R +7, W +4 | Init +5 | Perc +6, darkvision, low-light vision

GM Nightskies: Just a clarification as I happened to notice it now. Ellismus is not a 15 point buy. I used the dice rolls from my earlier post in the recruitment. So no need to think of a gift for me.

Ariso: Either one works for me. Whichever you feel is less disruptive to your own work. My history is wide open apart from the build up to and the summoning of D'enddrah.

Male Half-Elven Ranger-Falconer/Trapper 2

So when do we get more campaign details?

Ellismus: You'll be the only one not using 15 pt buy!

Kelvanthus: Do you have any specific questions about it? Your first scene will be in Salzbach, where the characters will be thrust together. You'll have different reasons for being there. Pending any final changes to the PCs, all is set. Just two more days.

Male Half-Elven Ranger-Falconer/Trapper 2

Not really...im just excited about my first pbp!!

3d8 + 3 ⇒ (8, 5, 4) + 3 = 20 hp roll for Velana

Female Hawk Animal Companion 2

Animal companion for Kelvanthus is up as an Alias.

Male Half-Elven Ranger-Falconer/Trapper 2

Ariso, are you still planning on disable.device for traps?

Kelvanthus: I've still taken the trait and spent 2 ranks on it as it stands - I've left it there the far because a) it's a bit of a flavour thing (I'm going for the real trickster cleric/faux rogue angle), and b) I've been too lazy to change it yet:) But I will probably switch it out for Perception unless you want to spend your ranks elsewhere.

What did you have in mind for Draygor? He could be a mutual friend, so that we know each other just enough to nod in acknowledgement as we pass each other in the bar.

Ellismus: Ok, let's to with you being a friend of a friend. I'll detail him shortly, trying to make him easy likeable by you, or tied into your character's interests somehow. Would you be interested in defining your direct boss(es) at all?

I'm thinking Ariso might have some reason to think Ellismus's superior(s) had something to do with his father's murder.

Male Half-Elven Ranger-Falconer/Trapper 2

Ariso: Im keeping it, as currently.im still the only person who can disarm magical traps thanks to trapfinding. As for Draygor, he is Kelvanthus' closest friend, as well as a devout follower if the God of beer. In typical cliche fashion, he is a retired adventurer, and the maul and dearven battleaxe hanging.over his bar testify to his former skills. He is jovial, always laughing, but doesnt talk about his past much. If you frequent the bar you would at least have a passing familiarity with who I am, as my appearance and thick accent.are very.different, and there is some gossip about who I am. Kelvanthus also semi works for the bar to keep the peace and help resolve disturbances. We could be drinking partnets, have been introduced by Draygor, as just stand out to one another...ya know cause we are awesome and all :)
The main floor of the Stoney Ale is an entranceway shaped like a cave entrance, leading into an open room full of light and sound. Everything is made of stone and metal, and each table is actually an oversized anvil. The main bar looks like a massive forge and keeps the place warm. The upper floor hosts 12 rooms for rent, while the basement has a larger bar and areas set up for dice and cards. Its a fun, relaxed environment, always echoing with the sounds of merriment.

Don't feel rushed to get your sheets done today, but do have it by Friday (including equipment), please. We'll go ahead and get started tomorrow either way, since they're mostly done.

Please check the following on your sheets:

  • Appearance! What does your PC look like?
  • 2nd level HP rolls (should be 2dx, where x is 1/2 your HD)
  • Total # of feats or Saves (Hadrian, Ellismus, Kelvanthus)
  • Total # of skill pts or class skills vs non-class skills (Hadrain, Tessara)
  • Amount of money spent. It should generally be 400 + dice roll for your class. Light crossbow is 35 gp. (Hadrian, Ellismus)
  • I need to know (by PM or otherwise) where you keep your money if you have more than 50 gold left. By default, I'll assume a belt pouch. Remember that this is a seedy city.
  • Kelvanthus, you should probably get some tools for disable device. Unless you like chopped fingers, that is...

    We'll start mid-spring, with good weather in recent days. The moon is waxing crescent.

  • Kelvanthus: Cool, I'm down with all that. What you might know about Ariso is that he's a likeable fellow, if a little odd. He's probably not a good influence on Kelvanthus as far as drinking and gambling go, as he seems to have a rather "devil may care" attitude about him (Draygor may even subtly attempt to nullify this aspect of our acquaintance).

    Ariso seems to have a healthy affection for Salzbach, obviously his home city, but is often cynically disparaging about aspects of it as well, most notably its government and the power of the mercantiles. He seems to also have a vague and oddball wisdom, perhaps like that of a court fool, although not so exaggerated.

    You wouldn't be aware that he is a cleric of Loki, although if Kelvanthus has ever asked about Ariso's religious bent, he might have answered something along the lines of "at least Loki is honest about his deceits".

    Ariso seems to genuinely like Kelvanthus, perhaps because they are both obviously misfits, or maybe it's just that the ranger will put up with whatever mood Ariso is in - sometimes he can be quite dour, particularly when in his cups, other times he seems almost manically silly.

    Kelvanthus might have even spotted Ariso cheating a rich merchant at dice or cards one night. How would he react to that?

    GM: Good reminders! I'll attack that stuff now. Looking forward to beginning, but I have to mention that I'll actually be working day and night until Monday, so while I'll be able to post (at least) every day if required, I may not be your most active player right from the start. It won't be a reflection of enthusiasm, just a result of living the dream :)

    Male Half-orc archaeologist 1 | HP 11/11 {effects: none} | AC 18 Tch 15 FF 13 | F +4, R +7, W +4 | Init +5 | Perc +6, darkvision, low-light vision

    Oops, typo there. Thanks. Fixed. Wasn't sure what you meant by total # of feats/saves, so included the calculation of the final values.

    Out of curiosity, for our two Traits, can we go outside the APG into other sources (are there Midgard-related traits)? Currently just picked Reactionary & Focused Mind, but wanted to be sure of my options.

    Question: Would you prefer I switch to 15 point buy, so as to fit in with the rest of the group better? I don't mind and it shouldn't be too much trouble with stats going to something like 10, 14, 14, 12, 8, 16 (give or take).

    Male Half-Elven Ranger-Falconer/Trapper 2

    Gear worn, in packs, and extra feat all edited and accounted for. Please take a double look and let me know if I missed something, im really bad giving my characters reasonable starting gear!

    Ariso, we will be very depressing then...Kelvanthus is alwasys somber, and very melancholy, and can be quite a downer at all times, especially when drinking! He would never bring up religion unless it was brought up, though Draygor can and does bring it up often attempting to convert Kelvanthus. Kelvanthus wont go into his past unless it is brought up and then he doesnt open up easily. But, if friends, he will be loyal to the end and very protective.

    As for cheating...he would ask why you are doing so, and make some effort to reign you in, especially if Draygor seems to have an issue with it-which I doubt he would, as you would take the blame, not him-. Otherwise he would make it known he is on to you, but he wouldn't call you out in front of your victims, just be curious as you don't appear to be hurting for coin. He does play cards himself, not so much dice though.

    Question, how open are you with your disdain of the guilds and merchants, and do you have any specific enemies or people you are after that you would have mentioned?

    Male Half-Elven Ranger-Falconer/Trapper 2

    And if we drink together often enough, you would notice at some point Kelvanthus wears a silver amulet around his neck, sometimes hiding it, but normally in the bar he just lets it sit out. It could perhaps be a holy symbol, though it doesn't match with any god you recognize. Its a stylized image of an Elven Maiden, with a Glaive in one hand and a Sword in the other, riding a giant bird, talons outstretched.

    hp: 2d4 ⇒ (2, 1) = 3


    No, Ariso is not often in somber moods, just occasionally :) He would tend to be cheerier than Kelvanthus most often.

    Let's say Draygor has brought up religion, eliciting the response I gave above.

    Also, Ariso would be curious to know what your symbol is. He would have certainly asked about it, perhaps numerous times if he was feeling cheeky.

    For the cheating, Ariso would appreciate not being exposed in front of all, and take it as a sign of Kelvantus's trustworthiness. If asked about it, he would point out that the wealthy merchant has plenty to spare, and plays so badly he seems to enjoy losing - then with a mischievous grin he would suggest that he was actually doing the richer man a favour by helping him to enjoy himself. He would then promise not to cheat unless he could do it without Kelvanthus noticing.

    Ariso is rather vague with his secrets as well. He would wave off questions about the specifics of his dislike of the system/the wealthy, and probably change the subject.

    Ariso is very mercurial, prone to changing moods, activities, conversations, and even apparently opinions, in a moment. He seems about as dependable as the wind, yet his apparent callousness only partly obscures his generally kind heart. To the world-weary Kelvanthus, he no doubt seems very young.

    You may have also noticed that he seems to have some magical method of disappearing quickly from sight.

    Male Half-orc archaeologist 1 | HP 11/11 {effects: none} | AC 18 Tch 15 FF 13 | F +4, R +7, W +4 | Init +5 | Perc +6, darkvision, low-light vision

    OK. After some thought, I changed the stats to a 15 pt buy like everyone else so as to fit in better. 10,14,14,12,7, and 17(after +2 race).

    Female Elf Illusionist

    Whoops, forgot I only had 17 int on this character... Will take some skill ranks out. I also get Disguise, Sleight of Hand and Stealth all as class skills from Mage of the Veil specialist Wizard. Far too awesome not to take for this character :P

    I also totally forgot gold + equipment. I'm too awesome with my goddess NOT to have hero points, unfortunately.

    2d6 ⇒ (1, 5) = 6 = 60 gold... Hm. I can maybe make this work.

    Male Half-Elven Ranger-Falconer/Trapper 2


    Interesting, Kelvanthus will be keeping an eye on you, as much for your protection as his curiosity. He is subtle about it, but with a good perception-or an off day for my stealth-you could notice it. He would ask about Loki, stating "That name is not unkwnown where I come from."

    As for the symbol, he would say "It is Eloria the Sky Warden, creator and protector of my people. She used to guide my way, and gifted me with her power to better serve her...but that was a long time ago. And much has changed."

    There would be a terrible bitterness in his voice, and an indescribable agony can be felt...if you are an emotional sort, the pain in his voice could very well move you. Its the voice of a man who has lost more than most can imagine.

    If continue askingt, eventually he would reveal at one time he was the greatest Paladin of his order, and envies you the guidance you still find in a god, as he no longer has that connection. But he prays daily, numerous times, especially everytime he steps under the sky, and you would notice he still lives by a code very similiar to a Paladin. If asked further about any of this, all he will say for the time is he is not from this area, and will be very vague about his land of origin, or where in midgard his accent or god is from.

    Nightskies, I keep worn gear on me at all times, unless by law or something of the sort makes it inconvenient to carry my weapons, though even then I try to keep the dagger. And Velana, of course. My extra gold and gear I keep in my room at the Stoney Ale, in a chest by my bed. Would it be ok for the door, chest, and window to have a lock, or do you want me to buy them? I was thinking a standard lock, dc20 I believe, but let me know what you think.

    Female HP: xx/xx; AC:xx (xx), T:xx, FFxx (xx);; FORT +x, REF +x, WILL +x; INIT +x; PER: +x; CMB: xx; CMD +1x Skysoul Witch 1

    @Ellismus: GM was fine with me picking traits from Kobold Press Player's Guide to the Dragon Empire. There are now four Midgard Player's Guides available - the Crossroads region, the Dragon Empire, the Wasted West, and just recently the Seven Cities. Not bad for $5 each - full of juicy Midgard info, feats, archetypes, traits, bloodlines, orders etc... Crossroads even has a new base class, the Shadowsworn, in it. Mmm, Shadowsworn.....

    @Nice work on backstories Kelvanthus and Ariso.

    @Thanks for the news GM Nightskies. I'm happy for you to drop Khita in wherever fits the start - she's a stranger not just to Salzbach but to the "north" in general.

    Ellismus: I'll probably allow any trait from Paizo made for Pathfinder, and the Midgard traits (post-revisions) are good too. I should have allowed them in the first place.

    Kelvanthus: A single simple lock on a simple chest provided by The Stoney Ale will be allowed. Better locks and chests will have to be bought if you want them.

    Male Half-Elven Ranger-Falconer/Trapper 2

    Sounds good to me.

    What kind if posting schedules are we looking at? Once a day, by a certain time, so on and so forth. I live in the US, Eastern time, so after 9pm to 1am is my best availibility due to work.

    GM Nightskies wrote:
  • Total # of feats or Saves (Hadrian, Ellismus, Kelvanthus)
  • Total # of skill pts or class skills vs non-class skills (Hadrain, Tessara)
  • Amount of money spent. It should generally be 400 + dice roll for your class. Light crossbow is 35 gp. (Hadrian, Ellismus)
  • I just double checked these, aren't my numbers right? Do we have bonus skills or feats I didn't notice?

    Rechecked my money. I have about 130 GP left. I converted it to platinum for ease of carrying. I think I'll buy some potions or something before we kick off.

    I'll have a description up as soon as I can.

    Male Half-orc archaeologist 1 | HP 11/11 {effects: none} | AC 18 Tch 15 FF 13 | F +4, R +7, W +4 | Init +5 | Perc +6, darkvision, low-light vision

    I have a couple of ideas for traits. Published in the PF Faction Guide are some flavourful Faith traits for "Old Cults" that can be skinned as part of what he went through to get D'endrrah. So either:

    Defy Madness:
    Your direct involvement with supernatural and alien forces has left you less vulnerable to the insanity they cause.

    Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on any saving throws against confusion, insanity, madness, and Wisdom damage and drain.

    (there are other traits similar to this such as Broken Mind and Unhinged Mentality, but they suggest a bit more madness than this character would have)
    Unnatural Presence:
    Your prolonged association with alien forces leaks from your pores.

    Benefit: You can use your Intimidate skill to demoralize animals and vermin; Intimidate is a class skill for you.

    Then there is a magic trait that catches my eye. It's meant for PF Society sorcerers, but could be skinned to the Lorekeepers:

    Havoc of the Society:
    Through countless hours studying vast libraries of arcane power, you have learned how to cause greater damage to your foes.

    Benefit: Whenever you cast a spell that deals damage, you gain a +1 trait bonus to the total damage dealt. This damage is considered force damage regardless of the type of damage dealt by the spell.

    There aren't a lot of damaging spells on the Summoner list, but it sounded like fun for Acid Splash.

    Or I might stick with the basic APG Focused Mind (+2 concentration) and/or Reactionary (+2 initiative).

    Male Half-orc archaeologist 1 | HP 11/11 {effects: none} | AC 18 Tch 15 FF 13 | F +4, R +7, W +4 | Init +5 | Perc +6, darkvision, low-light vision

    Hmm, I seem to be having trouble looking in spoilers (getting errors) so I can't investigate myself. Do we have someone who has some or all of the 'face' skills (e.g. Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate, Sense Motive)?

    Male Half-Elven Ranger-Falconer/Trapper 2

    I believe between arriso, Hadrian, and tessara we have the socials covered, ive got stealth, nature, and traps. Not sure about the other major skills though.

    Male Half-orc archaeologist 1 | HP 11/11 {effects: none} | AC 18 Tch 15 FF 13 | F +4, R +7, W +4 | Init +5 | Perc +6, darkvision, low-light vision

    Aha, I was able to check things out on my phone rather than my antiquated work computer.

    Here is the rundown for Social skills in the party -
    Tessara: Bluff +7
    Ariso: Bluff +7, Dimplomacy +6, Sense Motive +6
    Hadrian: Diplomacy +7, Sense Motive +6
    Khita: Intimidate +6
    D'endrrah (Eidolon): Sense Motive +4

    Looks like there is at least two people for each skill except Intimidate with just 1 (although Ellismus has a +3 base on BD&I).

    For other skills -
    Tessara: Disguise +7, Knowledge (arcana/planes) +7, Sleight of Hand +9, Spellcraft +8, Stealth +6
    Ariso: Disable Device +9, Sleight of Hand +8, Stealth +8
    Hadrian: Stealth +3, Knowledge (local) +5
    Khita: Craft (armor) +7, Heal +6, Knowledge (arcana/history/nature) +7, Spellcraft +8, Use Magic Device +4
    Kelvanthus: Climb +5, Disable Device +9, Handle Animal +1, Knowledge (dungeoneering/nature) +5, Perception +8, Stealth +12, Survival +5
    D'Endrrah: Perception +5, Stealth +6 (and auto-concealment), Survival +4
    Ellismus: Handle Animal +7, Knowledge (arcana/history/dungeoneering) +5, Knowledge (planes) +8, Linguistics +5, Spellcraft +6, Use Magic Device +8

    Looks like we have a good spread.

    Ellismus: All three will be allowed.

    For skills, all you're missing as a group is appraise, and knowledge (religion and geography). Tessara had knowledge (nobles), then I had to say she had too many skills. Anyway, I'm working on the start right now, taking my sweet time and conferring. Hope you enjoy it.

    Female HP: xx/xx; AC:xx (xx), T:xx, FFxx (xx);; FORT +x, REF +x, WILL +x; INIT +x; PER: +x; CMB: xx; CMD +1x Skysoul Witch 1

    @Thanks for the run down Ellismus!

    @GM Nightskies - Khita is ready. A masterwork greatsword blew her coin - her travels from the south have left her penniless...

    So she doesn't even have money for lodgings, except perhaps she might doss at a Temple of Lada, though they may frown on this far-flung southern sister with her "forrin" concept of the triune goddess and her fearsome martial ascpect and otherworldly mien....

    Doesn't even have no ranks in Knowledge (religion)...

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